The Patriotic New Book of Yeonmi Park

For those who have learned her story well, Yeonmi Park has stood as an advocate for personal freedom for many years now. Yeonmi Park’s journey has now been chronicled in a new Amazon released book entitled In Order to Live: a North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Even at the ripe old age of 13, Park seen many things that an individual simply should not see, and she chronicles her experiences for the first time in this new work. North Korea was truly a brutal and repressive regime, and so she discusses the hideous life she had in the country and how she had to make some very hard decisions while she was growing. Her family was very close knit, but she had to live in constant fear because of the propaganda. Many people in the country believe that Kim Jong Il can read their minds, so the suicide rate is extremely high.

In chronicling her escape, Yeonmi Park tells on NY Times those interested that she simply had no sense of what the freedom really meant. She said, for her, the best thing in the world was simply having enough food. Although it would take many years for her to finally reach a decision to flee with her family from the country, the turning point came when her father was jailed for trading on the black market in order to provide for his family. Thus, her and her family decided to cross a frozen river in the middle of the midnight darkness in order to begin a harrowing journey across China. She would eventually reach safety in the United States but it would take a number of years to do so.

The freedom that we all take for granted is something that Yeonmi Park had to make tremendous sacrifices for. She even lost her dear father after he died from untreated cancer and was not able to join her in the United States.


Kyle Bass Has Harmed More Than Just His Career

Wikipedia shows that Kyle Bass had made it big, and it seemed like it was going to stay that way. His reputation skyrocketed, after he made the announcement to investors that the economy was on the verge of disaster, prior to 2008. Now, Kyle Bass has not only ruined his career, but he has ruined many innocent lives. He is desperate to make money, and he does not appear to care about the consequences to other people. He has developed an incredibly unethical investment practice, and he has made a great deal of money off it. This investment practice effectively shuts down people’s ability to receive appropriate medical care for serious conditions. Some individuals have passed away as a result of this scheme.

Interestingly, Kyle Bass has gotten himself mixed up with some concerning characters. It appears that his interests have become aligned with politicians of Argentina that are widely thought to be causing negative effects on Argentine society. In fact, these politicians are thought of by many people as autocrats. One politician in Argentina that he is a big fan of is Cristina Kirchner. Kirchner certainly has earned herself a very bad reputation, but Kyle Bass backs her despite this. What is most odd about this is that Kyle Bass never has been tied to Argentina, due to any documented reasons. So, it seems likely that there is some reason that simply isn’t on paper anywhere. Whatever the reason is, it probably isn’t anything good.

Also, UsefulStooges shows that Kyle Bass seems to always be wrong these days, when it comes to the economy. Kyle Bass is still very well known for attempting to predict the future of the markets. However, Kyle Bass is just as enthusiastic as ever with the predictions. He presents the predictions on television, and he does this on a regular basis. Oddly, Kyle Bass makes many more appearances nowadays. Kyle Bass hasn’t really been making very much money from this though, because he simply isn’t ever right anymore.

He is making money a different way though, and he’s making lots of it. Unfortunately, the way that he is bringing in large amounts of money is killing people left and right. He began a patent organization, but he simply denies drug companies important patents. He actually acknowledges that his organization isn’t about protecting people, but it is about his personal profits instead. He uses his ability to prevent new drugs from becoming patented for his own gain. Kyle Bass will use this to alter the prices of drug company stocks. He has made a lot of money, by using this patent scheme for his investments. The drug companies have lost large amounts of money from his scheme, and it has seriously had a negative impact on the companies. Even more alarmingly, without the companies being able to patent the drugs, they are unable to give them to the people that need them. A lot of people end up untreated, and their health has seriously deteriorated. Some actually have died.

The Charitable Giving of SKOUT

SKOUT is an increasingly popular social app that helps users meet new friends. PRNewswire reports that in honor of National Potato Chip Day, the SKOUT company is partnering with SF-Marin Food Bank to help feed 20,000 hungry individuals. SKOUT is encouraging its users to get in on the act by making donations to help financially. These users can do this by sending gifts of virtual bags of chips to other friends on the app. SKOUT has promised that for every virtual gift given, they will make a cash donation to the food bank. SKOUT co-founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, says they will continue the goal until they have given enough cash the feed the 20,000 persons.

Charities are alarmed that the number of people going hungry is rising with the declining margin between income and expenses. SKOUT has also recognized this need and has committed to helping fill it in the future. This is not their first time doing. They previously also partnered with SF-Martin Food Bank to do the same thing in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day. During that drive they helped feed 10,000 hungry individuals. You can follow SKOUT’s progress in its charitable endeavors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

SKOUT was an early pioneer in the mobile dating app market. The company has broadened greatly and now includes two other popular apps: Nixter and Fuse. The SKOUT app enables networking of users in your area by locating other users in your vicinity. However, for greater privacy the app does not give your precise location. It will just say that you are in the area. Still, users can opt out of this feature for themselves as well. Users can also read the profiles of other users in their area. Parents will also be relieved that adult and teen user communities are separate.

SKOUT was originally formulated as just a networking app. However, after discovering that many of its users used it as a dating platform, SKOUT reinvented itself as both a dating and networking site.

World Leaders And Everyday People Use Video Communication From TalkFusion.

When you are trying to establish your position in the world, video is a huge help. Many of the leaders in the world are using video to help get their point across. Video is well liked by everyone and it is easy to use thanks to Talk Fusion. The platform of Talk Fusion is bold and innovative. They use the latest technology to allow everyday people like you and me to communicate.

Using video is great for business and social aspects too. You can use a video email to keep up to date with your family or you can use that video email to tell your business neighbors about your latest project or sale. The choice is yours and speaking of choices, with the Talk Fusion platform you have lots of choices for becoming a video visionary.

The platform at Talk Fusion allows you to be years ahead of your competition simply by using things like video chat, video email and the ability to host live meetings with ease. The whole idea of Talk Fusion was born when Bob Reina ask AOL how to send video in his email. They basically told Bob that it could not be done. When that happened, he took steps to create what is now Talk Fusion.

Every business is looking for that secret ingredient to increase customer retention and keep that customer engaged. Talk Fusion is that secret ingredient that has limitless potential. Whatever your business goals, they can be reached by using the services of Talk Fusion.

Regardless of what you know about the use of video, Talk Fusion can help you get started and build better relationships. Their platform has templates that make it easy and fun to use their services. Your email will stand out when you add your video message and you can create video newsletters, use the video chat and so much more. You owe it to yourself to look at the Talk Fusion platform and get started today.

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Billion Dollar Dog Food Market Increases


With premium dog food sales surging through the market, enhancing the billion dollar threshold even more, consumer are beginning to find that providing high quality dog food for their pet is the best way to go. After feeding them the cheapest dog food we could find, not necessarily realized that it is important for their health to feed them the high quality ingredients to make them feel better. For generations we have just fed dogs what we think is best for them, which researchers have found is not necessarily the case. They have found that high quality premium dog food made with the freshest ingredients possible has increased the life span of our dogs as well as made them happier and healthier. They are more agile and love to play offering a less lethargic puppy that is weighed down by chemicals and fillers that only make them feel sluggish.

High quality premium dog food, along with hearty vegetables and quality ingredients can be found in Purina Beneful dog food. Beneful offer a natural selection that has ingredients that you can actually see and pronounce. Chicken, salmon, turkey and carrots are just among the few popular ingredients carefully blending into each kibble. They are baked to perfection and packaged with care by the individual workers in the factory. They truly care about our beautiful furry friends and family members that we care about and love so deeply.

The multiple selections available make it absolutely a must to find the right dog food for your dog. Beneful knows how each dog is different and has different reactions and mannerisms. They have dry dog food, canned dog food and dog treats that are sure to please your animal. They use farmers that are located down the road from the factory to blend into their delicious dog food. You will find that the ingredients listed are plentiful and ingredients that we actually eat.


The Formula of Financial Success

While some people in the financial industry attribute their success to plenty of good luck, others realize it takes education and experience to make it to the top. As a result, it is those workers who often achieve greater outcomes and always keep the competition on the outside looking in. One of those high achievers is Sam Tabar, who has gained a reputation as one of the most diligent and detail-oriented financial analysts in the business.

Working in various capacities as an attorney and financial advisor, Sam has used his excellent educational background in numerous ways to help clients. With the knowledge he gained from his days at Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Sam worked with clients on a variety of important matters related to contract and employment law. As a specialist in hedge fund formation and structure, Sam has regularly been called upon by clients around the world to assist them in drafting investment agreements, understand regulatory and compliance guidelines, and other important matters. In these situations, Sam always calls upon his excellent communication skills to explain complex issues in ways that virtually anyone can understand.

Perhaps more than anything, CrunchBase makes it clear that Sam Tabar is so well versed in economic matters throughout the world that Fortune 500 executives regularly call on him when contemplating new and innovative global marketing strategies. In fact, he can often be found meeting with some of the financial world’s foremost movers and shakers on Wall Street, advising them on how their strategies will work in various parts of the world. If he is not on Wall Street, chances are Sam is meeting with international executives in Hong Kong or Beijing. Called perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on Asia-Pacific financial matters, Sam uses this expertise to advise clients on how marketing strategies will define their businesses and produce the results they are seeking.

Knowing the important role he plays in the lives of individual investors, Sam makes sure to analyze all parts of any financial situation in order to provide the best possible advice to clients. Whether he is advising a retiree on hedge funds or speaking with international executives about their company’s projected growth, Sam guarantees that his advice will be the result of hours of hard work and analysis.

Corporates’ World Glass Ceiling Being Shattered by Helane Morrison

It will take a lot from any person to be able to maintain ethical integrity throughout their lifetime. Definitely, everyone is always interested in doing the right thing; they all know the importance of following rules. However, not every person has the robust character of not only being able to keep them on the narrow and straight but also to their surroundings. 

This is where business and more specific finance is involved. It will type an outstanding individual to not only thrive at the surrounding but be able to police it as well in an industry which has done nothing but dirtied its reputation since the early 2000. 

Morrison has been working steadily in order to prevent corruption and be able protect the volatile from her early days in journalism to her years working in the government. 

Whether Morrison is focused in revolutionizing the financial workplace or exposing the corrupt leaders, she is considered to be one of the most important layers in the industry. Powerful, determined and exceedingly influential, Morrison has managed to make a huge mark in the industry for the past thirty years and is still going strong. 

Is there anyone I can trust? Where does all the money come from? Are my investments safe? 
Being considered as the world worst financial crisis since the Great Depression back in 1930’s, the 2007-2008 crash not only led the American economy to a massive tailspin but it also exposed the unruly behavior which was frequent throughout the entire financial sector. 

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the General Counsel, Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of the Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also sits at the firm’s executive committee. Helane was heading the San Francisco office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission before joining the firm in 2007. 

Helane Morrison graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and later earned the J.D from the California University. Morrison used to be responsible for the securities enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation in her capacity as the Regional Director and District Administrator.