Sameer Jejurikar Combines Combines Compassion And Quality Care

Based in Dallas, Texas, Sameer Jejurikar knows that being an excellent plastic surgeon requires more than just doing good surgical work. He has a deep sense of compassion for his patients that has been recognized time and time again. Any type of medical procedure can come with a considerable amount of anxiety and he works hard to keep his patients comfortable and informed about everything involved with the process in order for them to achieve their goals.

Sameer Jejurikar is extensively trained in his art after graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School with a medical degree. He has been working as a plastic surgeon since he graduated in 1997. He is concerned about safety and is constantly doing everything he can to minimize risks while maximizing the outcome for his patients.

Every year, patients in the United States rate their doctors using a variety of different platforms online. Sameer Jejurikar is frequently ranked among the best for his work on sites like Vitals and Patients’ Choice. Patients’ Choice has recognized him as one of the most compassionate doctors in his field multiple times. In 2012, he was one of only 3% of physicians in the United States to be recognized with this considerable honor.

Through the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Sameer Jejurikar offers many different services to his patients that include work on the eyes, nose, face, breasts, and body. He knows that in order for patients to live their best lives they must feel comfortable with themselves and he does everything to help make this happen. Women are not his only patients as he also offers many services to men including facial and bodywork as well as state or the art hair transplants that are designed to be minimally invasive.

Talos Energy Sinks First New Off Shore Oil Well in 80 Years

Talos Energy has recently sung the first new offshore oil well in Mexican waters in 80 years. The move is the latest step in allowing foreign competitors back into its market. The combined team of Premier Oil Plc, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas and Talos Energy LLC of Houston began drilling their well on May 21. It is the first offshore Mexican well to be started by anyone other than the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos monopoly since 1938.

Drilling is projected to take about 90 days to complete and about $16 million, paid for by Premier Oil. Due to Mexico’s ailing oil industry, bids were opened to private investment. Geologically speaking, the drilling has a high expectation of success.
Talos Energy is prospering and growing its business by leaps and bounds in the last year. It recently bought Helix Energy Solutions for $620 million dollars and is expected to make approximately $500 million in 2017.

Led by Tim Duncan and Ben Winkleman, the private oil company is popular with its employees and investors for the leaders’ apparent interest in making them money via the oil business. Tim Duncan originated at Gryphon Exploration, where he was encouraged to share his ideas. He, in turn, encourages his employees to exchange ideas and even share bad news and solutions to problems. As long as ideas add value to the company, they are welcome.

Michael Harding, the controller and chief accounting officer of Talos Energy because it offers a small company and the chance to accomplish a bigger job and make a more significant impact. He also enjoys getting to know all the geologist and engineers in the enterprise.

Whether seeking options of improving productivity, increasing safety measures or making more money, employee input is welcome in this privatized oil business venture. Everything the employees do and every policy put into place make a difference in improving the company.

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Bruce Bent II and Innovation

For sure, there is a lot to say when it comes to the mind, life and the value of his time, if there is to be talk of Bruce Bent II. But, the best way to get to understand the businessman and entrepreneur is through simple get to know information regarding a day in the life that he leads.


As far as the idea and vision for the business he is involved with goes, its origins start with Bent II’s father, his business partner Harry Brown and a money market mutual fund started 1970. The rest is history as they say, because their business plan and strategies grow into a multi-trillion industry venture. The benefit to the general public amounts into the billions.


Now that Bruce Bent II has his hand on the wheel, he loves the advantages that technological communication gives the businessmen today. There are so many cheap, if not free, methods of exchanging information that work can be done from just about anywhere, now a days in real time. This is perfect for the way he like to operate within a work day. Bent likes to keep things moving.


When it comes to getting results and seeing goals realized, he believes in team work and likes to bring people and ideas into the fold. This way, there is a collective pool of potential, talent and real-world practicality to pull from. Now, he does admit to having a bit of a stubborn side and is not in the habit of accepting “no” for an answer. There is nothing better for his work day and business dollar than a productive conversation.


Speaking hypothetically, if Bruce II knew then what he knows now, there would be a lot more diversification in his business portfolio. He believes in open communication and feels there is no specific reason needed to break the ice when proper and productive business conversation is involved. He is also not so hung up on pedigree and believes that solid merit is just as valuable as any earned degree. As a habit, he keeps the mantra “if at first you do not succeed, try again” in mind when working on projects.

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World Leaders And Everyday People Use Video Communication From TalkFusion.

When you are trying to establish your position in the world, video is a huge help. Many of the leaders in the world are using video to help get their point across. Video is well liked by everyone and it is easy to use thanks to Talk Fusion. The platform of Talk Fusion is bold and innovative. They use the latest technology to allow everyday people like you and me to communicate.

Using video is great for business and social aspects too. You can use a video email to keep up to date with your family or you can use that video email to tell your business neighbors about your latest project or sale. The choice is yours and speaking of choices, with the Talk Fusion platform you have lots of choices for becoming a video visionary.

The platform at Talk Fusion allows you to be years ahead of your competition simply by using things like video chat, video email and the ability to host live meetings with ease. The whole idea of Talk Fusion was born when Bob Reina ask AOL how to send video in his email. They basically told Bob that it could not be done. When that happened, he took steps to create what is now Talk Fusion.

Every business is looking for that secret ingredient to increase customer retention and keep that customer engaged. Talk Fusion is that secret ingredient that has limitless potential. Whatever your business goals, they can be reached by using the services of Talk Fusion.

Regardless of what you know about the use of video, Talk Fusion can help you get started and build better relationships. Their platform has templates that make it easy and fun to use their services. Your email will stand out when you add your video message and you can create video newsletters, use the video chat and so much more. You owe it to yourself to look at the Talk Fusion platform and get started today.

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