Oncotarget Has Arrived On The Research World

Oncology remains a sphere of medicine known for its numerous different facets. The complexities of oncology require those involved in the field to perform a great deal of research. Published research does need to be peer reviewed in order to ascertain value and validity. Oncotarget reflects a bold new sphere in the world of medical journals. Instead of publishing a medical journal in the traditional way, Oncotarget’s principals have chosen to craft an online open-source journal. Internet access to the articles published on the online community make them more accessible to those who would benefit greatly from their content.

Oncotarget never ceases to be cutting edge in its approach to presenting peer-reviewed material. Oncotarget’s Impact Factor is reflective of the immense popularity the articles and content published on the site. Impact factor, for those not familiar with the term, refers to how often a particular article has been cited in a particular year.

The impact factor figures associated with Oncotarget are fairly impressive. 2015 and 2016 saw an impact factor of about 5.008, which reflects a total of 10,452 cites. The overall five-year average of Oncotarget’s impact factor is 5.415. 2012 and 2013 featured 6.6+ impact factors. In the coming year of 2017, the numbers should continue to be impressive.

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Curiosity is likely now raised about Oncotarget and such curiosity leads many to want to learn more. Social media remains a reliable resource in which to check out updates and news. Oncotarget maintains a Facebook page, which is consistently updated with info. One recent update on Facebook reveals Oncotarget is instituting an “image forensic service” to boost “research integrity”. This would be quite the good move on behalf of the publishers and editors.

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Goodgame Takes Excellence To True Value As The Senior V.P

Kenneth Goodgame is an excellent marketing, retail merchandising and sales executive. He has acquired prominence in Operations Management mainly focused on the creation of million dollar OEM brilliance. Goodgame combines his remarkable innovativeness with efficient oversight to give tangible results.

He is also reputed for being smart when it gets to laying down amazing business strategies. Goodgame was recently recognized as a Merchandising Concepts Expert for his experience and outstanding accomplishments in various business ventures.

According to Crunchbase, Kennth Goodgame’s reputation for delivering quality at all times regardless of the current situation is incredible. Kenneth is also famous for his outstanding leadership skills that have seen numerous companies achieve notable growth as well the setting up of many stores across the US.

Goodgame currently serves at True Value Hardware Company as the Chief Marketing Officer and the senior vice president. His significant experience in the industry makes him perfect for the Arizona-based company. True Value is an American hardware cooperative with numerous independent retail outlets across the globe. They believe in the building of empowering relationships with clients, associates as well as clients. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: https://www.facebook.com/ken.goodgame

They are reputed for their passion for excellence and their spirit of innovative entrepreneurship. Goodgame joined the firm to assist them to realize their set goals of increasing productivity for existing vendors as well as appealing to new marketing operators. This is all aimed towards increasing the number of outlet stores in the Destination True Value style.

Since Kenneth Goodgame arrived at True Value, things have already started changing for the better. Recently he announced the launch of an end cap program which is expected to address the importance of production inventions at True Value’s stores.

He said that the ‘New at True Value’ Program would help the customers to access the latest products at an accessible price. This will translate to a high innovativeness on the side of the company to make sure that they stay updated regarding the latest products in the market. His expertise at True Value has already started paying off for the global hardware company.

Get Quality Lung Stem Cell Treatment at The Lung Institute

At Lung Institute, we understand the need of providing a safe and high-quality health services. Because Patients have different health histories, we believe that each needs medical attention unique to their condition. We check the patients first, study their medical history and the present condition so as to realize the best treatment possible. The skilled doctors of the institute have expertise in their designated areas making them gain a worldwide popularity.

Applying the essential maintenance capabilities of stem cells, our physicians withdraw the patient’s stem cells. Stem cells are treated and then re-introduced into the body where they come to rest inside the lungs promoting natural healing and inflammation reduction. With over a century in the medical service industry, our doctors work tirelessly to improve the patient’s health. The Vast expertise of the doctors enables them to design care to the patients that are safe and quality. The successful applications of revolutionary system cell therapies for lung diseases make the Institute gain worldwide recognition for successful use of minimally invasive stem cell treatment.

The lung institute doctor Jack Coleman, Jr., will discuss an application of the stem cells in the treatment of chronic infections not only in the present times but also in future. Application of the traditional forms of treatment limits new technologies such as the use of the stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapy. Treatment at the Institute involves the withdrawal of stem cells from the patient. The cells are then separated from blood and the bone marrow. The treated stem cells are re-introduced into the body where they stop in the lungs and promote healing.

The stem cell transplant for outpatients helps improve a quality of life and assist them in breathing easy. People with chronic lung infections do not have the energy to do their favorite activities. But after treatment, the quality of life would be elevated. There is plenty of treatment options available and if you want to know more, contact patient coordinators today and schedule a free consultation. Visit the lunginstitute website today for more information.

Visit the Lung Institute’s Twitter account and read testimonials here: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/.

From eBay to World Class Retailer

Many of the best businesses start very small. A single idea might drive them forward to achievement. This is true of one of the country’s best known and most respected makeup retailers. Doe Deere, founder Lime Crime, started her business from a single idea. Since then, her company has grown and expanded into many new fields. As a result of her hard work, she has seen her business take off and vastly expand. She knows that it was due to her vision that her cosmetics company was able to break out the pack and turn into something more. She is delighted at how well her business has expanded in just a short period of time. Her early start led to new heights that have helped her expand her business model and create a very satisfied base of customers who are happy to follow her wherever she chooses to go.


Starting Out


Once she realized she could do this, she began to realize that doing so could be something she could do to earn some money. This led her to consider places she might decide to sell her items. Selling items today is now easier than ever before. Any business person can choose to set up a business online. Deere choose to seize the moment and use it to her advantage. She began her selling on a popular website. Ebay is one of the world’s most popular communities. Here, people can pick up items that might be available in other places often for less money. As she states in a recent interview, this is where her own idea about selling items began. Her own store on the site was a huge success, leading her to realize that she could take off from this idea and then create a site of her own to sell products directly to her many fans around the world.


Loving Her Career


Since that time, her career has taken off. What was once a small idea has turned into something yet more. As the president of Lime Crime, she has been instrumental in pushing the ideas of the company forward. Her creativity has demonstrated that it is possible for her to take all kinds of makeup concepts and then make them come to life. In the past few years, her products have been featured in various places all over the world as customers have come to love the products that she sells. She looks happily to the future knowing that it will be bright.

Information about US Money Reserve

Investors are worried. The world is awash with war, terrorism, global unrest and now the threat of nuclear war. The main concern for investors is how to preserve wealth going forward. We have a worldwide explosion of debt. World debt is now almost twice world GDP. The insanity of it all is that now European governments are issuing 50 year bonds. Ireland even plans to issue a 100- year bond. Europe, Japan and the US are desperately trying to inflate their economies to stimulate growth.


Any sane investor does not want to get caught in this debt trap. Paper money will soon collapse. There simply is not enough paper money to service the world debt. That scenario will create havoc worldwide.


With this vision of the future investors are turning to precious metals. Governments, particularly China are stockpiling gold.


There are no central exchanges except for the futures markets. Therefore, an investor must seek out a reputable firm that deals in precious metals. The US Money Reserve has a solid reputation for helping investors select the best coins or bullion for their portfolios. They have over 300,000 clients. President, Philip N. Diehl was the 35th Director of the US Mint. The company has a staff of highly qualified experts to guide the investor.


The US Money Reserve website has a wealth of information. There is a page that covers the history of gold. Another section has live prices and charts. The Gallery page has beautiful images of the gold and silver coins that US Money Reserve offers.


One of the best reasons for buying or selling precious metals from US Money Reserve is their Guaranteed Refund Policy. If, within 30 days you are not satisfied you can return any certified coins for a refund. The price you will receive will be the current market price less 20% for storage.

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Covers.com – Adding Fun to the Game Through Analysis of the Handicaps

The only thing more fun than watching college football is being able to win a bet on the outcome of the game. There are many sites focused on providing NCAAF odds for upcoming games though few are as comprehensive and friendly as Covers.com. This site is filled with many articles covering upcoming matches with an eagle eye vision for the football odds. In particular, the authors of these articles use her vast experience to determine the probability of the final score being within a certain range. This helps a great deal when trying to place a successful spread bet.

As a fan of college football I like to know how well my favorite team may fair in the upcoming big game. This goes beyond betting, since I only tune into games that are certain to be exciting. Thanks to the team behind Covers.com, I’ve been able to see which ones are worth tuning in for. This is thanks to their skill swiftly determining the NCAAF odds for each match. They look at more than just who is one and lost in prior games in determining the likelihood of success. The sport handicappers take the time to study each player and their role on the team. With this holistic understanding of the dynamics inside each team there able to form a solid opinion on the likelihood of the big event.

Understanding the odds as help me improve my spread betting vastly. Unlike traditional wagers where you either or lose without concern of the final score, spread betting requires an understanding of the handicap. The handicap enables me to wisely bet on the likelihood of a score being different by a set amount, giving a cushion against complete loss if the game does not go well.  Now we are all glued to the television with each pass and tackle, seeing where each team is going with the hopes that both sides do their bests.

Deciphering the Life and Career of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most successful business minds in the United States. Eric, born in Michigan, climbed the ladder of success and joined the league of billionaires. A considerable part of his reputation is drawn from being the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of Tempus.




Tempus is a technology company that is acknowledged for creating an operating system designed to battle cancer. The operating system built by Tempus allows physicians to provide personalized cancer treatment or care via its interactive analytical as well as machine learning platform.


Education Background


Aside from being successful, Lefkofsky is also well-educated. He is an accomplished alumnus of the University of Michigan where he attended and graduated in 1991 with honors. However, his education journey did not end there, as he furthered his studies by attaining a Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School.




Eric Lefkofsky began putting his entrepreneurial talent to the test while in law school at the University of Michigan. Later after law school, he joined effort with his friend, Brad Keywell to buy a Madison-based apparel company known as Brandon Apparel. This was accompanied by a series of other companies, which he and Keywell co-founded. Some of the companies created by the duo include Starbelly, which they sold to Halo Industries. The other companies include InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, MediaBank, and Lightbank. Apart from serving Tempus in the top-most executive position, he is also the chairperson of Groupon.




Eric has also proven to be an altruistic individual through his involvement in charity. Together with his wife Elizabeth, they are acknowledged for founding the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. The foundation aims at supporting scientific, educational and charitable organizations as well as causes around the globe. With a focus on children, the Lefkofsky Foundation has funded over 50 organizations since its inception. The Lefkofsky couple is also a member of The Giving Pledge.


Other Roles and Community Interests


Eric Lefkofsky serves on the board on numerous organizations like the Children’s Memorial Hospital based in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and The Art Institute of Chicago. He is also a Trustee member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, which is a Chicago-based performing arts facility. Additionally, Eric works at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in the capacity of adjunct professor.


Away from his busy schedule, Eric has managed to keep in touch with the rest of the world by maintaining an active social media presence. He is present on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook among others.


The Wondrous Wen

Have you ever just wanted to give up on your hair? After spending tons of money on the empty promises of each product saving hair and making it perfect, one may become very frustrated. This is almost expected after all of the hair products that have been “magic” throughout the years. One product I was not disappointed by, was Wen hair by Chaz. To be honest, I figured it was like any other hair product and did not even buy it. I only tried a sample of the bottle my room mates after she begged me to try it. Thank the Lord above I did, because it was amazing! I immediately went to my computer and ordered my own supply. My hair felt full, clean, and healthy! This one product that took minutes to uses, worked better than the forty or so products I had in the shower and under the bathroom sink.

After trying this product, I was almost in disbelief. How in the world did it work so well? I googled to see what others had to say about it. It turns out that Wen by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) has a lot of new ideas that made it so different from other hair products. First, it took out harsh chemicals and ingredients. I compared my prior shampoo and conditioners to my new and precious Wen, only to see that I had been poisoning my own hair! Wen by Chaz uses natural and healthy ingredients that brought life back into my locks. Wen also directs to lather the healthy product into my hair, not scrub and tangle my hair into a chemical bath. This keeps hair from breaking off and splitting. The difference in Wen and other hair products are more than a mile apart, truly magic in a bottle! Wen hair care products are available online thru eBay.com or guthy-renker.com.