An interesting facet of design was covered recently at a panel led by alumni of the Academy of Art University that sought to remedy the issues in clothing designed for handicapped and disabled people. All of the alum in the panel suffer from some sort of disability, whether it be missing toes, or being confined to a wheelchair. The panel took place at the University, with students, faculty, and other interested parties in attendance.

Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco and welcomes students from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. Students from abroad are welcome to apply as well. Not only do they have one of the best fashion programs in the US, but you get a start in close proximity to the major fashion mecca of Los Angeles. San Francisco also has major contributions to the fashion world in its own regard as well, so consider that, too.

The Academy of Art University also offers an extensive range of art oriented classes. They cover everything from computer illustration, to web animation and design, to video studies, and other visual media classes and fields of study. The program aims to be innovate and creative, and they have sought those same interests since they were founded in 1929.

Another great advantage of being a student at the Academy of Art University is that you get a place to call home in the city, with some of the best professors in the country. Academy of Art Professors are experts in their fields, with many of them having worked much of their career in their chosen field of concentration.

If you are looking for an art college that reaches out to diverse sectors of the population, and offers opportunities for the disadvantaged to experience beauty, then this is the place. Academy of Art University had a great showing with this panel event that outlined and discussed how fashion may be appropriated for those who suffer from a disability. Everybody deserves to look good, and the Academy of Art University understands and agrees with that completely.

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