“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” The Story Behind The Story

The year was 1979. The place was Key West, Florida. Sean Penn was at a party in the “Passion Pit” where he observed a horrible piece of art that seemed to be made out of fiber glass. He wondered if any of the other people attending the party were getting frustrated with the art work being placed on a bar stool that other people could not use. He soon realizes that it was not a piece of art, but, in fact, an actual human being with minimal movement capabilities. This human with minor movement would later supply him with the manuscript for “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“.


Sean Penn had a difficult time conversing with the man because of his inability to articulate a coherent sentence. He would use acronyms, scientific terms, and metaphors that did not make sense to Mr. Penn at the time. Relevantly, Sean Penn’s mother was creating greeting cards at the time. He used this information to fill in some gaps in the small talk and eventually ended up throwing his mother under the bus by giving out her address to the man that was mistaken for a horrendous piece of art.


Interestingly enough, Penn’s mother ended up being able to sell 500 greeting cards to the weird man. Almost 40 years later, Sean Penn’s mother receives a package in the mail from a “Pappy Pariah”. Initially, Penn told his mother to toss it out, but then realized that the name sounded familiar. He asked his mother to send it to him, and when he received it, he saw that it was the manuscript for the future book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”.


Many people are under the misconception that Sean Penn actually wrote the book. In reality, Mr. Penn just read it, loved it, and helped him get it out in time before the elections. The book loosely, but obviously takes shot at the current POTUS with comments such as, “The violently immature seventy year old boy man with money and french vanilla cotton candy hair”. It is said to be an interesting thriller/mystery.