Jason Hope Is An Arizonan By Birth, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Believer In A Future Cure For Chronic Diseases.

If there is one element that sums up Arizona resident, Jason Hope, it is an entrepreneur. Mr. Hope is a wealthy person thanks to the millions he has made in Internet marketing and other technology-based ventures. In 2008, Mr. Hope founded a company called Jason Hope Tees, which is an original t-shirt company. Hope has also been quoted about his thoughts on the Internet of Things (IoT). And he has even labeled himself a “futurist.” Hope also believes strongly that IoT technology will provide many new jobs in the not-too-distant-future. Hope also released his e-book recently about the future of IoT. Considered an informative guide on IoT, Hope’s e-book is currently available on Amazon.com. Learn more about Jason Hope at gust.com

Jason Hope is a heart-filled person who wants to see chronic human diseases eradicated in his lifetime. Because of his interest in medical research to potentially end diseases in humans, Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to SENS.org in 2010. Researcher, Dr. Aubrey de Grey co-founded SNES.org, a non-profit organization known as Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation.

SNES is engaged in regenerative medicine and research. SENS was co-founded in 2009 by Michael Kope, Aubrey de Grey, Kevin Perrott, Sarah Marr, and Jeff Hall. Because of Jason Hope’s sizeable financial gift, a new research laboratory was founded at Cambridge University. In total, Jason Hope has given SNES.org a million dollars.

In addition to SNES.org, Aubrey co-founded the Methuselah Foundation in 2003 with David Gobel. Mr. Hope supports SNES because of his belief in the cutting edge work that SNES is doing. Hope realized through his understanding of SNES’s mission and how vital SNES is to crack the cause of human diseases eventually. Indeed, SNES is working hard to find a cure for diseases like Alzheimers and Diabetes. SNES.org studies areas dealing with cell regeneration.

Mr. Hope is confident that SNES can eventually redefine the healthcare industries, pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology industries, and many other industries where SNES’s research can have a direct effect.

Concerning Mr. Hope’s educational resume, he received his bachelor’s in Finance from ASU. Hope also earned an MBA from ASU’s Business School.

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