Sightsavers- Helping people in India to save their sight

Sight is one of the five senses that enable us to identify what we encounter in our environment. It can give us pleasure when we observe a beautiful sunset or a work of art, and it can protect us from traumatic injury, such as stepping in front of a car or other conveyance, falling down a step, or inadvertently stepping into a lake or pond and possibly drowning. Several diseases can impair our sight and precautions should be taken to avoid situations which could trigger these diseases.


In India people should take the following steps to maintain their sight.


Anywhere a person is outdoors, they should avoid looking directly at the sun, since the sun’s rays can cause cataracts. The cornea is the transparent layer that covers the front of the eyeball. Cataracts can cause the cornea to become cloudy, and if this happens, then sight is impaired. When out in the sun one should always wear polarized sun glasses that block the ultraviolate (UV) rays of the sun that speed up the formation of cataracts that cloud your cornea and reduce your vision.


The people of India should also avoid sources of dirty water that they might get into their eyes. Water infected with microorganisms can transmit microorganisms such as amoeba to a person’s eyes and destroy that person’s sight. Therefore, the water used for face washing in India should be boiled before use, or distilled water should be used. People should be educated as to the importance of these practices. It is not difficult for an adult to realize the importance of staying out of the sun to slow down the development of cataracts and avoiding polluted water.


Thus, there are many steps the people of India can take to preserve their eyesight and enable them to have the best vision possible well into their old age.


ClassDojo Is Breaking Barriers And Building Bridges

When it comes to education communication is essential to each students success. Communication between parents and teachers helps provide students with the support and encouragement they need throughout their school day. In an ideal world, parents would be there every step of the way. Unfortunately, however, because most parents work busy schedules typically during school hours, it can be difficult to be hands-on with their child’s learning.

In 2011 business partner Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo, the platform that makes it easier for parents to remain involved and their child’s school day despite other demands. The app helps connect both English and non-English speaking parents to their child’s classroom by simply opening the app on their smartphone. We all know the saying “sharing is caring”, that’s why ClassDojo also acts as a sharing platform. Teachers can share student reports related to behavior and academics as well as upload videos and photos.

ClassDojo is on a mission to enhance the overall educational experience for parents, students, and teachers. Working together, parents and teachers help empower students through recognition of their achievements and help build happier classrooms. Courage and support are equally essential to the success of each student. Having a safe platform that allows them to receive this support is what ClassDojo is all about. More than 3.5 million teachers worldwide are using ClassDojo in their classrooms each day. The app breaks the mold for Ed tech platforms and services and is recognized as one of today’s most innovative classroom tools.

In 2017, Inc. named ClassDojo as one of the “25 Most Disruptive Companies” of the year. The ClassDojo team was also recognized by the popular The today Show, receiving their Education Innovation award in 2011. The convenience offered to parents through the app is unmatched. With ClassDojo, parents can have constant access to their child’s classroom virtually anywhere in the world.

Vijay Eswaran: Helping People Get Over Their Limitations

Some businessmen and businesswomen make their ends meet and don’t extend their road to success with others. It’s the complete opposite with Vijay Eswaran. For years, Eswaran has encouraged others to take the right steps to becoming successful themselves through motivational speaking. One of the key things he advocates would be the stages of change.

Eswaran believes that the starting point to making significant changes lies from within. He feels that once someone begins to truly believe he or she is making a turnaround, others around that person begin feeling a shift in vibrations. One way to do this is to overcome old habits that just bring you down.

Eswaran also is a strong believer that even a bad change is better than remaining stationary. If people run business and numbers have remained the same for months, making a bad change may not be the worse thing in the world as long as it isn’t an egregious decision.

The reason why a bad change could be better than no change at all, is that at least you made the effort to adapt. In a few short years, your number may decline at a rapid rate. At that point, making a change may be too late to save a business.

To make things easier for those who wish to turn their misfortunes around, Eswaran created the book titled Two Minutes from the Abyss. Often times, we get caught up in limitations such as time. After all, we will all pass away at some point. The book attempts to drive home the point that successful people don’t shackle themselves despite having an abundance of resources available to us. This is why keeping a sense of urgency is crucial. This will allow you to get things done without even thinking about the things that can weigh you down.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” The Story Behind The Story

The year was 1979. The place was Key West, Florida. Sean Penn was at a party in the “Passion Pit” where he observed a horrible piece of art that seemed to be made out of fiber glass. He wondered if any of the other people attending the party were getting frustrated with the art work being placed on a bar stool that other people could not use. He soon realizes that it was not a piece of art, but, in fact, an actual human being with minimal movement capabilities. This human with minor movement would later supply him with the manuscript for “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“.


Sean Penn had a difficult time conversing with the man because of his inability to articulate a coherent sentence. He would use acronyms, scientific terms, and metaphors that did not make sense to Mr. Penn at the time. Relevantly, Sean Penn’s mother was creating greeting cards at the time. He used this information to fill in some gaps in the small talk and eventually ended up throwing his mother under the bus by giving out her address to the man that was mistaken for a horrendous piece of art.


Interestingly enough, Penn’s mother ended up being able to sell 500 greeting cards to the weird man. Almost 40 years later, Sean Penn’s mother receives a package in the mail from a “Pappy Pariah”. Initially, Penn told his mother to toss it out, but then realized that the name sounded familiar. He asked his mother to send it to him, and when he received it, he saw that it was the manuscript for the future book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


Many people are under the misconception that Sean Penn actually wrote the book. In reality, Mr. Penn just read it, loved it, and helped him get it out in time before the elections. The book loosely, but obviously takes shot at the current POTUS with comments such as, “The violently immature seventy year old boy man with money and french vanilla cotton candy hair”. It is said to be an interesting thriller/mystery.

PSI-Pay continues to put more effort to increase efficiency in the financial sector

PSI-Pay is one of the most convenient financial companies located in the United Kingdom. It provides payment solutions to clients through the use of MasterCard, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and other electronic payments such as PayPal and electronic wallets. The company has been in operation for a significant number of years, and it has helped to increase efficiency in the financial sector of the world. One significant advantage of the company is that it uses around forty-four currencies which make it easier for traders to carry out their transactions easily and within a short period.

There are a lot of advantages that the company has brought t the traders. One of them is the reduction of the geographical barrier between the traders. Their services are available even to those people in the rural areas who sometimes lack the access to the banking systems in the urban areas.

Another advantage of the PSI-Pay system is that it does not need too much authentification of the account holders and a lot of paperwork that is required especially when a customer wants to open a new bank account. This is something that discourages most of the people, and that is why you find that many people in the rural sector do not hold bank accounts.

Just some time ago, PSI-Pay advanced its payments systems in a way that if the customer loses the credit cards or any other card that he or she uses, he does not have to start afresh to register a new a new card. The information in the previous card will be updated automatically.

PSI-Pay is continuing to put more effort to make sure that they are up t date in their services and that the customers get maximum satisfaction from them. In the attempt to improve their services and reach a large number of clients, they formed a partnership with the Kerve Company which is also a leading innovator in the financial sector. Kerve has almost the same kind of operation with the PSI-Pay company. Their customers use a ring to do transactions. This partnership will help the Kerve Users to pay in a vast number of locations worldwide and be able to use the contactless payments of the PSI-Pay and the clients of the psi-Pay will also be able to use the Kerve’s ring.


OSI Group Takes New Systems to Even Higher Levels and Now Doubles Chicken Production

The giant food manufacturing and production company known as OSI group has officially announced their high capacity production line in Spain. With the use of an 17 million euro investment last year they have increased production and processing of chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. OSI Food Solution Spain has reached a total production capacity of more than 45000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken and now is adding more jobs to its existing workforce.

As the demand for chicken products is constantly growing in both Portugal and Spain their plant needed to have an extension says they’re managing director of OSI Spain. With an 6% average growth in the demand from chicken over the last decade now grown by 2% with an annual growth of 8% in the demand over these last few years they are anticipating the growth to continue to climb and they believe they are adequately prepared for it this year.

Facility supply storage, refrigerated rooms, waste containers, shipping and receiving areas, are all accumulated and more in the 22600 ft² building that was constructed. It also has better service for clients and consumers through the development of an additional production kitchen.

What this growth strategy in play and the portfolio of menu items continually growing they’re able to keep customers for longer than normal and establish long term relationships. With these relationships continually growing and remaining OSI is still with the ability to create more and more jobs for its company. Something there’s also really useful with the new facility is that their ability to use electricity has been diminished by 20%. Another system in place is their fire extinguishing system in case of an accident. Also an advanced surveillance camera systems that enable to help the company monitor important happenings or possible issues that could arise they need to learn about and stop from happening again.

The major success of OSI Food Solutions is due to their 20,000 plus employee number and the ability to recognize how the populations in different portions of the world are consuming different foods and different trends and how consumers are purchasing goods. They were also awarded the prestigious Globe of Honor Award from the British Safety Council in the year 2016, as they were recognized as an organization that is serious about the environment and creating technologies that are both productive yet conducive towards a healthier planet.

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The Goals And Background Of The End Citizens United PAC

You may have heard of the landmark supreme court case called Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. It took place in 2010. It overruled an inferior court’s ruling that banned the showing of a film that attacked Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary election.

This landmark decision unleashed an outpouring of corporate money that can be used to win elections, buy politicians and essentially buy laws in place. The main component of the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling was that the people behind the Citizens United film were anonymous. Financiers and makers of the film were never revealed.

The original Citizens United ruling made this illegal. It prevented people and corporations from hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. People and corporations who funded the Hilary Clinton documentary had to reveal themselves. The original decision also identified the film attacking Clinton as a political ad. It was meant to damage her and prevent her from running as the Democratic Presidential candidate.


The overturning of Citizens United by a narrow margin has let billionaires and corporations pour unlimited amounts of money into ads. It has also led them to get away without identifying themselves. This is where the political action committee known as End Citizens United comes into being. It was started in 2015. The goal of the PAC is to help overturn this decision.

Why would a group want to overturn Citizens United you may ask? End Citizens United believes that the current ruling results in opaqueness or lack of transparency during political campaigns. We should know who is doing what and what their motives are. The present ruling creates a mask for corporations and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United also believes that corporate and billionaire influence should be limited in politics. The supreme court ruling opens the gates for corporate and billionaire influence in American politics. By overturning Citizens United, End Citizens United believes that politicians will no longer be as easily bought or influenced by corporations and wealthy people. They will instead be more focused on their constituents.

Overturning Citizens United is a massive effort. This is why End Citizens United is so focused on garnering grassroots support. They are also trying to raise millions of dollars to help support political candidates that support their view of this crucial court case. The primary way that the group is hoping to end the Supreme Court ruling is by electing enough congressmen and senators that support overturning this decision.

Southridge Capital Continues to Traverse the Finance Sector

Southridge Capital is one of the recognized financial companies that provide wide range financial solutions to hundreds of clients every single day. Based in Connecticut, the company’s clientele is largely based in the United States with key clients being public and private companies. Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion since 1996 in order to achieve its objectives and plans.


Provision of innovative financial solutions


Currently, Southridge offers several services including financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, merger and acquisition, and legal settlement services. These services have enabled its clients to be able to engage in business deals as well as negotiations that have low risks. The company recently introduced securitization, financing, and credit-enhancing solutions with the aim of encouraging its clients to take advantage of financial opportunities that present themselves. As such, Southridge Capital offers clients its assets through monetization and collaborates directly with creditors to minimize any stock debts while increasing their creditworthiness. Other services that the company offers include Equity Purchase Agreement, debt elimination towards common stocks, convertible debentures, and convertible preferred stocks.


According to Newswire, the innovative financial solutions have been steered by Southridge Capital’s management team which is composed of 5 executive members. These include the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the company, Stephen Hicks, CFO and Controller, NarinePersuad, the CFA and CPA, Laurence Ditkoff, the COO and General Counsel, Henry Sargent, and the portfolio management team member, Linda Carlsen. This competitive team has ensured that the company provides quality services that improve its relationship with the clientele while also improving its annual revenue. Check out to know more.




Supporting social welfare


Southridge Capital has been involved in several charity donations through its collaboration with Daystar Foundation. Together, the two organizations have managed to support different institutions through financial aid. Some of the beneficiaries of the social welfare partnership include Walnut Community Hill Church, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lounsbury House, and The Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association. Through these services, Southridge Capital has continued to fulfill its CSR role thereby impacting the global population.



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A Look At Lee May: One Of The Most Underrated Players In Reds History

Lee May, one of the greatest players in the history of the Cincinnati Reds organization, recently passed away. While many Reds fans might remember May as one of the players that the Reds traded to get Joe Morgan, May’s contributions to the team are often overlooked.


May spent several years in the minor leagues before being called up to the major leagues. May showcased his tremendous power during his rookie season, during which he was honored as The Sporting News Rookie Of The Year. Over the next few seasons, May established himself as one of the best power hitters in Major League Baseball. May also began to develop a reputation as a clubhouse leader. While May was friendly and charming, he was also known for having a no-nonsense demeanor. At 6’3 and weighing in at over 200 pounds, May was an intimidating physical presence.


The 1970 season was one of the best of May’s career, as the Reds advanced to The World Series to face the Baltimore Orioles. May batted .389 during the Series while also driving in 8 runs. May followed up his great World Series performance by making the National League All Star Team in 1971.


However, the 1971 season did not produce the team success that Reds management hoped to see. Reds General Manager Bob Howsam made the decision to trade May and a few other players to Houston in order to acquire star second baseman Joe Morgan. May later revealed that he was hurt by the trade.


May continued to be a productive player during the later stages of his career. After being traded, May played for the Astros, Orioles, and Royals before retiring. After retiring, May rejoined the Reds organization. May was eventually inducted into the Reds Hall Of Fame.




Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert offering treatment that helps an individual to age gracefully. He goes past traditional approaches exercised by most specialists. Dr. Johanan Rand treats the core problems that affect the body and uses a combined approach method which gives quality results. He has broad knowledge in coming up with treatments solutions for a variety of disorders such as menopause, dysfunction, traumatic injury to the brain and weight gain. Dr. Johanan Rand is well known for using integration method which offers a solution to some patients problems. Dr. Rand is famous for developing a system that utilizes physical therapy that plays a crucial role in maintaining a natural level of body hormones. His treatments assist people with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness concerning their conditions.


Dr. Johanan Rand realized that hormones are the things that distinguish an older individual from a younger individual. The fact is young people have a small amount of insulin and cortisol than older individuals. Insulin hormone plays a huge role in the storage of fat in the body, making people who are older to increase in weight. Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach ensures that there is a balance in place concerning the bad and the good hormones. There are some advantages experienced by his patients; they include increased stamina, increased energy, lower levels of cholesterol, less chance of heart disorder and reduced risk of cancer. Although a lot of emphasis concentrates on the level of hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand also insists on balanced nutrition. He creates a diet plan that ensures his patient maintain a stable balance between proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.


He also recommends exercise sessions to his patients since to be healthy does not necessarily means illness treatment and following a healthy diet. Dr. Johanan Rand suggests routine cardio-vascular exercise which helps the cardiac capacity. He is the founder of the medical center for healthy aging which provides extensive assistance to individuals with different body disorders. His facility is in New Jersey, West Orange (location). Dr. Johanan Rand has a professional license and certification which allow him to operate in the state mentioned above. Dr. Rand has an advanced degree in Medicine from Howard University, having broad knowledge and experience of over fifteen years.