Peter Briger Businessman and Philanthropist

Offices at Fortress

Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2002 and is the present President of Fortress Credit Corporation. He serves the Credit and Real Estate Sector at Fortress; since 2009, he has been the Co-Chairman of the Board.

Early Education

Peter Briger received his M.B.A. from Wharton Business School. Peter Briger also attended Princeton University, where he received a B.A.

Memberships, Director, Board Advisory Position

Advisory Board Member of Spearhead, LLC.

Board Member of Caliber Schools.

Princeton University Investment Company, Director.

Hospital for Special Surgery, Board Member.

Goldman Sachs

Peter Briger was employed by Goldman Sachs from

Mr. Briger spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he became a Partner in 1996.

Career Highlights Glodman Sachs

Over the course of his career at Goldman Sachs

Co-Head: Trading Business and Loan Sales, of the Investments Group Fixed Income,

Asian Real Estate, and Asian Distressed Debt. Lastly, Peter Briger serves Linktone on their Advisory Board.

Forbes List of Billionaires:

  • 2007- #407
  • 2008- #962

Philanthropic Works

  • Central Park Conservatory
  • Caliber Schools-network of charter schools in Richmond, CA.
  • Tipping Point-non-profit in fighting poverty in San Francisco area.
  • Entrpreneur Support Program- Princeton his Alma Mater


At Princeton he provides a seed fund to encourage and support recent entrepreneurs form the program with a matching seed fund of upto $100K. Briger has also served on the Board of Directors of Princeton University investment Company. His works with the Caliber free charter schools is his statement of the importance of the chartered school system. With well over two decades in the finacial services world and served in prominenet positions at many of the most successful companies today, he enjoys serving to help the restore the community where he lives thru his philanthropic efforts. How Wall Street got into the wild business of Bitcoin


Fortress Investment Group: Wes Edens

Wes Edens is best known for his role in the American economy. He helped to found the first publicly traded private equity investment firm. This investment firm is known as Fortress Investment Group. He also owns several sports teams. One of the sports teams that he owns is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. The sports team is known as the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee Bucks are a member of the national battle Association. Another sports team that he owns is part of the electronic sports league. This sports team plays a video game that is known as league of legends. The sports team that plays the legends that Wes Edens owns is known as FlyQuest.

Wes Edens began his career in the finance industry by first attending Oregon State University. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with degrees in finance and business administration. After receiving his formal education, he began to work in the finance industry by becoming a member of Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers is a well-known investment firm in North America. At Lehman Brothers, he was a managing director and partner for the investment firm. He worked there for several years and eventually switch career tracks and became a member of Blackrock asset investors. At this company, he gained significant experience in the finance industry, and after several years he decided that it was time for him to launch his own company. In 1997 he left Blackrock asset investors and began searching out help in order to launch his own company.

In 1998 with the help of four other individuals, Wes Edens launched Fortress Investment Group. The company experienced significant success during its formative years. It was able to increase its asset holdings by around 40% in a span of only seven years. During the spring of 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity investment firm in the North American continent be to be publicly traded by holding its initial public offering which was underwritten by Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs on the New York Stock Exchange. After this initial public offering, the company had managed to sell 8% of its shares to the public for a total of around $600 million. The Corporation continued to be successful, and in 2017 Japanese technology company Softbank group Corporation acquired Fortress Investment Group for a premium of $2.25 per share. This premium led to an immediate increase in valuation of the company by $140 million.

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