Fuller and Brighter Hair

WEN hair by Chaz is considered one of the best hair products on the market, as all sorts of people have been using Wen with fantastic results, for quite a longtime. Not only is Wen by Chaz said to be an excellent product, but there are tons of celebrities who fully endorse the products on QVC and even use them on their own hair each day. Emily McClure is a woman that has stated that she has thin hair, and based on the fact that one of the biggest claims by Wen is the fact that it thickens and adds volume and shine to hair, she decided to give the hair products a try for herself.

One of the first things that she noticed about using Wen by Chaz was the fact that hardly any hair fell out while she was taking a shower and rinsing her hair. With other shampoo and conditioning products that she uses, she typically finds that a decent amount of her hair comes out with each wash. She even got compliments on her hair while she was out with friends, although she did state that at some points in the week her hair did feel a bit greasy and out of wack. This, she says, was due to getting up late and trying to take a quick shower, which she could not fully put on the product itself. After her week of using Wen by Chaz each and every day, she made the decision that Wen is a product that she likes and will use when she wants to have fuller and brighter hair for a particular day. Wen hair is available online via Amazon and most beauty product stores.

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Helane Morrison Rounds Out Trio of Female Leaders at Hall Capital

I like what Helane Morrison has been able to do in the last couple of years. She has rounded out the trio of female executives at Hall Capital that bring about a great sense of integrity. I think that this shows a huge shift in the way that corporations have been run in the past. I do believe that Helane Morrison has been crucial to the culture of integrity that is manifested at Hall Capital.

I believe that Kathryn Hall had a plan in mind when she decided to make Helane Morrison the compliance officer and managing director. She would also make another female, Sarah Stein, the president of her company. These ladies are impressive to me because they represent a trio that has really flourished in the business world because they believe in honest business practices.

Morrison has decades of experience, and her reputation really preceded her. Hall Capital has become a better business as a result of the experience that Helane Morrison has brought to this organization. She has become the person that leads with a strong discernment for regulations and rules.

I think that this is very valuable because it has allowed women that see that there is a place for them in the corporate world. There have been so many scandals in the past with companies like MCI, Enron and Health South. The lies about profits when companies were really losing money has plagued generations of male leaders. In these companies there were people that knew what they needed to do, but they failed to comply.

The experience that Morrison had in her years of work as a lawyer has made her a person that is very knowledgeable on various issues. She knows the law, and she knows the consequences that come with breaking the law. That is why she is not going to let Hall Capital fall victim to the same corrupt practices that have plagued so many other companies in the past.

I admire this type of integrity. I also admire the fact that Kathryn Hall had the vision to put together such a stellar team of females. In my opinion, Morrison is changing corporate culture. She is making women realize the value of integrity in business.

Shaygan Takes over at Coriant

Technology giant Coriant recently made news by making a big change in leadership. The company recently announced that Shaygan Kheradpir would take over as as its Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. Kheradpir had previously had a close relationship with the company while maintaining other roles. He is well known as an intelligent leader with an accomplished career in the technology world. Kheradpir’s move to Coriant should strengthen and grow the company even more.

Shaygan has nearly 30 years experience working in technology. That experience is very important to Coriant, especially considering the growing demand by users in this space. Shaygan is taking over the reigns for Pat DiPietro, who is the former company President. His wealth of knowledge dates back to Cornell University where he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering. Throughout his career he has worked with many prestigious companies such as Barclay’s, GTE, Verizon and Juniper Networks. He has held executive positions at all of these companies.

Over his career with a number of companies Shaygan has been instrumental in growth and success. At Barclays he helped develop he Pingit mobile payments software. At Juniper Networks he helped to cut cost majorly by devising a plan that focused on cloud building. While holding a number of patents, Shaygan continues to be a huge influence over the technology community speaking in various forums across the nation.

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