Arthur Becker is an investor who has participated in several multimillion projects as well as a member of large investment organizations. For a long time, he has been silent working behind Washington’s biggest developers. Time is gone, and it is now his turn to put his name behind a major project, 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. The designer of the building’s interior is Paris Forino. Becker considers the piece as a primer bought for $6.1 million from Peter Moore. When complete, the building will comprise of six complexes and one-penthouse duplex apartments. The apartments will be 2000-4000 square feet, and each penthouse unit will be going for between $5 million and $14 million. To build the apartments, Becker intends to acquire $25 million loan.

In order to expand from five stories to 10-storey building, according to the NY Daily News, Arthur Becker has also purchased development rights from the owner of the adjacent building. Becker is a great investor who, according to financial analytics has over $550 million invested in different projects in New York. He was a financial backer at PMG and Madison Equities, and now his most prolific bet is on the JDS Development Group as well as the Property Markets Group.

Currently, Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison is an investment company that mainly focuses on real estate. Before then he was the Chairman and the CEO of Zinio, one of the world’s largest digital newsstand. For a span of 10 years prior to joining Zinio, he was the CEO NaviSite, a company known for providing technology and application management services to its clients in the US and the UK. He has been in the top management for the better part of his career life.

Arthur’s career is in line with his academics; he pursued a degree and a master in business. His major fields of expertise are real estate investments and startups. As a dedicated investor, Arthur looks forward to opportunities where they can work as a team in real estate investment. Despite the many projects he has been part of, he is a humble person who likes working with others. This has enabled him to work with great developers like Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone.

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