Patty Rocklage, Dedicated Psychotherapist & Devoted Wife

Patty Rocklage is a woman of elegance and taste in both her home life as well as her professional career as one of Massachusetts top therapists. With over 20 years of experience in the field she is well equipped and privileged to work with couples, individuals as well as full families deal with life’s tougher struggles and read full article.

Patty Rocklage is the successful wife of M.I.T. graduate, chemist and researcher, Scott Rocklage, PhD. With his wife by his side, they toured his old building and were able to see the areas that were in some serious need of being upgraded. Former Department Head, Sylvia Ceyer inquired to the couple if there was a possibility they would be able to contribute to the financial needs of the department. The immediate reaction was, “absolutely- where do you have the most pressing need?”

Patty Rocklage graduated from USC in 1981 and has been a practicing psychotherapist ever since. Serving the Boston area for over twenty years has enabled Patty to develop and hone her natural ability to listen and help those suffering mental ailments as well as couples or families struggling with difficult issues. She helps give them the tools they need to overcome their issues and achieve their goals and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

Not only a dedicated psychotherapist for her clients, she is also a devoted wife at home. Patty worked side by side with her husband and with the team at The Sudbury Companies to fulfill both of their dreams of renovating their home space into their ideal home.

The project began as it so often does with a simple idea or desire to remodel a single area or space of the home such as the bathroom or the kitchen as it was in their case. They felt their kitchen was simply too distant from the rest of the living spaces of the home and did not lend itself to family gatherings easily. This simple idea built up to the undertaking of completely revamping their home into a more functional and pleasing space. The significance is increased due to the area’s strict environmental conservation policies but a fantastic arrangement was made when the team at The Sudbury Companies was able to recycle everything that was removed from the original areas of the home and Patty of Linkedin.

Helane Morrison Is Ready To Go

If anyone has done their research on attorneys, it does not take long for the name Helane Morrison to pop up and that is, quite frankly, for a reason. She is an accomplished, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney. In fact, many have called her one of the best in the country. That is praise that has been earned by her hard work, dedication, and her commitment to her craft. In my view, it is an art form, having to be in front of a court room and a bunch of jurors. The truly great ones make it look effortless. Because they have prepared and have all of their facts in order, they have no fear.


Helane Morrison is ready to go and she truly has no fear because she is confident. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. She has confidence. In this line of work, one must have confidence. If they walk in the court room and they are unsure of themselves or they don’t feel as though they have everything they need to succeed, they can give off a vibe that the judge can read as well as the person she is representing. She is as calm as cucumber and nothing rattles her.


In a courtroom, lots of things can happen and lots of things can be thrown someone’s way. The key is to stay even-keeled and handle it with grace, dignity, and respect. That is why Helane Morrison has been given so much responsibility at Hall Capital Partners, where she is currently acting as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. In addition to that, she is part of the firm’s executive committee. Needless to say, when she speaks, people tend to listen and pay attention. Respect is hard to earn, but when someone earns it, it was earned the old-fashioned way.


She has been with the firm for almost a decade and has made invaluable contributions to the company. Prior to her time at Hall Capital Partners LLC., she spent time at the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007. She handled some big-time stuff over there such as regulatory matters. They handed this to her without any hesitation or regret. She is always working her way up the ladder and while she has learned a ton and grown, she has never changed in how she handles people and how she works.


Helane Morrison Rounds Out Trio of Female Leaders at Hall Capital

I like what Helane Morrison has been able to do in the last couple of years. She has rounded out the trio of female executives at Hall Capital that bring about a great sense of integrity. I think that this shows a huge shift in the way that corporations have been run in the past. I do believe that Helane Morrison has been crucial to the culture of integrity that is manifested at Hall Capital.

I believe that Kathryn Hall had a plan in mind when she decided to make Helane Morrison the compliance officer and managing director. She would also make another female, Sarah Stein, the president of her company. These ladies are impressive to me because they represent a trio that has really flourished in the business world because they believe in honest business practices.

Morrison has decades of experience, and her reputation really preceded her. Hall Capital has become a better business as a result of the experience that Helane Morrison has brought to this organization. She has become the person that leads with a strong discernment for regulations and rules.

I think that this is very valuable because it has allowed women that see that there is a place for them in the corporate world. There have been so many scandals in the past with companies like MCI, Enron and Health South. The lies about profits when companies were really losing money has plagued generations of male leaders. In these companies there were people that knew what they needed to do, but they failed to comply.

The experience that Morrison had in her years of work as a lawyer has made her a person that is very knowledgeable on various issues. She knows the law, and she knows the consequences that come with breaking the law. That is why she is not going to let Hall Capital fall victim to the same corrupt practices that have plagued so many other companies in the past.

I admire this type of integrity. I also admire the fact that Kathryn Hall had the vision to put together such a stellar team of females. In my opinion, Morrison is changing corporate culture. She is making women realize the value of integrity in business.

Fabletics Marie Claire – My Verdict

In today’s busy world, day to day life can see like a blur as we are constantly running from one activity to the next. Who has time to run home and change before a client dinner or date night? Every woman’s dream is to be able to shift flawlessly from day time to night time life with ease. Kate Hudson’s new athletic line “Fabletics” is turning every woman’s dream into a reality!

Kate Hudson has served as a role model for so many women all over the world by supporting and motivating women everywhere to live an active lifestyle. Fabletics allows Kate to take this process one step further, and actually supplies women with the outfits needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Fabletics is an amazing active clothing line that allows women to shift from activity to activity through out the day while remaining comfortable and stylish. By partnering with JustFab, Inc. Co-CEOs, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg, Kate was able to create a truly amazing product line that is both high quality and pocketbook friendly.

Recently, Marie Claire Magazine interviewed Kate Hudson about the new products Fabletics will be launching this spring season. Kate Hudson and Fabletics announced that they will be launching a new line of performance wear swimsuits and athleisure dresses. If you are anything like me, then you might have just turned a cartwheel around your office upon reading that. A comfortable LBD that could take you from work, kid’s soccer practice, and then date night cocktails after? Impossible.

Well Fabletics and Kate Hudson have created the impossible! In the interview with Mary Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson even promised “no Spanx required”! Dreams do come true. The new product lines are scheduled to make their debut on April 1, 2016. This is not an April fools joke! Read everything Kate Hudson had to say about her favorite Fabletics products in the interview with Mary Clair Magazine here, and do not forget to set your countdown apps for the product debut on April 1, 2016!

Corporates’ World Glass Ceiling Being Shattered by Helane Morrison

It will take a lot from any person to be able to maintain ethical integrity throughout their lifetime. Definitely, everyone is always interested in doing the right thing; they all know the importance of following rules. However, not every person has the robust character of not only being able to keep them on the narrow and straight but also to their surroundings. 

This is where business and more specific finance is involved. It will type an outstanding individual to not only thrive at the surrounding but be able to police it as well in an industry which has done nothing but dirtied its reputation since the early 2000. 

Morrison has been working steadily in order to prevent corruption and be able protect the volatile from her early days in journalism to her years working in the government. 

Whether Morrison is focused in revolutionizing the financial workplace or exposing the corrupt leaders, she is considered to be one of the most important layers in the industry. Powerful, determined and exceedingly influential, Morrison has managed to make a huge mark in the industry for the past thirty years and is still going strong. 

Is there anyone I can trust? Where does all the money come from? Are my investments safe? 
Being considered as the world worst financial crisis since the Great Depression back in 1930’s, the 2007-2008 crash not only led the American economy to a massive tailspin but it also exposed the unruly behavior which was frequent throughout the entire financial sector. 

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the General Counsel, Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of the Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also sits at the firm’s executive committee. Helane was heading the San Francisco office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission before joining the firm in 2007. 

Helane Morrison graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and later earned the J.D from the California University. Morrison used to be responsible for the securities enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation in her capacity as the Regional Director and District Administrator.