Clayton Hutson’s Newest Performance Work

The music industry is full talented engineers such as Clayton Hutson. Their jobs are to make sure concerts have the highest possible sound and audio quality possible. Clayton Hutson has very humble origins of just going through the motions of school, but once on his own he discovered the real value of this career. He has performed engineering for many of the top names in the industry including Pink and Guns’n’Roses. A recent article on the website Pretty Man Pretty Man describes Clayton Hutson’s current ventures in the music industry.


It might not have seemed like it at first, but Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock was a match made in heaven. The show was challenging for him and he learned a lot along the way. At each showing the fans turned up in the thousands, and came out enjoying the concert in the end. Clayton Hutson loves to see how technology can push the art of stage performance. He describes how a stagnant stage manager is just not effective in the modern world. However, his fascination with technology pushes his drive to create more mobile, faster, and brighter techniques so that the performer that truly shine brightest.


The entertainment business requires Clayton Hutson to work long work days and travel all over the country. He credits his success to being able to balance the hectic life style with remaining detail oriented about the job at hand. His ability to utilize technology in innovate methods is also vital in attracting reoccurring clients. Clayton Hutson describes how Aaron Lewis relied on him when he broke off to perform a solo tour. On the side, his live sound engineering skills can not be overlooked. He can be credited in a variety of places for his sound design work. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock was a partnership that culminated many aspects of his career up to this point. He uses state of the art stage and sound design technique to give the fans the best performance possible. While at the same time, maximize the ability of the performers. Clayton Hutson is well beloved in the industry and continues to seek new and innovate ways to shake up his work.