Jeff Aronin Has Made It His Life’s Work To Find Solutions To The World’s Most Difficult To Treat Conditions:

Jeff Aronin serves as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for revolutionary biomedical firm Paragon Biosciences. He is a graduate of both Northern Illinois University and DePaul University and had a highly successful career in the field of healthcare before founding Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC, a company with whom he served as Chief Executive Officer. This was really the start of Jeff’s mission to try and make a difference in the lives of people and he grew the business into a success story that eventually sold for $900 million. He has devoted his life’s work to helping people in their struggles against deadly and difficult to treat diseases. This has become the core mission for Jeff Aronin and his team of experts at Paragon Biosciences.


Paragon Biosciences success in the healthcare industry is proven as much as anything by the fact that thirteen new medications developed by the firm have been approved over the past ten years by the FDA. The company’s focus is on those diseases which currently have little in the way of options for successful treatment. In order to accomplish this goal of finding treatments for these type of diseases, the company does significant research into factors such as how large segments of the population are that are affected by certain difficult to treat diseases. Through exhaustive clinical studies, Paragon is able to truly come to an understanding of the science behind these diseases and the needs of those who suffer from them. Paragon also works tirelessly to make sure that the drugs that it develops are able to efficiently get through the clinical and trial processes in order to make it to patients as soon as is reasonably possible.


Jeff Aronin and his team’s commitment to developing life-saving drugs has brought to the table a number of companies as well as investors that feel equally strong about bringing new, revolutionary drugs into reality. Jeff Aronin also has a sterling reputation for providing large amounts of support to communities of investors that share his common goal of developing medicines and treatments that change the face of the medical industry. He has founded the Aronin Family Foundation in order to provide vital research and support to patients regarding some of the worlds lesser know but highly serious conditions.