For sure, there is a lot to say when it comes to the mind, life and the value of his time, if there is to be talk of Bruce Bent II. But, the best way to get to understand the businessman and entrepreneur is through simple get to know information regarding a day in the life that he leads.


As far as the idea and vision for the business he is involved with goes, its origins start with Bent II’s father, his business partner Harry Brown and a money market mutual fund started 1970. The rest is history as they say, because their business plan and strategies grow into a multi-trillion industry venture. The benefit to the general public amounts into the billions.


Now that Bruce Bent II has his hand on the wheel, he loves the advantages that technological communication gives the businessmen today. There are so many cheap, if not free, methods of exchanging information that work can be done from just about anywhere, now a days in real time. This is perfect for the way he like to operate within a work day. Bent likes to keep things moving.


When it comes to getting results and seeing goals realized, he believes in team work and likes to bring people and ideas into the fold. This way, there is a collective pool of potential, talent and real-world practicality to pull from. Now, he does admit to having a bit of a stubborn side and is not in the habit of accepting “no” for an answer. There is nothing better for his work day and business dollar than a productive conversation.


Speaking hypothetically, if Bruce II knew then what he knows now, there would be a lot more diversification in his business portfolio. He believes in open communication and feels there is no specific reason needed to break the ice when proper and productive business conversation is involved. He is also not so hung up on pedigree and believes that solid merit is just as valuable as any earned degree. As a habit, he keeps the mantra “if at first you do not succeed, try again” in mind when working on projects.

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