Billion Dollar Dog Food Market Increases


With premium dog food sales surging through the market, enhancing the billion dollar threshold even more, consumer are beginning to find that providing high quality dog food for their pet is the best way to go. After feeding them the cheapest dog food we could find, not necessarily realized that it is important for their health to feed them the high quality ingredients to make them feel better. For generations we have just fed dogs what we think is best for them, which researchers have found is not necessarily the case. They have found that high quality premium dog food made with the freshest ingredients possible has increased the life span of our dogs as well as made them happier and healthier. They are more agile and love to play offering a less lethargic puppy that is weighed down by chemicals and fillers that only make them feel sluggish.

High quality premium dog food, along with hearty vegetables and quality ingredients can be found in Purina Beneful dog food. Beneful offer a natural selection that has ingredients that you can actually see and pronounce. Chicken, salmon, turkey and carrots are just among the few popular ingredients carefully blending into each kibble. They are baked to perfection and packaged with care by the individual workers in the factory. They truly care about our beautiful furry friends and family members that we care about and love so deeply.

The multiple selections available make it absolutely a must to find the right dog food for your dog. Beneful knows how each dog is different and has different reactions and mannerisms. They have dry dog food, canned dog food and dog treats that are sure to please your animal. They use farmers that are located down the road from the factory to blend into their delicious dog food. You will find that the ingredients listed are plentiful and ingredients that we actually eat.