In a recent New York Times article, the new trend of athleisure was discussed. The article discussed how it seems like most every clothing brand is venturing into the style of clothing. The word has even already been added to the dictionary it is growing in popularity so fast. Essentially, it is casual clothing that can be worn during exercise, but it also looks good enough to wear out.

The article then went on to talk about how the big names in sports gear, like Nike and Adidas, have expanded their offering in these areas. New brands are entering the market and celebrities are getting involved and even starting their own brands. The market has grown so significantly that it is now worth nearly 100 billion dollars. But the market has reached its stretching point. Many of the big names have reported slowly growth in the area. Most analysts are guessing that this is short term until all of the poor quality brands on get knocked off. They say that the acceptance of more casual clothing at work and the trend towards more fitness in the United States will only continue to grow, meaning athleisure will only continue to grow.

One brand that has recently made its debut onto the athleisure scene is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady. Hudson co-founded the company with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who now both serve as the co-CEOs. The goal was to provide good quality active wear at a reasonable price.  Then a short time later, Fabletics expanded to Australia. By 2015, Fabletics had also started a men’s line and a children’s line of athleisure clothing. The brand has been featured in many different reputable publications, such as SHAPE, SELF, ELLE, InStyle, Women’s Health, People and many more.

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  1. The brand not only has normal shopping options for customers but it also allows customers to take a quiz so that they can be matched up with styles that fit their personality. The company was founded in 2013 and in less than a year, it had already expanded to Europe and Canada. There is definitely something that could have done to stay alert and not allow these things to work back on them.

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