The Brazilian economy has been growing stronger each day, and many have wanted to know some of the people behind this massive economic growth. A recent study showed that the business leaders involved in private-public partnerships and government investments played a major role in making the Brazilian economy stronger. Felipe Montoro Jens happens to be one of the business leaders Brazil is proud to have today. He has been committed to most enterprises in Brazil whether large or small. Having been involved in numerous businesses in Brazil, Felipe has acquired extensive business knowledge.

Most people agree that businesses have numerous challenges and that’s why many people fear business endeavors. Felipe is a business leader who knows that the entrepreneurs and investors have tougher challenges these days, but this won’t stop them from trying new business opportunities. If the economic trajectory is to be long-term, the infrastructure projects and utilities must get the right share of public funds. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe discovered that infrastructure spending in Brazil wasn’t correct and this made some cities in this country fail to meet the required international standards. He said the licensure burden and other regulations had to be controlled to help the private sector achieve its objectives. Felipe Montoro Jens has observed that most global institutions won’t bring foreign capital investments to a countrywith poor infrastructure. He further says that a country would have to depend on imports and exports to grow its economy if it doesn’t have foreign capital.

He has performed numerous mega projects such as modernizing the Bero Horizonte city’s lighting park. Felipe worked hard to ensure the sodium vapor lamps were replaced with LED lighting technology. He has also changed the state of the municipality in Rio de Janeiro through a great daycare construction project. He has constructed about 40,000 new pre-schools and 20,000 new daycare centers in Rio de Janeiro. He is also busy strengthening the partnership the private companies have with Araguari municipal council.

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