Patty Rocklage; the psychotherapist with a giving heart

Struggles can be a teaching moment in life with the right people at your side; whether it is your friends and family or a certified specialist. Patty is one of that specialist who can guide someone through their struggles. She is what in medicine world might call a psychotherapist. Patty operates throughout the Boston metropolitan area.

Patty is nothing but warm and welcoming to make sure that her clientele feels at ease. This, in turn, makes it is easier to guide people into facing and overcoming their struggles. This guide and counselling are available to families, couples or just individuals who have some issues and they want to deal with.

She got her education at the University of Southern California in the year 1981 with a degree in Psychology. She started practicing, and now she has over 20 years of experience with a license to carry out her practice in Massachusetts.

Her practice is based on relationships issues such as divorce, having a child or adoption; there are family conflicts and women’s issues and life coaching and transitions. In her line of practice, she has built critical skills which have undoubtedly helped her case with her countless clients.

As a believer in the essential of the community, she has supported outreach community programs. She also believes in the connection of people in the most meaningful way. That way you can understand someone’s struggles and keep their confidential information confidential; this what makes Patty Rocklage such an accomplished psychotherapist.

She also has a giving heart. In 2016, Patty and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry Department. They decide to offer assistance with the cost of renovating Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry’s, Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space found in Building 2.

They were also honored by having a plaque of the Rocklages being set up. She also volunteers for the Sudanese Education Fund. It is a fund that assists South Sudanese living in Massachusetts to find a comforting and stable life there.

Patty has become a force for good in the Massachusetts community. This is because of her giving heart. She resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her husband.