The fear many within the GOP have over the nomination of anti establishment candidate Donald Trump as Presidential nominee has resulted in the fear that not only could the Presidential bid of the party be derailed by a lack of funds, but the party as a whole could suffer financially. Major donors are reflecting on their position as they wait to discover who the Republican and Democratic nominees will be come the completion of party conventions; the support of Charles Koch as a major donor could be placed under threat if the rhetoric and policies of Donald Trump do not become more mainstream in their goals.

Charles Koch is often referred to as one half of the Koch brothers who are known to be major supporters of the GOP and conservative beliefs and policies. Over the course of his life Charles Koch has also been a supporter of backing the people of the world who wish to be as successful as he has been; Koch has written a number of books that provide an insight into his beliefs and business principles to assist those who wish to achieve business and personal success.

From his earliest days as a business leader Charles has looked to follow the path his father Fred laid out for him in a letter written soon after Charles was born; Charles Koch was inspired to work as hard as possible and not rely on his father’s success as he developed his own career with Koch Industries.

Going his own way and following what he believes will provide success is one of the major ways Charles Koch looks to develop his career as a major donor for the Republican Party. The warning of political defection to the Clinton campaign is a move designed to bring Trump closer to high profile donors within the GOP, who the candidate will need if he is to defeat the powerful campaign being run by former Secretary of State Clinton.


One thought on “Charles Koch Gives His Opinion On Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

  1. Kendrick Joseph

    March 11, 2017 — 3:05 pm

    Koch and those who work with him to provide support for conservative causes are currently discussing backing Hilary Clinton as they fear her policies are closer to their own views than those of Donald Trump. It is a very simple for the sample of research paper to be researched very well too.

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