Goodgame Takes Excellence To True Value As The Senior V.P

Kenneth Goodgame is an excellent marketing, retail merchandising and sales executive. He has acquired prominence in Operations Management mainly focused on the creation of million dollar OEM brilliance. Goodgame combines his remarkable innovativeness with efficient oversight to give tangible results.

He is also reputed for being smart when it gets to laying down amazing business strategies. Goodgame was recently recognized as a Merchandising Concepts Expert for his experience and outstanding accomplishments in various business ventures.

According to Crunchbase, Kennth Goodgame’s reputation for delivering quality at all times regardless of the current situation is incredible. Kenneth is also famous for his outstanding leadership skills that have seen numerous companies achieve notable growth as well the setting up of many stores across the US.

Goodgame currently serves at True Value Hardware Company as the Chief Marketing Officer and the senior vice president. His significant experience in the industry makes him perfect for the Arizona-based company. True Value is an American hardware cooperative with numerous independent retail outlets across the globe. They believe in the building of empowering relationships with clients, associates as well as clients. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

They are reputed for their passion for excellence and their spirit of innovative entrepreneurship. Goodgame joined the firm to assist them to realize their set goals of increasing productivity for existing vendors as well as appealing to new marketing operators. This is all aimed towards increasing the number of outlet stores in the Destination True Value style.

Since Kenneth Goodgame arrived at True Value, things have already started changing for the better. Recently he announced the launch of an end cap program which is expected to address the importance of production inventions at True Value’s stores.

He said that the ‘New at True Value’ Program would help the customers to access the latest products at an accessible price. This will translate to a high innovativeness on the side of the company to make sure that they stay updated regarding the latest products in the market. His expertise at True Value has already started paying off for the global hardware company.