The Benefits Of The Talkspace Mobile App

Throughout the years there has been a sort of epidemic in regards to depression and anxiety. Not many people are able or willing to talk about their issues due to the common fear of being seen as someone that is weak. This was also the case at one point in time for the Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. In 2014 Michael Phelps experienced sever depression and anxiety. It got so bad that he didn’t speak to anyone or come out of his room for 5 days. It came to a point where he knew that he couldn’t handle depression and anxiety on his own. That’s when he realized that he needed to talk to someone about it. The partnership with the Talkspace mobile app is happened after he overcame his depression and anxiety.

The fear of being seen as weak is what keeps many people from talking about their depression and anxiety. The story of Michael Phelps is one that proves that seeking out and finding someone to talk to is an act of courage and not one of weakness. Michael wants to use the partnership with the Talkspace app to share his experience with as many people as possible in hopes of being able to help them resolve their issues and overcome their depression or anxiety. The mobile app offers a convenient method of communication to a professional therapist. It also offers the ability to send unlimited text messages along with pictures, audio, and video. If therapy helped one of the world’s greatest athletes, it has the potential to help anyone.

Depression and anxiety are not the only issues that the Talkspace mobile app can help people through. There are many people that have experienced highly unpleasant work situations that leave them in fear of going to work on a daily basis. Knowing that people spend a third of their time on average at work only further enhances those fears. This is what the Talkspace mobile app is designed to alleviate.

The Talkspace mobile app has reported that many of the people that are seeking help through the app are those that are experiencing work related situations such as prejudices and sexual harassment. The Mobile app has already helped numerous people reach out and talk to a professional about the challenges in their lives.

Kevin Seawright Career Accomplishments

Kevin Seawright is a great financial and administrative operations leader. He is much known due to his ability to command new business opportunities and strategic vision in business. In 2015, he worked in real property before joining the Newark Corporation. As such, he has utilized vision and talent to aid individuals and organizations realize their dreams and business objectives. For more than thirteen years, he has utilized his financial experiences to improve the east coast communities. Seawright has exceptional business insight, team inclusion, and outcome efficacy. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Recently Seawright is the chief finance officer and the president of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Throughout his career, he has articulated business policies that have constructed responsible accounting that is in line with technology and the organizational objectives. Further, Seawright has developed revenue planning corporate processes that have effectively operated across the globe for services.

Kevin Seawright has accomplished greatly in the corporate world. One of his greatest achievement in his career happens to be the designing of an accounting medium for Baltimore commission, a firm established for aging and superannuated individuals. Other career achievements include revenue developments that have aided estimating yearbook returns rise by about 25%. He has coagulated human capital divisions hence improving the capacity of human labor retention, developed recruitment efforts, compensation changes, and change management. Again, he has developed the collective bargaining methodologies. As such, standardization, customer service delivery has improved largely.

Again, his company performance has improved. Kevin Seawright prior accomplishments include the development of human resources and the capital operation management. He has served as budget manager, payroll director, finance director and the chief executive director operation officer. Throughout his career, he is guided by principles that have made him achieve greatly in the corporate world. Such principles include promoting effectiveness and reliability in the accounting sector, addressing situations with expertise and convert challenges into great opportunities and he aims at developing, managing and be a leader of productive and aggressive teams. His acumen expertise in banking and finance has indeed transformed and developed the world. He has been greatly featured by Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter social media platforms.

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Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was born on the 21st of January 1876 in Liverpool, England. He had minimal formal education having been raised in the slams by parents who were unable to cater for his formal educational needs.

Consequently, Jim Larkin had to take up menial jobs in order to supplement his family’s income. He was a hardworking young man and his efforts made him to be elevated to the position of a foreman ant the Liverpool Docks.

Jim Larkin was committed to ensuring that all workers were treated fairly. In a bid to gain a stronger platform to advocate for the right of workers, Larkin decided to join the National Union for Dock Laborers (NUDL) and in 1905 he was recognized as a full-time trade union organizer. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

His no-nonsense leadership style in the union surprised many and as a result, was transferred to Dublin in 1907. However, his transfer to Dublin did not deter him from championing for the rights of workers. He almost immediately formed the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

Larkin’s main objective of forming the union was to bring all workers in Ireland under one umbrella. He wanted both the industrial workers, skilled and the unskilled to speak with one voice. He later founded the Irish labor party.

Through the ITGWU, Jim Larkin was able to organize a series of strikes. The most notable one happened in 1913 and was famously known as the Dublin Lockout where over 100,000 workers took part in the strike. The strike lasted for close to eight months and paralyzed activities in most private and government institutions. The strike would lead to all workers being granted the right to fair employment.

During the First World War, Jim Larkin played a crucial role in trying to prevent it. He staged several huge anti-war demonstrations in Dublin. Besides, he also traveled to the US top seek for funds in order to fight the British.

Nonetheless, in 1920 he was accused of propagating communist ideas and pardon three years after that. He was then deported to Ireland where he would continue to fight for the rights of workers through his organization, ITGWU.

The Role of Wes Edens in the Growth of Fortress Group and Other Business Ventures

Wes Edens is a well-known American entrepreneur, investor, and owner of sports team. He is the chairman of Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative assets management company. Edens co-founded the company in 1998 alongside Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone, and Michael Edward. Since then, he has worked closely with other Fortress Leadership team members to grow the company into over $70 billion as the company’s worth.

Career before Fortress

The foundation of Edens’ career in business management originates from his Finance and Business Management Degree study at the Oregon State University. He graduated in 1984, started his career three years later at Lehman Brothers. Here, he was the Managing Director and Partner for six years. His proceeded to the BlackRock Company, again, acting as the Managing Director and Partner for the company’s Asset Investors Division. He stayed at BlackRock until 1997, when he had gained adequate knowledge to start his own company.

Role at Fortress Investment Group

As one of the Fortress founders Wes Edens saw the company become the first buyout firm to open for public trades. The company’s initial opening to public trades began in 2007 and had shares worth 600 million US dollars sold to the public two years later. In the same year (2009) Edens started co-chairing the Fortress Group Board of Directors.

During the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Edens assisted in the resurgence of Fortress’ stock price through supreme lending. He also oversaw the company’s focus to expand its management reach to manage assets in publicly traded investment and private equity. Wes Edens focus at Fortress has been in financial services, real estate, infrastructure, media, and healthcare companies.

He also catalyzed Fortress purchase of Springfield Financial Services, outweighing ownership of all other Springfield investors, with a 2010 $124 million investment. The investment yielded results – five years later, Fortress gained at least 27 times its original investment. Wes Edens also chairs a mortgage lender Nationstar Mortgage, a company that Fortress acquired in 2006.

Sports Team Ownership

Wisconsin-based team Milwaukee Bucks was the first sports investment by Edens. He partnered with Marc Lasry to purchase the team at the cost of 550 million dollars in 2014. He promised to build a new sports ground for the team in Wisconsin.

Other Ventures

Wes Edens is a savvy investment executive. Other than co-owning the Milwaukee Bucks and the many assets managed by his company, his current interest is expanding Brightline. This private high-speed train already connects Miami and Fort Lauderdale and has possibilities of expanding to other cities like Chicago.

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The Chainsmokers Captivate With Their Latest Hit “Somebody”

In the short amount of time since Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed the group in 2012, under the management of Adam Alpert, The Chainsmokers have made a name for themselves. They first made their live debut in September of 2014 at Terminal 5, where they opened for Timeflies. Held in Hell’s Kitchen, Terminal 5 is a small venue with a capacity of 3,000 people. Earlier that year, the group had re-released their first single, “#Selfie” through Dim Mak Records, which would eventually receive international attention and peaked on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart.


Since then, The Chainsmokers have released one studio album (“Memories…Do Not Open”), three EPs (“Bouquet,” “Collage,” “Sick Boy”), and several hit singles. Recently, their single “Closer” hit one billion streams on Spotify. In March of this year, The Chainsmokers became the first Dance Artist/DJ to top a Billboard 100 list, hitting #1 on the Billboard Dance 100 list.


The Chainsmokers released another single earlier this year as part of a series of monthly releases leading up to their second studio album. The single, entitled “Somebody,” is part of their upcoming album, Sick Boy EP. A few days after its release, Alex and Andrew posted a video on Facebook giving some insight into the way they composed their hit song. In it, they show that they increased the singer’s pitch, this due in party by the voice having been originally recorded for a different song.


The music video itself reflects on the layering that occurs in The Chainsmokers’ compositions: the video presents a single canvas painted over to depict different scenes of entertainment throughout history. Upon completion, each scene holds for only a few brief moments, before being painted over again. The video shows The Chainsmokers’ ability to experiment and grow as artists. Fans and critics alike will wait with bated breath to see what is in next in store for the young EDM duo.

Sightsavers- Helping people in India to save their sight

Sight is one of the five senses that enable us to identify what we encounter in our environment. It can give us pleasure when we observe a beautiful sunset or a work of art, and it can protect us from traumatic injury, such as stepping in front of a car or other conveyance, falling down a step, or inadvertently stepping into a lake or pond and possibly drowning. Several diseases can impair our sight and precautions should be taken to avoid situations which could trigger these diseases.


In India people should take the following steps to maintain their sight.


Anywhere a person is outdoors, they should avoid looking directly at the sun, since the sun’s rays can cause cataracts. The cornea is the transparent layer that covers the front of the eyeball. Cataracts can cause the cornea to become cloudy, and if this happens, then sight is impaired. When out in the sun one should always wear polarized sun glasses that block the ultraviolate (UV) rays of the sun that speed up the formation of cataracts that cloud your cornea and reduce your vision.


The people of India should also avoid sources of dirty water that they might get into their eyes. Water infected with microorganisms can transmit microorganisms such as amoeba to a person’s eyes and destroy that person’s sight. Therefore, the water used for face washing in India should be boiled before use, or distilled water should be used. People should be educated as to the importance of these practices. It is not difficult for an adult to realize the importance of staying out of the sun to slow down the development of cataracts and avoiding polluted water.


Thus, there are many steps the people of India can take to preserve their eyesight and enable them to have the best vision possible well into their old age.


ClassDojo Is Breaking Barriers And Building Bridges

When it comes to education communication is essential to each students success. Communication between parents and teachers helps provide students with the support and encouragement they need throughout their school day. In an ideal world, parents would be there every step of the way. Unfortunately, however, because most parents work busy schedules typically during school hours, it can be difficult to be hands-on with their child’s learning.

In 2011 business partner Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo, the platform that makes it easier for parents to remain involved and their child’s school day despite other demands. The app helps connect both English and non-English speaking parents to their child’s classroom by simply opening the app on their smartphone. We all know the saying “sharing is caring”, that’s why ClassDojo also acts as a sharing platform. Teachers can share student reports related to behavior and academics as well as upload videos and photos.

ClassDojo is on a mission to enhance the overall educational experience for parents, students, and teachers. Working together, parents and teachers help empower students through recognition of their achievements and help build happier classrooms. Courage and support are equally essential to the success of each student. Having a safe platform that allows them to receive this support is what ClassDojo is all about. More than 3.5 million teachers worldwide are using ClassDojo in their classrooms each day. The app breaks the mold for Ed tech platforms and services and is recognized as one of today’s most innovative classroom tools.

In 2017, Inc. named ClassDojo as one of the “25 Most Disruptive Companies” of the year. The ClassDojo team was also recognized by the popular The today Show, receiving their Education Innovation award in 2011. The convenience offered to parents through the app is unmatched. With ClassDojo, parents can have constant access to their child’s classroom virtually anywhere in the world.

Vijay Eswaran: Helping People Get Over Their Limitations

Some businessmen and businesswomen make their ends meet and don’t extend their road to success with others. It’s the complete opposite with Vijay Eswaran. For years, Eswaran has encouraged others to take the right steps to becoming successful themselves through motivational speaking. One of the key things he advocates would be the stages of change.

Eswaran believes that the starting point to making significant changes lies from within. He feels that once someone begins to truly believe he or she is making a turnaround, others around that person begin feeling a shift in vibrations. One way to do this is to overcome old habits that just bring you down.

Eswaran also is a strong believer that even a bad change is better than remaining stationary. If people run business and numbers have remained the same for months, making a bad change may not be the worse thing in the world as long as it isn’t an egregious decision.

The reason why a bad change could be better than no change at all, is that at least you made the effort to adapt. In a few short years, your number may decline at a rapid rate. At that point, making a change may be too late to save a business.

To make things easier for those who wish to turn their misfortunes around, Eswaran created the book titled Two Minutes from the Abyss. Often times, we get caught up in limitations such as time. After all, we will all pass away at some point. The book attempts to drive home the point that successful people don’t shackle themselves despite having an abundance of resources available to us. This is why keeping a sense of urgency is crucial. This will allow you to get things done without even thinking about the things that can weigh you down.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” The Story Behind The Story

The year was 1979. The place was Key West, Florida. Sean Penn was at a party in the “Passion Pit” where he observed a horrible piece of art that seemed to be made out of fiber glass. He wondered if any of the other people attending the party were getting frustrated with the art work being placed on a bar stool that other people could not use. He soon realizes that it was not a piece of art, but, in fact, an actual human being with minimal movement capabilities. This human with minor movement would later supply him with the manuscript for “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“.


Sean Penn had a difficult time conversing with the man because of his inability to articulate a coherent sentence. He would use acronyms, scientific terms, and metaphors that did not make sense to Mr. Penn at the time. Relevantly, Sean Penn’s mother was creating greeting cards at the time. He used this information to fill in some gaps in the small talk and eventually ended up throwing his mother under the bus by giving out her address to the man that was mistaken for a horrendous piece of art.


Interestingly enough, Penn’s mother ended up being able to sell 500 greeting cards to the weird man. Almost 40 years later, Sean Penn’s mother receives a package in the mail from a “Pappy Pariah”. Initially, Penn told his mother to toss it out, but then realized that the name sounded familiar. He asked his mother to send it to him, and when he received it, he saw that it was the manuscript for the future book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


Many people are under the misconception that Sean Penn actually wrote the book. In reality, Mr. Penn just read it, loved it, and helped him get it out in time before the elections. The book loosely, but obviously takes shot at the current POTUS with comments such as, “The violently immature seventy year old boy man with money and french vanilla cotton candy hair”. It is said to be an interesting thriller/mystery.

PSI-Pay continues to put more effort to increase efficiency in the financial sector

PSI-Pay is one of the most convenient financial companies located in the United Kingdom. It provides payment solutions to clients through the use of MasterCard, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and other electronic payments such as PayPal and electronic wallets. The company has been in operation for a significant number of years, and it has helped to increase efficiency in the financial sector of the world. One significant advantage of the company is that it uses around forty-four currencies which make it easier for traders to carry out their transactions easily and within a short period.

There are a lot of advantages that the company has brought t the traders. One of them is the reduction of the geographical barrier between the traders. Their services are available even to those people in the rural areas who sometimes lack the access to the banking systems in the urban areas.

Another advantage of the PSI-Pay system is that it does not need too much authentification of the account holders and a lot of paperwork that is required especially when a customer wants to open a new bank account. This is something that discourages most of the people, and that is why you find that many people in the rural sector do not hold bank accounts.

Just some time ago, PSI-Pay advanced its payments systems in a way that if the customer loses the credit cards or any other card that he or she uses, he does not have to start afresh to register a new a new card. The information in the previous card will be updated automatically.

PSI-Pay is continuing to put more effort to make sure that they are up t date in their services and that the customers get maximum satisfaction from them. In the attempt to improve their services and reach a large number of clients, they formed a partnership with the Kerve Company which is also a leading innovator in the financial sector. Kerve has almost the same kind of operation with the PSI-Pay company. Their customers use a ring to do transactions. This partnership will help the Kerve Users to pay in a vast number of locations worldwide and be able to use the contactless payments of the PSI-Pay and the clients of the psi-Pay will also be able to use the Kerve’s ring.