It can be hard in today’s economy to find a a quality Information Technology job that pays, and even harder to hire a qualified IT professional. This is where Diversant comes in. They connect the best in the IT field with the careers that match their skills. It is a top of the line IT staffing company that matches top Fortune 500 companies and mid level businesses with employees that match the required qualifications.

At the helm of Diversant is John Goullet, Principal. He is an experienced IT professional who has worked in IT staffing since 1994. Before that he was in IT consulting. He formed Info Technologies which grew to $30 million in revenue within 5 years. They supplied staffing to Fortune 500 companies. In 2010 he merged his company with Gene Waddy’s, current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant. Together they run the current company with Jim Yoshimura, Chief Operations Officer.

What sets Diversant apart from other places is the difference in how they do business. Unlike other Information Technology staffing agencies, they do not modify a prospective employees resume to make them look more attractive to a client. They market honestly to both clients and future employees so that everyone gets exactly what they need out of the service Diversant offers. Too many IT staffing agencies boost the abilities of people looking for jobs and when they get to the job site they are completely lost on what to do.

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  1. They probably had no that they were hired for skills that they don’t even possess. That leads to job dissatisfaction for both parties. Experience pays in IT staffing and Diversant has it. It is a very nice way for to do the needful all the time.

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