The Quincy; A crime hotspot in New Brunswick

The Quincy New Brunswick is an apartment complex that is located near river Raritan. The apartment complex is in New Jersey, and it is just a stone throw distance from New York City and New Jersey City. The apartment was renovated, and it is hoping to draw new residents who do not have a problem with paying a premium price base. The location of this apartment is also near public transports and it there is hope that it will be appealing to residents.


Despite those renovations, the complex has experienced a series of crimes that has left the residents frightened. In the past crimes have happened, such as shooting incidences that have left some people severely injured. The series of occurrences have made the police name the place as a crime hotspot. For instance, in last year there was a shooting that occurred in a nearby neighborhood. In 2013, there was also a shooting that involved a pizza deliveryman. The driver entered the apartment only to be informed that no resident had ordered the pizza.


The driver went back to his vehicle and found some men waiting for him. They ordered him to surrender his wallet, money and also went with the pizza. Though the man complied with what the gangsters demanded, they shot him and fled away living the man injured. There are residents here known to have arms. Some women are also associated with ordering pizzas only to set up them pizza delivery drivers.


Also, another crime occurred on October 7th, 2015. Four shots rent the air. The gunshots prompted the police to rush to the place of the offense. Witness said a hooded man was the one responsible for the shooting, but he had fled. There was one injured victim. He was rushed to the hospital. In the following day, the police had to contact thorough research because of other bullet casings that were discovered.


In 2013, there was also another crime that involved delivery of pizza. The driver had also been set up, but he fled without injury. The suspect was found and arrested. The apartment has experienced a series of misfortunes, and it will need to overcome that so as to draw tenants. The apartment should ensure there are positive feedbacks that do not threaten lives of residents.

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