The Amazing USHEALTH Group

The USHEALTH group is a group of companies which continues to excel in Health insurance covers. It has partnered with trusted companies such as; Devon Health Services, Covinity, First Choice, Dentemax, CVS Caremark and Midlands Choice among others.

The services offered by USHEALTH Group are a packaged into different categories. These include: Accident Protector, PremierVision, Life Protector, Secure Advantage, PremierChoice, SecureDental, MedGuard, Income Protector and Essential Health Benefit.

These products have excellent benefits to buyers. The accidental protector in USHEALTH Group for instance provides covers for excesses in supplemental medical covers. These include cases in which extra cash covering accident related mishaps is needed. The advantage of this clause is the availability of lump sum money paid out when accident related losses occur. It also covers extra cost of co-pays and deductibles or any other expense not stated within the cover.

The company’s slogan of HOPE meaning “Helping Other People Every day” basically sums up what the staffs believes in. The workers at USHEALTH Group, agents and the entire management are dedicated to offering high quality services to impact on peoples’ lives positively. The advisors within the company are highly trained to prioritize clients’ requests. These qualities have made USHEALTH Group to win several awards in their particular categories. These include the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards not to mention the Gold Stevie Award.

The company stands out in its ability to tailor its products based on the needs of their customers. Their products are affordable, not rigid and very secure. This is why you should be part of the amazing USHEALTH Group.

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Bruce Levenson Team Sues Insurance Company

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, the organization that used to be the owners of the NBA franchise has been in the limelight for some time now. The organization recently went to court and filed a case against an insurance firm known as New Hampshire Insurance Company.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment is a very organization in the world. The institution is headed and controlled by Bruce Levenson, one of the founding partners. When filing the case in the court, Levenson and his team did not sue the current owners of the Hawks basketball team, led by Mr. Antony Ressler. reports say that Levenson and his team have filed the court at the superior court found in Fulton County, and it will soon be heard. According to Levenson, the insurance company failed to meet the coverage they had previously agreed on.

At the moment, the Hawks has new owners, led by Antony Ressler. The team acquired the company ( in June last year after it was put in the market. Antony had tried to purchase another team before, but he did not succeed. Reports indicate that Antony purchased the team together with a team of partners at a cost of eight hundred and fifty million dollars. The new group will, however, not be included in the case. Hawks spokesman says that the team is already aware of the case, but it is not going to involve itself with the issue.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned businessman in the US. Under his leadership the AHBE organization has been quite successful, and it has managed to acquire several ventures. Under the leadership of Levenson, the Hawks team managed to win several games. Read more on