End Citizens United has continued to show politicians why the Political Action Committee’s (PAC) message is more than just a grass roots slogan for campaign finance reform.


The growing consensus among supporters who have donated to End Citizens United is that private contributions to all political campaigns have gone far beyond acceptable. Supporters are mounting their efforts in unquestionable forces to get behind the group to reform the political system. Many democratic leaders see the change as completely necessary and that the writing is on the wall for the change to occur. It’s just a matter of time.


There is a rising conversation taking place on Capitol Hill whereas all politicians are growing increasingly concerned about the effect, and power, End Citizens United has over their political future. End Citizens United has captured the voice of the voters in a way that gives power to champion their call-to-action for taking concrete action towards campaign finance reform.


End Citizens United has reached the level of awareness within the pubic that will provide the gravity for overturning the United States Supreme Court’s 2010 decision, which the PAC believes has put the political system at risk. End Citizens United wants to remove the perception to the public that “corporations are people” which the PAC considers the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision dangerously established.


While many supporters are completely on board with the reversal, there is a high bar for the group to reach in order to accomplish its mission. However, with the growing democratic support, and the 2018 election season fast-approaching, End Citizens United remains in the best possible position to declare victory. The action by End Citizens United is to remove any doubt of accountability and to bring complete transparency in order to reveal all contributions within the political process.


With an initial 325,000 signatures for the petition to begin its grass roots efforts, End Citizens United grew fast among the voters. In addition, the partnership with the group Ready Pac, formerly “Ready for Hillary”, has put the PAC in superb shape to pivot accordingly with an additional 4 million potential supporters.


Financially, End Citizens United has met all of its benchmarks for meeting the goal of $35 million which was projected as a reasonable target. Supporters of the PAC continue to contribute in a way that has not only reduced the need for excessive fund raising efforts, but also has given more assurances that the message is being met with resounding confidence among voters. With average donations pouring into the End Citizens United at $12 per member to reach $4 million, it’s clear that End Citizens United has built a following that will stand the test of time.


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