Market America’s new chapter

Market America has been the leading online shopping site for years. They have successfully served their clients across the globe allowing them to access their favourite products despite not being in close proximity to the physical shop. They use the UnFranchise® business model to conduct their business. This has enabled them to see several entrepreneurs grow through their one-to-one marketing approach, their universal shopping cart and their referral tacking system. This has helped them provide services that are customer oriented.
Apart from selling things to their customers, they also reward their customers for moving the products they shop for frequently to This is made possible by the cutting edge technology they use to analyse what the consumer buys frequently and on transferring that item to, they get rewarded. During the Market America|SHOP.COM International Convention and 25th Anniversary Celebration that happened in August 2017, they explained how this rewards work and several exciting features they had lined up for their clients.
They also decided to expand their territory. They acquired, an online comparison shopping engine provider. Though they will continue operating separately for now, with still serving its customers in their facilities in Monterey, Pasadena, CA and London, soon they will be combined in to one entity. How the merge will come about is not revealed to us yet neither is its new name.
Considering Market America’s success in the past, its acquisition of made many heads to turn. Investors such as bill gates,, yahoo and Oak investment chose to get on board after getting wind of the purchase and the projections of what the owners wanted to do next. If their projections for the coming years were just ideas they knew would work, backing from these major players in the market will definitely get them to their destination.
Though the suspense is suffocating, we can only wait and see what the new entity Market America and will become, what it will look like and most importantly in what ways it will be better. But even as we wait, one thing is sure; it will be mind blowing.

The Rise of Equities First Holdings

Since its inception in 2012, Equities First Holdings as it is known as today has seen a very significant growth spurt that has allowed it to reach a level of consumers across the globe. Equities First Holdings is a very highly regarded investment and financial advisory firm that has been assisting clients, ranging from individual businesses to industry juggernauts, as well as individual persons seeking to increase their wealth. Over the past few years, Equities First Holdings has earned its way to the forefront of the industry, garnering a significant client portfolio. It now has strong relationships with reputable custodian banks, investment banks, and multinational law firms and more information click here.

Prior to 2012, Equities First Holdings acted as a separate entity from what it is known for today. It was then that Equities First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited, merging with the company while keeping the Equities First Holdings moniker. The acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited helped to take Equities First Holdings to the next level as it expanded to previously untapped markets in Asia, Europe, and Australia. As the result of the expansion, Equities First Holdings also increased their offices within the United States, in total, gaining five new offices. As collateral to complete the deal, Mr. Joel Leonoff, of Paysafe Group PLC offered up a considerable amount of stock, all of which were returned to him with interest at the closing. Equities First Holdings recently celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of their original opening in 2002 and what Equities First Holdings knows.

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How Does George Soros View The Political Landscape?

George Soros has done a very good job ensuring that the progressive movement in America is growing at an acceptable rate. He has done quite a lot of work as reported by Politico, and he is ensuring that the American progressive movement is safe from losses to the conservative movement. There are many people who follow George’s career, and this article explains how he is funding a comeback for progressivism.

#1: How Are His Donors?

George met with progressive donors in Washington because he wanted to have as many partners in his newest projects as possible. He knew that it would be quite helpful to ensure that he had new donors, and he was certain that he could garner many donations to the cause. Someone who wanted to join was there, and George is collaborating on many new PACs that will fight conservative politicians.

#2: The Targets

George is targeting people such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona. This is an activist Sheriff who has not treated people in good faith in the past, and George wants his donors to give to a PAC that will hope to stop his reelection. A man such as this is only one of many targets, and the many people who donate to the cause are helping to canvas for votes against him in the future.

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#3: His Views On The Economy

There are many people such as George who give their views on the economy, and George has been forthright about what he feels the future of the economy is. He does not want to see things go back to the state they were in in 2008, and he knows that there are many people who are concerned about the refugee crisis in Europe of the problems of travel bans in America.

#4: Supporting More Liberal Politicians

There are many liberal politicians who will be supported by George in the future. He gave quite a lot of money to the Clinton campaign in 2016, and he will continue to give to things such as this in the future. Someone who wishes to be elected to office may ask George for help, and he may have a PAC that is funded by one of his many donors. George Soros is a progressive leader, and he wants to remain on the forefront of this movement.

There are many people who are counting on George Soros to ensure that they may be elected to office in the future, and they may ask him for advice that will speak to anyone who needs progressivism in their lives. George is a holocaust survivor who knows what it means to become too reactionary, and he will fight such conservative policies in the future. Learn more about his profile at

The Midas Legacy: Money Managing Help When You Need It

Now adding to the myriad of services, articles and providers of wealth creation on the internet is a firm that’s taking it to the next level: a holistic wealth management company. Why holistic? Simply put, it’s dedicated to not only showing subscribers how to create more wealth, but also how to manage it themselves, and use the wealth in a more socially conscious way.

The Midas Legacy, (TML) a Winter Garden, Florida-based company’s focus is not only in helping you make more money, but in helping you keep more of it. Moreover, they’ll mentor you in how to manage it more properly while encompassing other areas as well such as health concepts and helping distribute your wealth in viable ways to others. As such, The Midas Legacy is a holistic company with a heart.

Who The Midas Legacy Helps

Primarily, anyone who has some money that needs managing expertise. Although there are many millionaires, only a few know how to multiply what they have, manage their funds and see to it that it’s further multiplied in ways that others can benefit as well.

Entrepreneurs, retirees or those about to retire are just some of the diverse groups of people that will benefit from the dynamic services of The Midas Legacy.

If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, then TML is there by your side with expert advice to help you not only with your personal finances, but with your business decisions as well.

If you’re thinking retirement, then let TML go to work for you so that you can then stop working yourself. They’ll even help you find other forms of income to augment what you already have built up for retirement.

Expert Advice Just For You

Drawing from a wealth of expert advisers that sit on the TML board, you’ll tap into the very best of professional expertise from various fields. Published authors, leading stock market traders and investors, entrepreneurs and other professionals are there to help navigate TML members through the many mazes of the financial world today.

All these specialists work with a common goal of ensuring that clients of The Midas Legacy get the success that they are seeking. Mentoring in wealth management and planning will be there to help guide you in areas that make life a better experience for the members of TML. Yes, at TML, it’s just not about money.

Health, charitable living and investment advice are just some of the features that this holistic company will help you open doors to as you explore the services of The Midas Legacy.

Richard Blair on Home Renting via Airbnb

Buying a home on credit requires that the homeowner remits monthly payments for the home for an extended period. Such payments may push the home owner into engaging in numerous financial ventures with an aim to pay off the house within the shortest time possible. The desire to have several income flows has often pushed homeowners into rental contracts with such companies like Airbnb.


A majority of homeowners who rent out their homes through Airbnb rarely think through the agreement. Only a few of the homeowners are fully aware of the risks they expose themselves to by allowing Airbnb to rent out a part of their homes to temporary tenants. The prospect of making enough money, via Airbnb, to pay off a mortgage, eclipses some homeowners’ aversion to risks.


Unbeknown to a majority of homeowners, it is highly likely to incur a net loss from renting out a home to temporary guests. Furthermore, many home insurance policies do not cover any aspects of temporary tenancy.


To fully understand the kind of risks that may be associated with renting out your home, consider the following possibilities.


  • Your temporary tenants accidentally or deliberately vandalizing your home or your neighbors’ properties
  • Your tenants engaging in unlawful activities while housed in your home
  • Your tenants refusing to honor their financial obligations towards you
  • Theft of property while you are hosting temporary tenants
  • Your guests suffering serious physical injuries while residing in your home


All these possibilities are likely to cost you money. Indeed, some of them may even put you in the middle of costly lawsuits with your neighbors, your tenants, or even the rental company. This means that there is a need to put into consideration all the likely outcomes of renting out your home. To do this successfully, you will need the help of a financial and insurance expert, such as Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions.


Richard Blair is a financial expert who has been in practice for over 20 years. In his long career, Richard Blair has become a seasoned investments’ analyst, tax expert, retirement planner, and risk management expert. Professionally, Richard Blair is a certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Tax Specialist (CTS), Fund Specialist (CFS), Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Income Specialist (CIS), and a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).


Through Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair helps his clients in managing investments, retirement funds, and different insurance programs. The Richard Blair Wealth Solutions ensures that clients are cushioned against engaging in deals that may expose them to unnecessary risks.

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Benefits of Joining the Midas Legacy

Are you looking for ways to make your life better and your lifestyle healthier? There are various ways of doing this the easy way. One of them is to get professional help in the form of expert advice. One of the companies which would come in handy for your situation is The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy is a company which offers advisory services as well as research services in various areas. Here are some of the advantages of choosing their services.

One of the advantages of working with the Midas Legacy is that they have a wide perspective when it comes to dealing with some problems which people face on a day to day basis. They have a team of experts who have experience in the various areas, be it retirement or healthy living. These experts give you advice based on your unique needs. If you are at a loss concerning where to start saving or quitting your job and thinking of retirement, they will help you figure it all out.

The other benefit is that they work with a wide clientele therefore they are conversant with the needs of many people. They not only work with individual investors but also aspiring entrepreneurs. The idea is to help their clients manage their money and earn more profits and avoid loses in whatever business they are doing. They can also help that person who would like to turn their life around and lead a more peaceful and healthier life.

Apart from their mainstream clientele, The Midas Legacy also helps people who would like to pursue nature as a form of healing for an illness they are suffering from. Their clients also include people who would like to retire as fast as possible. They help them get the ropes and lead a happier life of contentment.

The Midas Legacy helps their clients pursue the life which they want by availing resources to them. For example, any new member who joins them is given a free book which contains tips and pointers on how to get the life they want. The book, which is called The Midas Code, is a helpful resource for members of The Midas Legacy.

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Kyle Bass Has Harmed More Than Just His Career

Wikipedia shows that Kyle Bass had made it big, and it seemed like it was going to stay that way. His reputation skyrocketed, after he made the announcement to investors that the economy was on the verge of disaster, prior to 2008. Now, Kyle Bass has not only ruined his career, but he has ruined many innocent lives. He is desperate to make money, and he does not appear to care about the consequences to other people. He has developed an incredibly unethical investment practice, and he has made a great deal of money off it. This investment practice effectively shuts down people’s ability to receive appropriate medical care for serious conditions. Some individuals have passed away as a result of this scheme.

Interestingly, Kyle Bass has gotten himself mixed up with some concerning characters. It appears that his interests have become aligned with politicians of Argentina that are widely thought to be causing negative effects on Argentine society. In fact, these politicians are thought of by many people as autocrats. One politician in Argentina that he is a big fan of is Cristina Kirchner. Kirchner certainly has earned herself a very bad reputation, but Kyle Bass backs her despite this. What is most odd about this is that Kyle Bass never has been tied to Argentina, due to any documented reasons. So, it seems likely that there is some reason that simply isn’t on paper anywhere. Whatever the reason is, it probably isn’t anything good.

Also, UsefulStooges shows that Kyle Bass seems to always be wrong these days, when it comes to the economy. Kyle Bass is still very well known for attempting to predict the future of the markets. However, Kyle Bass is just as enthusiastic as ever with the predictions. He presents the predictions on television, and he does this on a regular basis. Oddly, Kyle Bass makes many more appearances nowadays. Kyle Bass hasn’t really been making very much money from this though, because he simply isn’t ever right anymore.

He is making money a different way though, and he’s making lots of it. Unfortunately, the way that he is bringing in large amounts of money is killing people left and right. He began a patent organization, but he simply denies drug companies important patents. He actually acknowledges that his organization isn’t about protecting people, but it is about his personal profits instead. He uses his ability to prevent new drugs from becoming patented for his own gain. Kyle Bass will use this to alter the prices of drug company stocks. He has made a lot of money, by using this patent scheme for his investments. The drug companies have lost large amounts of money from his scheme, and it has seriously had a negative impact on the companies. Even more alarmingly, without the companies being able to patent the drugs, they are unable to give them to the people that need them. A lot of people end up untreated, and their health has seriously deteriorated. Some actually have died.