The Global Business Leader: OSI Industries

Since its development, OSI Industries has made a great commitment towards sustainable food processing and production. Such an effort has been built on the long history of the company’s efforts to embrace the rewards and the challenges of the entire cutting-edge tech. Being a great innovator in the entire food industry is never a new deal for OSI Industries.

OSI industries are now one of the most reputable and largest food productions across the globe. Its entire growth from the humble neighborhood butcher, a network of restaurants to a global food producer is among the most captivating career journeys of the company. Along the leadership of great minds like Sheldon Lavin, the company has had a spectacular growth.

As a tradition in the OSI Industries, new strategies and techniques are coming up every day and they are getting adopted in the company as it faces the world need for environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. The growth of the firm has made the leaders acquire the most prestigious and best sustainable awards which include the Global Visionary Award which was awarded to Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Industry Is the New Big Thing

Currently, OSI is, of course, one of the biggest companies in food production. The company now has more than 20,000 employees worldwide who work at different facilities in the 17 different countries. The company was ranked as the 58th the largest province firm by Forbes in 2016 marking a net worth of around $6.1 billion.

The company’s commitment to deliver sustainable and efficient turns on the technology changes and innovation, to its ventures is their sole goal. The adaptation of the firm to new ways of production and its adherence to technology changes is a significant factor that has made the firm a global figure. The company kicked off with the name Otto & Sons in the 1950s.

The Otto & Sons Company grew from a butchery supply to being a regional supplier to the various McDonalds chain restaurant which was all over the Midwest. However, in the 1960s, the firm grew into an incredibly amazing organization and changed to OSI Industries.

The technology breakthrough in the freezing food industry brought new opportunities to the company enhancing food storage, production and as well as transportation. The company was among the earliest adopter of that new technology marking a great transition in its entire production and processing chain.

The willingness of the company to take risk has made the company venture in some of the most complex markets across the world. For instance, The Company has established two culinary innovation centers in China and the other one in the USA.

Jason Hope Is An Arizonan By Birth, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Believer In A Future Cure For Chronic Diseases.

If there is one element that sums up Arizona resident, Jason Hope, it is an entrepreneur. Mr. Hope is a wealthy person thanks to the millions he has made in Internet marketing and other technology-based ventures. In 2008, Mr. Hope founded a company called Jason Hope Tees, which is an original t-shirt company. Hope has also been quoted about his thoughts on the Internet of Things (IoT). And he has even labeled himself a “futurist.” Hope also believes strongly that IoT technology will provide many new jobs in the not-too-distant-future. Hope also released his e-book recently about the future of IoT. Considered an informative guide on IoT, Hope’s e-book is currently available on Learn more about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope is a heart-filled person who wants to see chronic human diseases eradicated in his lifetime. Because of his interest in medical research to potentially end diseases in humans, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to in 2010. Researcher, Dr. Aubrey de Grey co-founded, a non-profit organization known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation.

SNES is engaged in regenerative medicine and research. SENS was co-founded in 2009 by Michael Kope, Aubrey de Grey, Kevin Perrott, Sarah Marr, and Jeff Hall. Because of Jason Hope’s sizeable financial gift, a new research laboratory was founded at Cambridge University. In total, Jason Hope has given a million dollars.

In addition to, Aubrey co-founded the Methuselah Foundation in 2003 with David Gobel. Mr. Hope supports SNES because of his belief in the cutting edge work that SNES is doing. Hope realized through his understanding of SNES’s mission and how vital SNES is to crack the cause of human diseases eventually. Indeed, SNES is working hard to find a cure for diseases like Alzheimers and Diabetes. studies areas dealing with cell regeneration.

Mr. Hope is confident that SNES can eventually redefine the healthcare industries, pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology industries, and many other industries where SNES’s research can have a direct effect.

Concerning Mr. Hope’s educational resume, he received his bachelor’s in Finance from ASU. Hope also earned an MBA from ASU’s Business School.



Gareth Henry a Global Investor and Fortress Executive

Fortress is a global manager in investment that manages $43.1 billion of assets. Fortress, the company, offers investment products, which serves as an alternative to other forms of investment. Fortress was founded in 1998. Gareth Henry is the executive

Fortress Investment.

Brazil could be the best place to invest in 2014. According to one of the largest hedge fund companies in the world, at least in the last weeks of this election, Brazil has offered the most exciting trading opportunities to this year. The Fortress Investment Group manages $ 63 billion.

Gareth’s Take on Brazil

Gareth Henry insists that the Brazilian currency has been the best bet this year. Elections in Brazil are expected, and the economy will be affected. Henry’s remarks echoed the comments of the fortress executive, Mike Novogratz, in early May. Gareth Henry informs that the bet is simple and that the victory of Brazilian President -Dilma Rousseff is not expected. Henry states that if the incumbent president loses the elections, the Brazilian assets will rally majorly. The rally might be experienced because there will be a potential shift in leadership.

Japan and Scotland are cited by Gareth Henry as good investments this year. Japan was among the biggest trades in the previous year. He believes the Abenomics will become stronger this year. He said that the Abenomics was referring to the stimulus measures taken by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In Scotland; recent turmoil in independent voting has created good business opportunities. At first, it did not exist, and there was a lot of uncertainty.

Henry states that in the next 12 months or more, investors should majorly focus on what is going on internationally when it comes to geopolitics and a change in politics.The bets that had been placed have not profited yet as of the flagship Fortress Macro Fund. The estimated fund loss is approximated to be 5.78 % as stated by the regulatory filing.

How Guilherme Paulus came to achieve so much success.

Guilherme Paulus is quite successful by any standards today. To begin with, he owns two of the most significant investments in the Brazilian tourism sector and is listed as one of the wealthiest men in Brazil by Forbes Magazine. This is all self-made, having been born in a low-income family that would not afford to pay his tuition fee to attend Medical school after he completed his high school education. Despite the challenges he was facing he still knew he was smart and had to make something out of his life. Having not realized his college dream he knew that entrepreneurship would be his only way out. It was not however, lost on Guilherme Paulus that in order to achieve this he had to get some capital and this led him to IBM where he worked as an intern. His time here would expose him to the endless possibilities that the world held, but he also came to realize that this was not an industry for him and in order to achieve his dream he had to find one that fit him. This is how he came across an advertisement in the papers for a position at CASA Faro for an airfare salesman. He applied for the job and got it. During his time here, he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari on one of his official trips. Carlos would become his future business partner. More about of Guilherme Paulus at Bloomberg.

Together the two men established CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. The company was established in 1972 at the time he was 24 years old. Having no money, he chose to offer his expertise and time to acquire his share. In 1976 Carlos left the partnership, leaving the entire operation to Guilherme Paulus. He knew that in order to see CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. grow he had to put in extra efforts despite being young and not having a lot going for him. For the next nine years, he was virtually working without earning anything, and he was barely breaking even. Guilherme Paulus contemplated closing the operation a number of times, but for one reason or the other managed to stay afloat.



Wes Edens: A Man with Amazing Skills in Alternate Asset Investment

Fortress investment group was on the headlines after being declared the first private equity firm in 2007. Other companies hadn’t offered their shares to the public before. The company offered a platform where the public members could access the major stock exchange and list their shares. This alone indicated the high level of management the company had. It’s hard for a company to make great achievements without strong, dedicated, and skilled leaders behind it. Wes Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group who have shown exceptional visionary leadership. As a member of the senior management personalities, he has ensured the company has become famous across the world.

The investment vehicles Fortress Group uses for alternative assets are unique. Wes Edens is a prominent investment specialist who has helped the company to carve out a huge reputation for itself. Looking at the portfolio of the company’s service, you would notice the smart minds its principals like Wes had. This has helped the company to go above the capital markets. The company today offers other services associated with the asset-based investment. Wes has immense knowledge and skills when it comes to acquisitions and mergers.

A company expands its asset base through its trendsetting reputation. Fortress Investment Group has managed assets worth 43 billion dollars and more. Without the contributions of great business leaders like Wes Edens, it would not have been possible for the company to grow from assets worth $400 million to $43 billion. Only a team of vastly experienced experts could realize such growth. Wes understands all the company’s sectors and what each needs to get to the next growth phase.

Wes and the other principals want the cash flow of the Fortress Group’s clients increased. Wes Edens has steered the company to huge expansion, and he has enabled it to establish strategic acquisitions and funding rounds. If you want to know how successful Wes is in the investment sector, look at how his name trends in the global investment landscape. He has helped Fortress Group to make numerous unmatched inroads. He partnered with Nassef Sawiris in buying Aston Villa, and he has secured a controlling stake in the club.

How Michel Terpins Offsets His Rally Car Racing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Michel Terpins is a Brazilian entrepreneur who lives in Sao Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. He is a partner at a firm called Floresvale. His company grows certified wood and performs environmental reforestation. He is also a well-known rally car driver who races on the Sertoes Rally circuit. He last won this rally in 2017 when it was held in Bonito-Mato Grosso do Sul.

He is on the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel Terpins is the pilot of the rally car and his partner, Maykel Justo, is the team’s navigator. Their next race is over 3,300 kilometers in distance and will include many different types of terrain including everything from roads to trails in the sand. He recently had his car modified so that it will be even more competitive in upcoming races. For more details visit Inspirery.

Rodrigo Terpins has competed in the Sertoes Rally circuit 10 times. He started out his racing career in 2002 when he drove motorcycles. After this, he joined his brother, Rodrigo Terpins, in rally car racing. He has now won four titles and he credits his navigator with a lot of that success. He says that Maykel provides him with a lot of safety as he knows the courses so well and the work in sync really well together.

Rodrigo Terpins drives a 322 T-Rex that was built by MEM Motorsports. Michel Terpins says that this truck had a V8 engine installed in it during the offseason which will allow the vehicle to handle terrains better, especially steep ones. This modification will be very helpful in his upcoming race at the Autodromo International de Goiania. The category of racing this race will be in called the Prototype T1 which allows modified vehicles to compete.

He says that while his rally racing activities do unfortunately result in more carbon dioxide being omitted this is more than offset by the trees that he plants through Floresvale. He also installed a carbon-free seal in his vehicle to limit carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible. Michel Terpins says that Floresvale’s trees are helping to ensure that the Brazilian forests are preserved.


Guilherme Paulus 40 Years In The Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo Brazil. After studying Business Administration in college Guilherme, gained his initial professional experience before the age of 20 at IBM.

After interning at IBM Guilherme Paulus and his business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari jointly founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in 1972, when he was 24 years old. In 1974 Carlos sold his portion of CVC to Mr. Paulus, and the company was controlled, owned and operated Guilherme. Over the next 40 years, Guilherme would gain invaluable experience in the tourism industry and become one of the most successful businessmen in the history of Brazil.


Guilherme’s approach is to offer modern travel packages that match what the public comes to expect with changing trends and vacation offerings. Mr. Paulus would lead CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. to experience rapid growth and expansion. Now the largest travel company with offices and operations in 23 Brazilian states as well as overseas countries, including Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and France. As one of the largest job creators in the country, CVC Brazil employees over 3200 citizens and 1000 suppliers. In addition, CVC’s global operations serve over 8.5 million passengers around the world.

Guilherme Paulus throughout his career as a businessman has always sought to expand and explore innovative ways to stimulate growth and expansion. In 2005, Paulus invested $600 million in the construction of various hotels and resorts throughout Brazil and founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, also referred to the GJP Group. The GJP Group is a chain of hotels and resorts that categorized as Three-Star Linx Hotel Group, Four-Star Prodigy Hotel Group, and the Five-Star Wish Hotel Group. Brazil hosted the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics two years later in 2016, both events propelled GJP Group to the top of the hotel industry.

Currently owning 8% of CVC Brasil, Guilherme Paulus sold a large portion of CVC for $750 million. Currently, Mr. Paulus GJP Group’s Chairman and has been on the National Tourism of Council for the last 15 years.

NewsWatch TV Clients Give The Company Rave Reviews

NewsWatch TV is a 30-minute morning program on the AMC and ION networks that is focused on providing the public with information and reviews on technological products and the entertainment industry, as well as reporting on breaking and consumer news. The show features a wide range of topics in these categories, including mobile app reviews, breaking government and medical news and public service announcements. The program, which is based in Washington, DC, has been on the air since March of 1990 and has received a number of awards for excellence in its genre.

Clients who have used the promotional services of NewsWatch TV have given the company rave reviews. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director of Marketing for Steel Series, an electronics company that sells headphones and professional gaming gear, said that working with the NewsWatch team was an excellent experience, and that due to their help, the Steel Series brand was seen in over 95 million households all over the country, which helped increase sales for the company.

NewsWatch TV also took on marketing campaigns for Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer that needed promotional help for its new line of phones, and ended up raising over $300,000 for the business. Additionally, companies like Contour Design and Avanca Indiegogo benefited greatly from using NewsWatch. The Product Marketing Manager at Contour, Bret Hudson, said that because of all the work NewsWatch did on their campaign, his company’s sales increased dramatically, and their work on the Avanca Indiegogo crowdfunding project was very successful as well, having raised a total of $456,551. Avanca has continued to work with NewsWatch TV on other crowdfunding campaigns.

NewsWatch TV is broadcast in the early morning news hour of 7:00, and the program can also be viewed on its YouTube channel, which was started in 2012 and has a large following.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews:

Adam Milstein Helping Israeli Communities

Adam Milstein is a real estate guru who is doing his best to change the lives of the people with Israeli origins. The Israel born investor has been living in the United States for a long time, and he has been responsible for so many charitable foundations that have been started. Milstein and his wife have become very popular in the recent times because of their role in assisting the people who have Israeli origins with all the things they need so that they can remain in close contact with their mother country.

There are millions of investors who are earning a lot of wealth in their investment, and they only choose to use this wealth on their personal gains. Adam Milstein, however, is very different. The businessman loves to support humanity, and he is happy when he has assisted the people who need help. The real estate investor ventured into the business when he relocated and settled in the United States. This wealth has been used in the right ways, making sure that needy personalities in the world, especially those who come from Israel, have been taken care of.

Milstein and his wife have founded several organizations. The Milstein Family Foundation has been operating under their leadership, and it has made a great impact in the society. Most of the people in the world have to issue so many demands and follow complicated procedures before they can finally accept to offer their help. Gila and Adam Milstein do not have to subject their organization through these processes, and this has won them a lot of respect. Milstein is currently a member of several boards of directors. Most of his foundations deal with Israeli causes. His love for community service and peace has played an influential role in his successful career.

Several years ago, when Milstein and his wife settled in the US, they felt that they would make a difference in the lives of consumers by assisting in the acquisition of new homes. Adam Milstein founded a successful real estate company that has been doing well under his leadership. The company is called Hager Pacific Properties, and it is a leader in the market.

Anil Chaturvedi: The Banker to Consult on India

These days investors are seriously looking to India for growth. Developed markets of the European Union and elsewhere are delivering annual returns in the 3% range. At the same time, India has consistently been delivering double-digit returns. With 400 to 500 million middle-class consumers, India’s GDP is anticipated to grow at no less than 7% for years to come.

Many foreign investors see that type of opportunity as something irresistible. However, Anil Chaturvedi, a managing director at Hinduja Bank advises that they look before they leap. Mr. Chaturvedi came to Geneva, Switzerland to help lead the bank as it has begun navigating the global investment waters more fully. One of Hinduja’s primary businesses is locating opportunities in growth markets for their clients. These days India is one of the first places that comes to mind. Thus, the bank has been facilitating many deals in several sectors of the Indian economy. In industries from transportation to food storage, foreign investment capital is eager to be put to work in the South Asian country.

Mr. Chaturvedi is a uniquely qualified man to lead investors into India. First of all, he is Indian. He grew up in the country and schooled there as well. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Meerut University and an MBA from Delhi School of Economics at Delhi University. Furthermore, he has worked in the banking Industry there. He began his career at the State Bank of India. So, he has an understanding of the business culture in his native country, which is no doubt useful.

To round out his resume, Mr. Chaturvedi has also had years of experience working for some of the largest financial institutions in the United States as well. He has worked for ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York, where he became head of their operations in North America. Then he later went on to work for one of the largest wealth management firms in the World, Merrill Lynch. During his time at Merrill, Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for more than $1 billion in private wealth assets.