It will take a lot from any person to be able to maintain ethical integrity throughout their lifetime. Definitely, everyone is always interested in doing the right thing; they all know the importance of following rules. However, not every person has the robust character of not only being able to keep them on the narrow and straight but also to their surroundings. 

This is where business and more specific finance is involved. It will type an outstanding individual to not only thrive at the surrounding but be able to police it as well in an industry which has done nothing but dirtied its reputation since the early 2000. 

Morrison has been working steadily in order to prevent corruption and be able protect the volatile from her early days in journalism to her years working in the government. 

Whether Morrison is focused in revolutionizing the financial workplace or exposing the corrupt leaders, she is considered to be one of the most important layers in the industry. Powerful, determined and exceedingly influential, Morrison has managed to make a huge mark in the industry for the past thirty years and is still going strong. 

Is there anyone I can trust? Where does all the money come from? Are my investments safe? 
Being considered as the world worst financial crisis since the Great Depression back in 1930’s, the 2007-2008 crash not only led the American economy to a massive tailspin but it also exposed the unruly behavior which was frequent throughout the entire financial sector. 

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the General Counsel, Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of the Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also sits at the firm’s executive committee. Helane was heading the San Francisco office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission before joining the firm in 2007. 

Helane Morrison graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and later earned the J.D from the California University. Morrison used to be responsible for the securities enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation in her capacity as the Regional Director and District Administrator.

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