Jose Hope – The Internet of Things Concept

What is the Internet of Things? This is a term that some may not have heard of, but it a concept so many have seen either in our daily lives or videos/movies. It is only that the term “Internet of Things” may not have been used and that’s the reason you might not understand what it is. Internet of Things is a technology that connects all the common gadgets and devices to each other and ensures that information is shared between them. To be precise information is sent back and forth digitally among the connected devices.

The Internet of Things is the revolution that is taking place in the technological industry. It is believed that the Internet of things will take technology to the next level. It will not only be about smartphones and computers. We are looking at a possibility of level of technology where you will be able to engage your devices in a conversation.

Some application of the internet of things has taken effect as we talk. Today, it is possible to sync your smartphone with your car. You can as well sync your lighting system with your smartphone. However, these are just the initial stage of the Internet of Things. Imagine connecting your smartphone with your refrigerator. The phone is supposed to update you on the dates that items stored in the refrigerator will expire. This is mind-boggling, isn’t it? This is actually where the internet of things is taking us. In future, all the things that today, seem like far-fetched will be a reality. Common devices in our lives will be able to communicate to us about some mundane tasks that we undertake in our daily lives going forward.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a commentator on tech trends. He is known to be a firm believer of the Internet of Things. Jason refers to the Internet of Things as the biggest advancement to have ever hit the tech market. Jason Hope is a futurist and what he does is to predict the direction technology is about to take as we head into the future. His writings on tech trends are considered as the authority in positions of leadership.

Jason Hope opines that the Internet of Things technology will have so much influence that the big companies will make huge investments towards the realization of its benefits. As some of the companies join the race for becoming the best in this technology, many more companies will be influenced to join in and contribute to the achievement of the benefits. The end result of this competition will be a world where every device will connect with each other.

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Securus Technologies, the Largest and Leading Prison Technology Company Offering Civil and Criminal Justice Technology Solutions in America

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of parole tracking and detainee communications to correction and law enforcement agencies in North America. Securus serves approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in Mexico, Canada, and the District of Columbia and over 1,000,000 inmates nationwide. As a leading technology company in providing comprehensive and innovative criminal and civil justice solutions, Securus has improved prison facilities by preventing and solving crimes. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but has four other regional offices in the Dallas metro area, and Atlanta, Georgia.


About Securus Technologies Services

Securus serves as the leading phone provider for prisons by providing public information on biometric analysis, inmate self-service, emergency response rates, and incident management to make the world a better and safer place. Richard Smith serves as the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, and according to him, the company must develop new services and products on a weekly basis for the law enforcement officials. As a result, these law enforcement officials will have innovative ways of preventing and solving crimes.


Customer Comments on the use of Securus Technology Facility

On October 21, 2016, PR Newswire published a few of the customers’ remarks in the prison facilities regarding the Securus Technologies’ facility. The comments were mainly positive and below are some of the samples of formal letters received from prison officials in the United States.

“I would like to inform you that the use of phone calls was a great source of information that helped us obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member who was arrested for introducing contraband.”

“The LBS services are the main reason why we shall continue to use Securus. In fact, the LBS software has assisted the sheriff’s department in the recovery of drugs and illegal assets.”

“We were able to monitor calls and establish that the inmates were selling and using alcohol and drugs within the prison facility. The inmates were also using cellular devices illegally to transfer drug payments.”


Equities First Holdings – Lending Sources to Assist Business Owners and Individuals

Equities First Holdings uses a basically less stressful and streamlined process when it comes to securing working capital. The company’s more versatile loaning programs have various benefits unlike the convention moneylenders. Finding the right alternative hotspot for capital is the first phase within the process, and by contacting the authorities at Equities First Holdings that is where your journey of financial breakthrough starts. You might be stunned at what you’ll find when you work with a pioneer (Equities First) in the alternative loaning field.


Easy Process

Traditional loan processes entail lengthy verification methodologies that can go for weeks or even months. Standard moneylenders are subject to testing verification progressions, control and systems which may magnify the funding time traverse altogether. Alternative loan specialists, for example, Equities First Holdings typically offer an online strategy for applying and sending supporting records, along these lines diminishing the time utilized for application to couple of minutes. Moreover, the company can get you a quick decision so you don’t have to wait unnecessarily while waiting for the response. Stock loan funding is usually refined within hours and borrowers get funds in the same day, ensuring entrepreneurs deal with urgent matters conveniently and more information click here.


It is Flexible

Optional financial moneylenders give a wide collection of loans; loan items and credit extensions. Dealer money loans are a piece of the numerous alternatives that various alternative sources give. Hence, Equities First Holdings will help with offering solutions which entail working capital loans, financing strategies for development and the list is endless.


No Need for Credit

When you apply for a small business loan through a regular moneylender, like a bank or credit union, the essential thing that is assessed is the proprietor’s FICO rating and the business’ credit profile. Most of the banks and credit unions ask for strong FICO scores, debt utilization, no late payment, and non-open record filings. However, the stock-based credits provided by the lending giant; Equities First Holdings, has a significant effect and its Website.

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Rocketship Education Provides Insight

Finding a way to provide your child with a good education is an important responsibility that all parents share. For those that are frustrated with the public education system, a great option would be to consider a charter school. One of the top and fastest-growing charter school programs in the country today is Rocketship Education.


Rocketship Education is a charter school program that was first established about ten years ago. While it was started with one small school in California, the charter school program has continued to grow and evolve. Today, it has over a dozen different locations across California and other parts of the country. Recently, Rocketship Education shared their tips and theories on how to make the education system better in this country.


The first tip that they provided was that learning needs to start at home. While Rocketship Education and other educational programs aim to educate kids as much as possible in the school day, Rocketship Education believes that more education needs to take place at home. While this should include helping with homework, it also need to include developing an environment that encourages learning.


Another tip that Rocketship Education provided was to encourage kids to never stop learning. While it is important that a kid pays attention in school, most will have a hard time at some point staying focused. Because of this, it is important that kids learn that all aspects of their life could be a learning experience. This will help to teach kids valuable lessons that will help them inside and outside of the classroom.


Rocketship Education also believes that it is very important to teach integration at an early age. They proudly encourage all students to feel accepted in their school regardless of their upbringing and where they live. This will help all students to feel more comfortable when they are in the classroom, which will help them to succeed academically.

Jim Larken: Leader and Inspiration

On January 21st, 1876, a man was born who would change Ireland forever. That man’s name was James Larkin. This incredible man, born in Liverpool England, was an activist who helped create one of Ireland’s biggest Unions. However, growing up he was not able to receive much of a formal education.

In his youth, Jim Larkin was expected to help receive income for his family, because of that he worked quite a few different jobs. This is what eventually helped him become passionate about workers being treated fairly. Due to this new found passion, Larkin decided to join his first Union: The National Union of Dock Labourers.

After some time, James was sent to Dublin. That is where he helped founded the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. He wanted to help put all workers into one big organization. During this time period, he also helped form the Irish Labour Party and was the leader of many strikes.  Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Many people in Ireland felt as if they weren’t getting the respect that they deserved by British Labor. That is just one reason why James’s new found Union had such a great impact. He came to help just at the right time.

However, in 1914 James Larkin headed out to the United States. In the United States, James sought after a new career. Here he was able to become a socialist speaker. However, with a job like this, earning enough income was not an easy task. Then, eventually, by 1918 James was ready to head back to Dublin.

By the 1920’s, there were many who found him to be rather worrisome. Even his dear wife Elizabeth one refused to help get him out of Jail. Over the years he became even more difficult. He even lost many of his dear friends and allies. Him and his wife even eventually separated.

Sadly, in 1946 James passed away. He had fallen through the floor of a building while it was being repaired. Jim Larkin then died in the hospital on January 30th, of that year. During the last years of his life, Jim had calmed down and became more respected.This incredible man truely was a great leader who changed the workforce in Ireland forever.

Justin Brown Has Used His Talent And Creativity To Make The Brown Agency Soar

Justin Brown achieved his college education by working at a modeling agency. The clothing he modeled was designed by Lucky Brand to suit his physique and he often wore skinny jeans and rocker jeans. He earned $100 an hour while pursuing business management. His main interest was behind the camera and he eventually ended up in development and placement. He found work for numerous individuals and helped them succeed. Now he works for the Brown Agency in Austin and handles the careers of 450 individuals.



Justin Brown is a native to Reno, Nevada although he grew up in Susanville, California. As a child, he was considered shy and he always adhered to the rules. Once he was 18 he circulated among various agencies while learning the inside track in his business. He helped ensure the photos had the right look and were seen by the world’s biggest agencies. His talent percentage was high and accounted for approximately twenty to thirty percent of the industry. Considering Justin Brown was 21 during this period his achievements were beyond admirable. He joked about being dumb and young and believing he was capable of anything.


Justin Brown relocated to Austin, Texas in 2005 to pursue his dream in the city he adored. He felt a connection with the city and believed this was where he was meant to make his mark. He immediately created a business for himself and began managing his client’s expectations while keeping his promises. The experience he had already gained allowed him to take his talent right to the big agencies. In 2008, he started JB Models and Talent which had been licensed in 2010 by the Wilhelmina national agency. This gave him the resources he needed for the boom in commercials, print, and fashion runway shows.


Justin Brown followed his own path in his efforts to achieve a big-market level and he made the right decisions. The percentage he charged his clients was fair and he understood what Austin was looking for in comparison to Houston and Dallas. He realized Austin wanted a vibe that was cool and more alternative. They approved of funky hair, tattoos, and piercings and he gave them what they wanted. Although he acquired talent in Dallas he knew their vibe was much more conservative and his ability to place his talent is accurate and precise. Justin Brown is excited to be in Austin where his creativity and passion led him. His latest acquisition in business has him looking towards a bright future and he strongly believes Austin is taking off. He has seen numerous national campaigns conducted from Austin and believes the Brown Agency is heading in the right direction. He tells people he simply hired locally while keeping his eyes on the national scene. Visit the website,