Christopher Linkas Valuable Insights to Young Investors

Personal finance is a crucial thing that every individual should keep watch. The young people become victims when it comes to managing their finances. Theirs could be because they have always relied on the parents or guardians in managing all their financial matters. For young individuals, it dawns on them once they graduate from the college that they need to be accountable for their money. Some of the challenges to overcome to manage the finances responsibly is discussed in this article.


One of the challenges is financial illiteracy. Managing finances is something that can be learned just like writing and reading. It is not something that you must be born with. The unfortunate thing is that no schools teach financial literacy. Some topics need to be carefully addressed. Such topics include proper budgeting within the means, early payment of bills, credit & debt management, regular savings contributions, handling student loans, and proper planning for retirement. The second challenge is the repayment of student loans. This is one of the greatest challenges for many graduates and young people. The pressure becomes overwhelming. On one side one is competing for better opportunities and the on the other one needs to get to a good school. The third point is the need to learn how to invest and to take risks in life. The last concern is the learning how to overcome the societal pressures. An instance is following some breakdown in a given path.


However, an investment expert, Christopher Linkas insists that young investors have all the time to make the right decisions in investing. He says that the issue with many young investors is the fact that dividends less attract them. History reveals that money creates wealth when it takes time. Christopher Linkas says that young individuals have the chance to learn from the seniors’ mistakes in investing. In other instances, it may require you to have your own experience and investing in early stages is a great deal for such people. The additional advantage for young investors is their interaction with the computers, financial apps, and software programs. There are more investment tools available for young people that were not available in previous times. This is a great opportunity for the young people.