Fortress is a global manager in investment that manages $43.1 billion of assets. Fortress, the company, offers investment products, which serves as an alternative to other forms of investment. Fortress was founded in 1998. Gareth Henry is the executive

Fortress Investment.

Brazil could be the best place to invest in 2014. According to one of the largest hedge fund companies in the world, at least in the last weeks of this election, Brazil has offered the most exciting trading opportunities to this year. The Fortress Investment Group manages $ 63 billion.

Gareth’s Take on Brazil

Gareth Henry insists that the Brazilian currency has been the best bet this year. Elections in Brazil are expected, and the economy will be affected. Henry’s remarks echoed the comments of the fortress executive, Mike Novogratz, in early May. Gareth Henry informs that the bet is simple and that the victory of Brazilian President -Dilma Rousseff is not expected. Henry states that if the incumbent president loses the elections, the Brazilian assets will rally majorly. The rally might be experienced because there will be a potential shift in leadership.

Japan and Scotland are cited by Gareth Henry as good investments this year. Japan was among the biggest trades in the previous year. He believes the Abenomics will become stronger this year. He said that the Abenomics was referring to the stimulus measures taken by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In Scotland; recent turmoil in independent voting has created good business opportunities. At first, it did not exist, and there was a lot of uncertainty.

Henry states that in the next 12 months or more, investors should majorly focus on what is going on internationally when it comes to geopolitics and a change in politics.The bets that had been placed have not profited yet as of the flagship Fortress Macro Fund. The estimated fund loss is approximated to be 5.78 % as stated by the regulatory filing.

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