Many of the best businesses start very small. A single idea might drive them forward to achievement. This is true of one of the country’s best known and most respected makeup retailers. Doe Deere, founder Lime Crime, started her business from a single idea. Since then, her company has grown and expanded into many new fields. As a result of her hard work, she has seen her business take off and vastly expand. She knows that it was due to her vision that her cosmetics company was able to break out the pack and turn into something more. She is delighted at how well her business has expanded in just a short period of time. Her early start led to new heights that have helped her expand her business model and create a very satisfied base of customers who are happy to follow her wherever she chooses to go.


Starting Out


Once she realized she could do this, she began to realize that doing so could be something she could do to earn some money. This led her to consider places she might decide to sell her items. Selling items today is now easier than ever before. Any business person can choose to set up a business online. Deere choose to seize the moment and use it to her advantage. She began her selling on a popular website. Ebay is one of the world’s most popular communities. Here, people can pick up items that might be available in other places often for less money. As she states in a recent interview, this is where her own idea about selling items began. Her own store on the site was a huge success, leading her to realize that she could take off from this idea and then create a site of her own to sell products directly to her many fans around the world.


Loving Her Career


Since that time, her career has taken off. What was once a small idea has turned into something yet more. As the president of Lime Crime, she has been instrumental in pushing the ideas of the company forward. Her creativity has demonstrated that it is possible for her to take all kinds of makeup concepts and then make them come to life. In the past few years, her products have been featured in various places all over the world as customers have come to love the products that she sells. She looks happily to the future knowing that it will be bright.

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  1. Kevin Fletcher

    June 15, 2018 — 9:02 am

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