Marsala Appreciates The Professional Team At Madison Street Capital For His Recognition

The Emerging Leaders Program a program initiated in 2010 has been on top of the M&A arena to promote the performance in the industry. This has been through recognizing the performance of professionals in M&A who are performing exemplary well. Normally, it is meant to motivate more action in merger and acquisition especially for the under 40 year’s active participants. For the 2016 Anthony Marsala, a chief operating officer at Madison Street Capital has been included in the list of Emerging Leaders Awards. His dedication in the industry and experience has made him scoop the award. Anthony, however, thinks that the great assistance by exceptional professionals at Madison Street Capital is what has promoted his success and for winning this award.

It is thrilling that he has been recognized in the most competitive industry of all. His achievements have been recognized because he is a young person who has greatly succeeded in the merging and acquisitions financing. Apparently the focus of the Emerging Leaders Award is to promote development in the industry. The platform has been developed in both Europe and the United Kingdom; this is not the first recognition that Marsala has received. Apparently in 2015, he was honored by NACVA as the most performing in the under 40 recognition program. The Emerging Leaders are expected to meet for the gala where they will be awarded together with other young leaders.

Marsala marks one of the seasoned professionals at Madison Street Capital a boutique of investment majorly famous for its services in mergers and acquisition. The firm is also a global expert in investment banking known for its outstanding efforts in providing valuation services. In addition, Madison Street Capital are known experts whose advisories are for a variety of firms both midsized and the well up firms. The firm has been advising a variety of startups too on obtaining the required capital for their businesses in addition to establishing proper financial strategies. Madison Street Capital Financial services are strategic and top notch and are available for all types of firms and industries from service industries, financial industries, manufacturers, private equities and hedge funds.

The firm assures that by seeking their 3rd person opinion a business will never go wrong mostly for significant transactions, Madison services are perfect for both buyer and seller in addition to helping firms recover from significant falls in their business. The firm has developed global popularity in addition to having holdings in Asia, Africa, and North America. Madison Street Capital employees are also known to contain the expert knowledge about hedge funds and overtime conduct evaluations on hedge fund performances in the financial arena.

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