The Legacy Of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick is an author of high caliber stories and a known broadcaster in Scottland. He is the author of the books Always A Little Further (1939) and Sans Peur (1946). Known for his vivid writing style, he is one of the most successful Scottish authors in the world. Here is the story of his life.

The young Alastair Borthwick moved from Troon, Ayrshire to Glasgow in the early age of 11. Leaving the town at 16, he became a copy taker for the publication Evening Times. Eventually, he will become a staff at Glasgow Weekly Herald. With only five members, he took care of a lot of jobs in the publication, including the letters to the editor, writing and editing the women’s, children’s and film columns, answering queries from the readers, his own front-page stories, and making the crossword.

He is also known for his writings about rock climbing, which was popular with young Glaswegians at the time. Alastair Borthwick would often write about the resourcefulness of the working class people on his “Open Air” column. After that, he will join the Daily Mirror in 1935 but will leave a year later to join the BBC and covered outdoor activities during his tenure as a radio broadcaster. Later on, he will write and publish his first book, Always a little further, in 1939. The book has never been out of print since its publication.

During the War, he was a member of the 51st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlanders. He led 600 men to defeat their enemies in Venlo. After the war, the book he wrote about his battalion’s three-year campaign. The book became a war classic. After the war, he and his wife Anne decided to go on the coast of Jura and move there. During their stay there for seven years, their son, Patrick, was born.

The family lived in South Ayrshire from 1960 and hasn’t moved since then. A journalist at heart, Borthwick will still write for News Chronicle’s weekly column during his later years. He scripted programs for Grampian TV during the 1960s. His favorite is the 13-part series about a Scottish soldier’s POV in war. He died on September 2003, following Anna who died earlier in June.