Boraie’s Dream for a “New” New Brunswick

Philly Purge recently wrote a detailed article on one of New Jersey’s top residences: the Boraie Development. The housing market in NJ is in decline as the cost of living continues to rise. In the midst of this residential turmoil, Boraie Development is ready to step in and help NJ halt this downward trend through their privately funded building projects.


According to WSJ, Boraie Development has dealings in all realms of real estate building matters, including residential, hotels, student housing, shopping centers, and the like. By making strong connections with some of the country’s top financial leaders, Boriae Development stands as the leading building development business in the New Jersey area. Perhaps most important to homeowners/small business owners buying into the Boriae Development is the company’s strong presence as a Property Manager: Boriae Development keeps its properties maintained and believes in consistent improvements over time, giving their customers peace of mind.


And the man responsible for this company’s success and positive reputation? 73-yeard olf Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick native. Rather than look out at the city and see a hopeless mess, Boraie saw opportunity. Since 1972, Boraie has been actively involved in renewing the New Brunswick city scene, buying up decaying buildings left and right and creating a whole new vision for what his city could be. He did not do it alone, however; around that same time, Johnson & Johnson decided to stay in New Brunswick as every other major business was in the process of pulling out. Between these two big, visionary companies (as well as help from other big names with a similar dream for the city), New Brunswick was renewed.


Two of the most iconic buildings created by Sam Boraie and his shared dream are the Aspire and Spring Street. The Aspire is a seventeen story residential high-rise that has quickly become the most luxurious and fashionable housing options in NJ. Spring Street, a 25-story condominium complex, sits in the center of downtown New Brunswick, offering a multitude of private amenities (such as 24 hour room service and an indoor pool). Together, these new housing developments clearly display the high-collar type of residents that Boraie Development, and those other visionaries who saw potential in New Brunswick, once only dreamed of. You can search on Yahoo for more.



Shaygan Takes over at Coriant

Technology giant Coriant recently made news by making a big change in leadership. The company recently announced that Shaygan Kheradpir would take over as as its Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. Kheradpir had previously had a close relationship with the company while maintaining other roles. He is well known as an intelligent leader with an accomplished career in the technology world. Kheradpir’s move to Coriant should strengthen and grow the company even more.

Shaygan has nearly 30 years experience working in technology. That experience is very important to Coriant, especially considering the growing demand by users in this space. Shaygan is taking over the reigns for Pat DiPietro, who is the former company President. His wealth of knowledge dates back to Cornell University where he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering. Throughout his career he has worked with many prestigious companies such as Barclay’s, GTE, Verizon and Juniper Networks. He has held executive positions at all of these companies.

Over his career with a number of companies Shaygan has been instrumental in growth and success. At Barclays he helped develop he Pingit mobile payments software. At Juniper Networks he helped to cut cost majorly by devising a plan that focused on cloud building. While holding a number of patents, Shaygan continues to be a huge influence over the technology community speaking in various forums across the nation.

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The Formula of Financial Success

While some people in the financial industry attribute their success to plenty of good luck, others realize it takes education and experience to make it to the top. As a result, it is those workers who often achieve greater outcomes and always keep the competition on the outside looking in. One of those high achievers is Sam Tabar, who has gained a reputation as one of the most diligent and detail-oriented financial analysts in the business.

Working in various capacities as an attorney and financial advisor, Sam has used his excellent educational background in numerous ways to help clients. With the knowledge he gained from his days at Oxford University and Columbia Law School, Sam worked with clients on a variety of important matters related to contract and employment law. As a specialist in hedge fund formation and structure, Sam has regularly been called upon by clients around the world to assist them in drafting investment agreements, understand regulatory and compliance guidelines, and other important matters. In these situations, Sam always calls upon his excellent communication skills to explain complex issues in ways that virtually anyone can understand.

Perhaps more than anything, CrunchBase makes it clear that Sam Tabar is so well versed in economic matters throughout the world that Fortune 500 executives regularly call on him when contemplating new and innovative global marketing strategies. In fact, he can often be found meeting with some of the financial world’s foremost movers and shakers on Wall Street, advising them on how their strategies will work in various parts of the world. If he is not on Wall Street, chances are Sam is meeting with international executives in Hong Kong or Beijing. Called perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on Asia-Pacific financial matters, Sam uses this expertise to advise clients on how marketing strategies will define their businesses and produce the results they are seeking.

Knowing the important role he plays in the lives of individual investors, Sam makes sure to analyze all parts of any financial situation in order to provide the best possible advice to clients. Whether he is advising a retiree on hedge funds or speaking with international executives about their company’s projected growth, Sam guarantees that his advice will be the result of hours of hard work and analysis.