Doug Levitt use the buses to mingle with the suffering Americans

Traveling by bus can be exhaustive and utterly soul waning because it takes countless hours to reach your destination. Most of us will prefer taking a flight, and will only consider a bus if we are broke or miss the longevity involved. People take the bus for the fun of it, as a jaunt with friends, or because their towns are far from the airport. Of all the whys and wherefores that cause people to travel by bus, none of them compare to those of Doug Levitt.

Levitt is an American artist who used his bus explorations to expose the woes and insecurities of the overlooked American societies. Born in D.C, Doug Levitt is a son of a council member, Carol Schwartz. He went to D.C. public schools where he sang in choirs and also engaged in sports. During voter’s registration project, Doug developed an interest to know more about the forgotten American societies. He used the Greyhound buses to criss-cross around the country and currently, he has traveled more than 120,000 miles.

While most of us travel absentmindedly, the one-time CNN correspondent used his every moment on the Greyhound to get to know the people he traveled with. He used this opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the people he met. According to him, a bus provides an environment where you can mingle with poverty, addiction, and mental illness. He adds that on a long bus journey people open up and share their wretched moments.It is a fact that our political system and media houses digress when the paucity topic is raised.

However, thanks to people like Levitt, real issues like poverty are getting the attention they deserve. Doug Levitt documented all his encounters in the ‘Greyhound Diaries’ and also in a website where he shares images, videos, and stories about the escapades. His seven years traveling experience provided an insight into every part of the American society and brought into the limelight the paucity and alienation surrounding the forgotten in America. Doug Levitt still travels by bus to meet more people and use his website and songs to talk about the struggling Americans.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Company Helps Medical Professionals Fight Cancer

Tempus, a company founded by Eric Lefkofsky is now teaming up with the University of Chicago. The partnership involves Tempus providing patient data and data analysis to medical providers who are studying and treating cancer. Tempus will provide patient info and treatment info to doctors in an effort to learn from past treatments and past patients on what the most effective route for treating cancer is for new and existing patients. The data analytics company will also attempt to gather and store as much data on cancer patients and treatments as possible and give it to cancer researchers who can then glean information from the data to come up with customized solutions for patients.

Besides Tempus, Eric Lefkosky has founded numerous other companies. Lefkofsky is a venture capitalist who has his own venture capitalist investment bank called Lightbank. This firm invests in startups, products and new ideas, especially in the tech industry that have the potential to develop into big ideas, firms or products. Another company that Eric Lefkofsky has founded is called Media Ocean. This company uses software to streamline and organize marketing. One of the hall marks of Media Ocean is aggregating data from both the company, vendors, third parties and customers into one channel to create a central point from where all marketing can be based upon and begin to take root in.

Besides being involved in venture capitalist firms such as Lightbank and businesses such as Tempus and Media Ocean, Eric Lefkofsky is a leading philanthropist in the United States. Being a billionaire, Eric Lefkofsky realizes that giving back to the community is very important. To that end, Eric Lefkofsky has established the Eric and Liz Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This Foundation gives grants to medical research, education, the arts, and non-profit groups that raise awareness of key issues.

Arthur Becker the Quiet Money Investor

Arthur Becker is an investor who has participated in several multimillion projects as well as a member of large investment organizations. For a long time, he has been silent working behind Washington’s biggest developers. Time is gone, and it is now his turn to put his name behind a major project, 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. The designer of the building’s interior is Paris Forino. Becker considers the piece as a primer bought for $6.1 million from Peter Moore. When complete, the building will comprise of six complexes and one-penthouse duplex apartments. The apartments will be 2000-4000 square feet, and each penthouse unit will be going for between $5 million and $14 million. To build the apartments, Becker intends to acquire $25 million loan.

In order to expand from five stories to 10-storey building, according to the NY Daily News, Arthur Becker has also purchased development rights from the owner of the adjacent building. Becker is a great investor who, according to financial analytics has over $550 million invested in different projects in New York. He was a financial backer at PMG and Madison Equities, and now his most prolific bet is on the JDS Development Group as well as the Property Markets Group.

Currently, Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison is an investment company that mainly focuses on real estate. Before then he was the Chairman and the CEO of Zinio, one of the world’s largest digital newsstand. For a span of 10 years prior to joining Zinio, he was the CEO NaviSite, a company known for providing technology and application management services to its clients in the US and the UK. He has been in the top management for the better part of his career life.

Arthur’s career is in line with his academics; he pursued a degree and a master in business. His major fields of expertise are real estate investments and startups. As a dedicated investor, Arthur looks forward to opportunities where they can work as a team in real estate investment. Despite the many projects he has been part of, he is a humble person who likes working with others. This has enabled him to work with great developers like Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone.

Gentle and Soothing, WEN By Chaz Is Perfect For Every Hair Type/Texture On The Planet

Do you desire Hollywood hair?

Who doesn’t want this shiny, full and healthy mane that turns heads. Most of us believe that great-looking hair is only reserved for the famous and wealthy, but that is not true.

Many of us fall into the beauty rut of multiple bottles to shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, repeat. Our hair still suffers from dullness, flatness and zero manageability, but we can’t find a way out. beauty contributor Emily McClure was in the same boat. Fine, flat and not so shiny describe her tresses. Emily wanted that knockout hair she saw on those iconic WEN infomercials, so she took the plunge in the no lather shampoo world.

Emily tested WEN By Chaz’s cleansing conditioners for seven days and kept a hair diary with hair selfies on Facebook. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for its extra moisture and shine formula for her medium-length locks. She hopped into the shower and noticed a difference immediately in bigger hair with a softer smoother texture. She blew her hair dry and followed with her styling tools. Darn, she looked amazing.

Wen is different from regular shampoos. First, WEN By Chaz does not toss nasty chemicals into the mix, and the brand leaves out the lather. You don’t need lather, says WEN’s creator. Chaz Dean ( is a famous Hollywood stylist who approached hair care from an holistic concept, using herbal extracts and other botanicals for gorgeous tresses. His one-bottle cleansing conditioners achieve great hair with one wash.

Emily recommends WEN highly, but the no lather shampoo system is not for lazy chicks. If you have the time to invest in using WEN daily and then blow-drying and using your styling tools, you can create A-list hair with movement and manageability.

WEN is delightfully different hair care. For more hair care tips, visit the website.

Norman Pattiz the Brain behind PodcastOne Success

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and founder of PodcastOne which is the most renowned advertiser in America. The podcast network supports PodcastOne. Norman Pattiz has been in the media business for a long time he founded Westwood One a big player in America’s radio industry.

PodcastOne today has more than 200 best podcasts working for the company among them Laura Ingraham, Chris Webber, Chris Jericho, Ross Mathews, Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, Barstool Sports, Gabrielle Reece and Adam Carolla among others.

PodcastOne runs some programs that have a large following in America. To keep fans entertained the firm brings onboard the best people to host the programs, and some issues that are affecting everyday lives of Americans are discussed.

The newest podcast by PodcastOne is ‘Beyond the Darkness,’ the show is the podcast network of the great WWE player Chris Jericho. On the podcast, issues are discussed in an entertaining way. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Prominent researchers are among the people Chris Jericho host on the show, and they feature challenging conversations about mysteries, miracles, aliens, ghosts, demons, angels and ghouls among other issues in the unseen world. The podcast is hosted by an author and radio personality Dave Schrader together with Tim Dennis. The podcast episodes reach fans every Monday, and they are available on and also on the PodcastOne app.

Forbes revealed that Norman Pattiz has been able to grow PodcastOne from working with individuals who have massive fan base such as Chris Jericho. Norman has over forty years experience in the radio business. The experience he has acquired over the years has made PodcastOne gain a lot of popularity soon after it was launched in 2012.

He can employ great strategies that make his ventures successful. PodcastOne today is the largest company producing and distributing audio programs depending on the customer demand. Norman Pattiz is a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of America.

The committee is in charge of all broadcasts in the US that are non-military. Norman Pattiz is a resident of Beverly Hills. Together with other dedicated partners, Norman vows to expand the network as well as creating more job opportunities for the youths.

Why You Should Try Fabletics

Fabletics is a fitness and workout clothes retailer based in the US. It operates on an online subscription model. It has also opened physical stores. Its headquarters is in El Segundo, California. Fabletics was started by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson in 2013. The company began selling clothes to women solely. They opened a men’s line in conjunction with Oliver Hudson in 2015. Some of the locations where they have opened stores include Cincinnati, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Colorado. The company has plans to open close to 100 stores in the next couple of years.


Customers take a survey to let the company know what outfits and workouts they like when they join as VIP Members. Outfits are then picked for a client at the start of each month depending on the preferences derived from the survey. VIP Members get the outfits for only $25 in the first month. The company has experienced exponential growth in the last couple of years. It has made a quarter of a billion dollars on sale since it was started. You can take the lifestyle quiz yourself to find out which Fabletics gear suits you the most.


One of the reasons why they have been successful is because of the reverse showrooming technique. The company uses online trends and habits to stock up their stores. Clients are able to get the items that are fashionable at that moment. Fabletics has used the stores to their advantage by ensuring that they complement the online experience. They also use the stores as an avenue for them to get to know their customers better by hosting events and interacting with them.


A certain client reviewed Fabletics a few years ago. She gave users an honest opinion on the products she received from the company. She said that the quality was good and the price was reasonable. The quality was higher than she expected. It was the same as that of other high-profile brands. She loved the fact that the leggings were thick. She did not have to worry about any see-through issues. She was also impressed with how the leggings held their shape and compression and did not fade quickly. The tops were very soft. They were made of high-quality fabric.


The client noted that Fabletics had a variety of styles that ranged from fun to bold. She said that Fabletics truly had something for everyone. One would not fail to find a style that they liked. She was happy with the value of the outfits. They were of excellent quality. She was impressed because the same outfits would cost relatively more at other stores even though the quality was the same. The fact that she could get a couple of items for less than $60 was one of the great things about Fabletics. She finished the blog post by recommending Fabletics because of the many perks that they offer. The deal is superb since customers can choose to skip a month if they wish.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Ultimate Story of Rick Smith CEO of Securus

Richard A. Smith aka Rick became the CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. on June 23, 2008. Before that, he was employed in the companies named below.

  • Eschelon Telecom Inc. – here he served as the president from April 2000 to August 2003. He also served as the CEO from 2003-2007 and chief operating officer from 1999 to 2003. From 1998 to March 200 Erick served as the chief financial officer of the company.
  • Frontier Corp

This company is called global crossing nowadays. Here, Erick served as the vice president of financial management from April 1997 to October 1998. He was at the company from 1972. At this period, he served as Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations, Controller, Network Plant Operations Director, Vice President of Financial Management, Director of Business Development, and President of Frontier Information Technologies.

Rick Smith has been the chairperson of Securus Technologies since, 2009 and its director since 2008.Erick attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University. For his bachelor degree, he attended State University of New York at Buffalo and was awarded a bachelor of science in electrical engineering. He was also awarded a master in mathematics from the State University of New York at Brockport and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Before his appointment as the CEO, the board believed that Rick’s vast experience, set of skills and his impressive record of accomplishment was right for SECURUS. At the time Mr. Smith had extensive experience base in telecom and held positions in all the companies he had worked for earlier. Some of the posts in the broad range of disciplines that he held include IT, operations, business development, finance among others.

When he was the CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc., the revenue of the company grew from a record of 30 million dollars to 350 million dollars. He also increased EBITDA to around 80 million dollars. This great success led Eschelon to a successful IPO in the summer of 2005. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

About Securus Technologies

This company was established a few decades ago to help the public service agencies. Securus Technologies was supporting other monitored services by business owners. Its headquarters are in Dallas, TX. Currently, the company is serving more than two thousand law enforcement, public safety, and correction agencies. This includes 1.2 M inmates across North America. Coupled with these activities and the ambition to serve customers with efficiency as well as continuing with its innovative ideas in other key areas, SECURUS has proven itself as number one in the Corrections Market.

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