The Wondrous Wen

Have you ever just wanted to give up on your hair? After spending tons of money on the empty promises of each product saving hair and making it perfect, one may become very frustrated. This is almost expected after all of the hair products that have been “magic” throughout the years. One product I was not disappointed by, was Wen hair by Chaz. To be honest, I figured it was like any other hair product and did not even buy it. I only tried a sample of the bottle my room mates after she begged me to try it. Thank the Lord above I did, because it was amazing! I immediately went to my computer and ordered my own supply. My hair felt full, clean, and healthy! This one product that took minutes to uses, worked better than the forty or so products I had in the shower and under the bathroom sink.

After trying this product, I was almost in disbelief. How in the world did it work so well? I googled to see what others had to say about it. It turns out that Wen by Chaz Dean ( has a lot of new ideas that made it so different from other hair products. First, it took out harsh chemicals and ingredients. I compared my prior shampoo and conditioners to my new and precious Wen, only to see that I had been poisoning my own hair! Wen by Chaz uses natural and healthy ingredients that brought life back into my locks. Wen also directs to lather the healthy product into my hair, not scrub and tangle my hair into a chemical bath. This keeps hair from breaking off and splitting. The difference in Wen and other hair products are more than a mile apart, truly magic in a bottle! Wen hair care products are available online thru or