Do you desire Hollywood hair?

Who doesn’t want this shiny, full and healthy mane that turns heads. Most of us believe that great-looking hair is only reserved for the famous and wealthy, but that is not true.

Many of us fall into the beauty rut of multiple bottles to shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, repeat. Our hair still suffers from dullness, flatness and zero manageability, but we can’t find a way out. beauty contributor Emily McClure was in the same boat. Fine, flat and not so shiny describe her tresses. Emily wanted that knockout hair she saw on those iconic WEN infomercials, so she took the plunge in the no lather shampoo world.

Emily tested WEN By Chaz’s cleansing conditioners for seven days and kept a hair diary with hair selfies on Facebook. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for its extra moisture and shine formula for her medium-length locks. She hopped into the shower and noticed a difference immediately in bigger hair with a softer smoother texture. She blew her hair dry and followed with her styling tools. Darn, she looked amazing.

Wen is different from regular shampoos. First, WEN By Chaz does not toss nasty chemicals into the mix, and the brand leaves out the lather. You don’t need lather, says WEN’s creator. Chaz Dean ( is a famous Hollywood stylist who approached hair care from an holistic concept, using herbal extracts and other botanicals for gorgeous tresses. His one-bottle cleansing conditioners achieve great hair with one wash.

Emily recommends WEN highly, but the no lather shampoo system is not for lazy chicks. If you have the time to invest in using WEN daily and then blow-drying and using your styling tools, you can create A-list hair with movement and manageability.

WEN is delightfully different hair care. For more hair care tips, visit the website.

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