Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert offering treatment that helps an individual to age gracefully. He goes past traditional approaches exercised by most specialists. Dr. Johanan Rand treats the core problems that affect the body and uses a combined approach method which gives quality results. He has broad knowledge in coming up with treatments solutions for a variety of disorders such as menopause, dysfunction, traumatic injury to the brain and weight gain. Dr. Johanan Rand is well known for using integration method which offers a solution to some patients problems. Dr. Rand is famous for developing a system that utilizes physical therapy that plays a crucial role in maintaining a natural level of body hormones. His treatments assist people with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness concerning their conditions.


Dr. Johanan Rand realized that hormones are the things that distinguish an older individual from a younger individual. The fact is young people have a small amount of insulin and cortisol than older individuals. Insulin hormone plays a huge role in the storage of fat in the body, making people who are older to increase in weight. Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach ensures that there is a balance in place concerning the bad and the good hormones. There are some advantages experienced by his patients; they include increased stamina, increased energy, lower levels of cholesterol, less chance of heart disorder and reduced risk of cancer. Although a lot of emphasis concentrates on the level of hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand also insists on balanced nutrition. He creates a diet plan that ensures his patient maintain a stable balance between proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.


He also recommends exercise sessions to his patients since to be healthy does not necessarily means illness treatment and following a healthy diet. Dr. Johanan Rand suggests routine cardio-vascular exercise which helps the cardiac capacity. He is the founder of the medical center for healthy aging which provides extensive assistance to individuals with different body disorders. His facility is in New Jersey, West Orange (location). Dr. Johanan Rand has a professional license and certification which allow him to operate in the state mentioned above. Dr. Rand has an advanced degree in Medicine from Howard University, having broad knowledge and experience of over fifteen years.