Philly Purge recently wrote a detailed article on one of New Jersey’s top residences: the Boraie Development. The housing market in NJ is in decline as the cost of living continues to rise. In the midst of this residential turmoil, Boraie Development is ready to step in and help NJ halt this downward trend through their privately funded building projects.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development has dealings in all realms of real estate building matters, including residential, hotels, student housing, shopping centers, and the like. By making strong connections with some of the country’s top financial leaders, Boriae Development stands as the leading building development business in the New Jersey area. Perhaps most important to homeowners/small business owners buying into the Boriae Development is the company’s strong presence as a Property Manager: Boriae Development keeps its properties maintained and believes in consistent improvements over time, giving their customers peace of mind.


And the man responsible for this company’s success and positive reputation? 73-yeard olf Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick native. Rather than look out at the city and see a hopeless mess, Boraie saw opportunity. Since 1972, Boraie has been actively involved in renewing the New Brunswick city scene, buying up decaying buildings left and right and creating a whole new vision for what his city could be. He did not do it alone, however; around that same time, Johnson & Johnson decided to stay in New Brunswick as every other major business was in the process of pulling out. Between these two big, visionary companies (as well as help from other big names with a similar dream for the city), New Brunswick was renewed.


Two of the most iconic buildings created by Sam Boraie and his shared dream are the Aspire and Spring Street. The Aspire is a seventeen story residential high-rise that has quickly become the most luxurious and fashionable housing options in NJ. Spring Street, a 25-story condominium complex, sits in the center of downtown New Brunswick, offering a multitude of private amenities (such as 24 hour room service and an indoor pool). Together, these new housing developments clearly display the high-collar type of residents that Boraie Development, and those other visionaries who saw potential in New Brunswick, once only dreamed of. You can search on Yahoo for more.



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