Summer Hair Problems Fixed with Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Summertime may not be as drying for some people, but for those who swim a lot or spend plenty of time in the sun summer can a drying time for hair and skin. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner may be the answer to your dry hair problems during the summertime. The Wen company says that by wetting your hair and working a tiny amount of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner through your hair, you can create a small barrier between your hair and salt water or chemical filled swimming pools. This does not protect your hair one hundred percent, but it does create a slight barrier. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner [on Amazon] is primarily used to wash the hair gently, with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals formulas.
From the accounts of a Bustle review of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, you can surmise that this hair product would be a good fit for your summertime hair care. The Bustle review stated that the Wen Cleansing Conditioner is hydrating, smoothing and a refresh product for any dry or damaged hair.

Most beauty experts recommend you use a hair care product if you are swimming in chlorine pools, the ocean or are spending a lot of time in the sun. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner can help keep your hair feeling fresh even with the damaging effects of chlorine and ocean water being present during your summer.Check out the Wen channel on YouTube for more info.

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Richard Blair on Home Renting via Airbnb

Buying a home on credit requires that the homeowner remits monthly payments for the home for an extended period. Such payments may push the home owner into engaging in numerous financial ventures with an aim to pay off the house within the shortest time possible. The desire to have several income flows has often pushed homeowners into rental contracts with such companies like Airbnb.


A majority of homeowners who rent out their homes through Airbnb rarely think through the agreement. Only a few of the homeowners are fully aware of the risks they expose themselves to by allowing Airbnb to rent out a part of their homes to temporary tenants. The prospect of making enough money, via Airbnb, to pay off a mortgage, eclipses some homeowners’ aversion to risks.


Unbeknown to a majority of homeowners, it is highly likely to incur a net loss from renting out a home to temporary guests. Furthermore, many home insurance policies do not cover any aspects of temporary tenancy. This implies that any incident that may result from your rental agreement with Airbnb will not be covered by your home insurance.


To fully understand the kind of risks that may be associated with renting out your home, consider the following possibilities.


  • Your temporary tenants accidentally or deliberately vandalizing your home or your neighbors’ properties
  • Your tenants engaging in unlawful activities while housed in your home
  • Your tenants refusing to honor their financial obligations towards you
  • Theft of property while you are hosting temporary tenants
  • Your guests suffering serious physical injuries while residing in your home


All these possibilities are likely to cost you money. Indeed, some of them may even put you in the middle of costly lawsuits with your neighbors, your tenants, or even the rental company. This means that there is a need to put into consideration all the likely outcomes of renting out your home. To do this successfully, you will need the help of a financial and insurance expert, such as Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions.


Richard Blair is a financial expert who has been in practice for over 20 years. In his long career, Richard Blair has become a seasoned investments’ analyst, tax expert, retirement planner, and risk management expert. Professionally, Richard Blair is a certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Tax Specialist (CTS), Fund Specialist (CFS), Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Income Specialist (CIS), and a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).


Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair helps his clients in managing investments, retirement funds, and different insurance programs. The Richard Blair Wealth Solutions ensures that clients are cushioned against engaging in deals that may expose them to unnecessary risks. They specialize in asset protection, insurance, and tax and estate planning.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Becomes CEO of Coriant

Coriant is the leading producer in transforming optical networks that provides businesses with the tools that they need to not only keep up with the fast pace demand of the consumers, but to also have a trusting network in hand that provides fast and efficient services. Coriant currently delivers some of the top networking services to thousands of clients that are looking for the best of the best when it comes to innovation as well as technology. As a dynamic solutions network, Coriant promises networks that are not only fast-changing, but also also cloud-enabling networks to keep up with the fast and complex pace of the 21st century technological advancement.

Not only do the products that Coriant provides reduces the overall network complexity, but this company also improves the utilization of a multi-layer network that creates services that generate revenue and that optimized for any business by creating a network that is specifically designed to be consumer-friendly. Coriant provides some of the best consumer-related applications which include a video interface, mobile, as well as cloud. In recent news, Coriant has been creating even better products than ever thanks to the new leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir, an expert in both leadership as well as an expert in providing consumers with the best networking solutions.

Shaygan Kheradpir was recently appointed to become the CEO of Coriant. Mr. Kheradpir was carefully selected because of not only his expertise, but also for his 30 years in technological jobs. Mr. Kheradpir has been in several executive positions which include positions at Verizon Communications as well as an executive position at GTE. Every single company that Mr. Kheradpir has been a part of has benefited from his expertise and his leadership skills. As the new leader of Coriant, Mr. Kheradpir is excited to not only get to know his clients, but to also get to know each and every employee of the large company.

Coriant was recently discovered and founded by Marlin Equity Partners, a technological firm that created this company with the latest technology to provide customers with the best products possible. Though Mr. Kheradpir is new to Coriant he is not new to the innovation and the technology that is used as he spent time with the senior partners of Coriant to help with the initial setup. As a dedicated and unique individual, Mr. Kheradpir will dedicate his career to building this company to be the best.

Follow Shaygan Kheradpir on Twitter: @shaygank

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IAP Worldwide: A Company Built with True Integrity and Values

IAP Worldwide Services has been providing global-scale logistic solutions and facility management throughout the world for years. They have become the prominent leader in advanced technical services and now employ more than 2,000 people. In fact, IAP Worldwide has been the key to several military operations for the US Army. It has provided facilities in remote areas that give the entire base the opportunity to continue their work with enough power using generators.

The team behind IAP also has several plans set in place to respond to emergency situations since a lot of their work takes place in danger zones or areas that have suffered extreme weather conditions. The company has made it clear that they are here to help in any way possible, which is partly why the US Army has trusted them with the lives of American soldiers and their allies.

IAP Worldwide Services worked hard to get to the position they are at now, which clearly shows when you look at their history, but it also shows through some of the values they hold dear. For one, the company has been operating with integrity and humility. They do this by being honest with their clients. The company has always been responsive to clients and their needs or complaints. This has helped them build the kind of trust that few other companies enjoy.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

Of course, the company effectively continues to adapt to changes in technology, which makes sense since they continue to be one of the most advanced logistics companies in the United States.

It is a well-known fact that IAP partners with communities, colleagues, and their customers to reach success as a team. This is something that has helped the company become one of the most well-respected corporate citizens in the US. What the company understands is that the power they have makes them more responsible, which they truly take seriously. Some may wonder how a company like IAP Worldwide became as large as it is, but the answer is not too complicated. They have made sure that they stay true to their values. Many other companies fail to maintain integrity, which usually causes customers to lose faith in their services. This is something that IAP Worldwide never wants for their customers.

It is clear to see how this company has continued to deliver great service for over 60 years, and they hope to have many more years of success.

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Popular App Class Dojo Adds New Student Stories Feature

Class Dojo, a popular communication platform that engages and empowers students, teachers and parents in an effort to make communication between them easier and more effective has launched a new tool called Student Stories. This new tool allows students to add videos and photos their portions in order to share them with their parents. This new tool is part of the already popular Class Dojo app, which has been downloaded by teahers and students in 85,000 schools in the United States and in schools in 180 countries around the globe. It is used by 2 in 3 schools.

The already popular app is already being used by students, teacher, and parents accross the nation and around the globe to great success as a way of creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The new Student Stories feature will add a much needed way for students to engage and share what they are proud of about their school experience. Students can scan a special class QR code in order to add videos and photos to their Student Stories.

Created in Palo Alto as a start up by two young bright men from the UK with a passion for changing the face of education, the app has been a success since it was first launched. The app is a revolutionary approach to communication in classrooms, and has been instrumental in ground-up change.

The new feature is very exciting and will give more function to the app. It has already been warmly recieved by teachers like Stephanie Smith, a fourth grade teacher from Tennessee. She is excited about being able to have a student centered classroom, where all of her students are able to have a voice. The new feature introduces some great possibilities and is sure to be warmly recieved by alll the students, parents, and teachers, once they begin using it in the new school year.

Class Dojo is an amazing and revolutionary app that was created by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011. The app has been so successful since it was launched that it raised 21 million in venture capital in round B of its funding. The app continues to grown and expand using feedback from teachers and parents to design changes. Beginning by asking teachers what the most difficult part of their job, Don and Chaudhary have built the app to help elimate the need for teacher parent conferences.

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Instagram Hack of Queen of the Unicorns Raises Interest in Artist

She posed with a look-a-like porcelain doll, cupcake-frosting-blue tinted hair crowning ivory skin, Venus palette adorned ice-blue eyes, and full Red Velvet topped lips. Matching white dresses with black bows and buttons completed the twin-set, blue sky and green tree covered hills making a natural screen in the background. Doe Deere, the always-colorful creator and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, had intended the Instagram post to be an expression of her appreciation of the doll’s designer, Joshua David McKenney. The recipient of one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurial Awards had certainly not expected what happened next.

An apparent admirer, 66-year old Richard Prince of Gargosian Gallery, took a screen shot of the image, altered the text on it, blew it up to 48 by 65, and sold it for $90,000. Yes, that’s $90,000 for a what was essentially a screen shot of an Instagram photo. Fortunately, Prince isn’t the only one who benefitted from the hack as McKenney’s cult following has grown as a result, and this was, after all, the original intent behind Deere’s posting.

The Russian born, New York City raised self-proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns runs her business with the same intent of doing good by others. Her products are animal friendly. Positive reinforcement and a quirky, fun environment in the workplace (think lip pillows on the soft and lollipops at the coffee station) uplifts Deere’s employees, encouraging them to come up with fresh ideas. And “unicorns”? What’s up with that? Well, it’s simply the name she calls her fearless followers, those who, like Deere, aren’t afraid of a make-up pallet that includes lawn green and flamingo pink eyeshadow and lipstick the color of, well, squash!

Deere’s own foray into the world of cosmetics began at a slumber party when she was 9-years old. It would be easy to say the rest is history, but in truth it took a lot of trial and error to come up with the instantly recognizable Lime Crime look. It also took more than a willingness to play with color to bring about Lime Crime’s success. When the cosmetics first launched in 2008 as strictly an ecommerce business, selling make-up online was considered risky business. Deere had the faith in her followers to move forward and the product line saw explosive success. If Deere’s unicorns have any say in the matter, it’s a company that will continue to grow.

Chaz Dean’s Hair Care Reviews

Chaz Dean has two passions in his life. Hair and his beloved pet dogs. He is the creator behind the Wen hair care phenomenon that has sprung up in infomercials everywhere. Chaz Dean has been very forward about his reasoning behind making Wen. He’s stated it in interviews, articles and on the Total Beauty website. The reasoning behind Wen’s design and creation was because Chaz Dean noticed there was so many clients he ran into in his salon who had hair in very sad condition. Wen hair can be purchased from Sephora.

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner has been examined, tried and analyzed by nearly every beauty periodical or beauty blogger who loves a product that uses natural ingredients and is sulfate free. One recent analysis of the Wen Cleansing Conditioner was from the Bustle page at “”. The woman who wrote the analysis had thin hair with mid-length. She used an amount of Wen that fits for mid length hair. She ended up noticing many changes that improved her hair. She ended up having an increase in shine. She had a better volume and shape to her hair. She also had less hair strands fall out when she was washing her hair. The last improvement was noticeably softer hair.

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Benefits of Joining the Midas Legacy

Are you looking for ways to make your life better and your lifestyle healthier? There are various ways of doing this the easy way. One of them is to get professional help in the form of expert advice. One of the companies which would come in handy for your situation is The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy is a company which offers advisory services as well as research services in various areas. Here are some of the advantages of choosing their services.

One of the advantages of working with the Midas Legacy is that they have a wide perspective when it comes to dealing with some problems which people face on a day to day basis. They have a team of experts who have experience in the various areas, be it retirement or healthy living. These experts give you advice based on your unique needs. If you are at a loss concerning where to start saving or quitting your job and thinking of retirement, they will help you figure it all out.

The other benefit is that they work with a wide clientele therefore they are conversant with the needs of many people. They not only work with individual investors but also aspiring entrepreneurs. The idea is to help their clients manage their money and earn more profits and avoid loses in whatever business they are doing. They can also help that person who would like to turn their life around and lead a more peaceful and healthier life.

Apart from their mainstream clientele, The Midas Legacy also helps people who would like to pursue nature as a form of healing for an illness they are suffering from. Their clients also include people who would like to retire as fast as possible. They help them get the ropes and lead a happier life of contentment.

The Midas Legacy helps their clients pursue the life which they want by availing resources to them. For example, any new member who joins them is given a free book which contains tips and pointers on how to get the life they want. The book, which is called The Midas Code, is a helpful resource for members of The Midas Legacy. Once you become a member of the Midas Legacy, you will be able to interact with their pool of experts and access more helpful resources.

Join the Midas Legacy today and be part of a success driven community of people!

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Jennifer Walden Helps People Change Their Looks

Jennifer Walden has a new satellite office in the Texas area. She also has an office where people can schedule appointments for life-changing cosmetic and plastic surgery. Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a well-known dentist and a mother that is a nurse. She began her career by attending the University of Texas. After she got her medical degree she took a job in New York. Her job in N.Y. included some teaching which has helped her become comfortable being in front of an audience. Jennifer takes on several of the hot issues when she speaks at the mommy makeovers, and on television shows.

Jennifer has won several awards from the American Women’s Association and The American Society of Plastic Surgery. She is very good at what she does. She does a great job at changing the looks of people through plastic surgery. She does reconstructive surgeries and helps people that have suffered damage to their body. She knows how to reconstruct and change breast size, nose shapes, do facelifts, and tummy tucks. She also does a lot of botox and some laser surgeries. Jennifer has been voted one of the best surgeons of beauty in America.

Many people ask why Jennifer Walden gave up her New York career to move back to
Austin texas. Family is very important to Jennifer. She made the decision to have her twin sons and to raise them in the same area as she was raised. She loves that her children are close to her family. They may go to some of the same schools as her. They may end up getting involved with some of the same sporting activities as her and maybe even win the All-State Soccer like she did.

Men and women go to Jennifer Walden for life changing surgeries such as skin removal. If someone loses a lot of weight then have huge amounts of hanging skin that is very ugly to the person losing the weight. People that have this surgery may lose up to 20 plus pounds. Some people want to have tummy tucks to look thinner. These surgeries are serious and Jennifer makes sure the client understands all of the risks. Jennifer is a good person to come to when you have questions about the female body and myths about vaginal rejuvenation. Check out some of her blogs and recent public appearances.


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Fuller and Brighter Hair

WEN hair by Chaz is considered one of the best hair products on the market, as all sorts of people have been using Wen with fantastic results, for quite a longtime. Not only is Wen by Chaz said to be an excellent product, but there are tons of celebrities who fully endorse the products on QVC and even use them on their own hair each day. Emily McClure is a woman that has stated that she has thin hair, and based on the fact that one of the biggest claims by Wen is the fact that it thickens and adds volume and shine to hair, she decided to give the hair products a try for herself.

She set out to use the conditioner each and every morning for a week. One of the first things that she noticed about using Wen by Chaz was the fact that hardly any hair fell out while she was taking a shower and rinsing her hair. With other shampoo and conditioning products that she uses, she typically finds that a decent amount of her hair comes out with each wash. This was a positive aspect, and she also noted that her hair did feel fuller throughout the week. She even got compliments on her hair while she was out with friends, although she did state that at some points in the week her hair did feel a bit greasy and out of wack. This, she says, was due to getting up late and trying to take a quick shower, which she could not fully put on the product itself. After her week of using Wen by Chaz each and every day, she made the decision that Wen is a product that she likes and will use when she wants to have fuller and brighter hair for a particular day. Wen hair is available online via Amazon and most beauty product stores.

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