Sightsavers has existed for so many years providing primary humanitarian care to the people who need it in the society. The organization is known for being in the forefront in the area of preventing illnesses associated with eye complications. It has assisted many people with eye complications across the world. However, it is worth noting that its activities are not limited to dealing with eye-related complications. The organization has been influential in the deworming exercise especially in Africa. The continent has for a long time been faced with a myriad of challenges ranging from poverty, natural disasters, war and poor health among the masses. It is for this reason that Sightsavers has stepped to come and offer a helping hand to these people.

However, there are some things the organization considers before engaging in a deworming exercise in a specific area. First and foremost, the organization assesses the level and the intensity of schistosomiasis and STH in these areas. Regions found to have a high prevalence are always given a priority. Specifically, Sightsavers would look into the availability of funds to run such programs. In most cases, the organization uses the restricted funding to carry out these exercises. It is worth noting that unrestricted funding is used primarily in other programs since they require a lot of cash and logistics.

Additionally, the organization considers the feasibility of such plans bearing in mind the technical and the financial capacity of this partners. Programs which receive a lot of support from other partners are likely to be given a priority by this humanitarian assistance body. Finally, Sightsavers pays a lot of attention to the effectiveness of such programs as far as its own capacity is concerned. If the organization finds that it can carry out such programs, it will go ahead and execute them.

Joining Hands with the Government

In the execution of the deworming exercise, the organization mainly provides the financial support and the technical assistance. In most cases, it is the government and other partners who implement the activities but with the help from Sightsavers. However, this assistance varies from one country to another depending on what the government had asked for, and the role played by other participating partners. The organization meets with influential government officials and advocates for such programs to be carried out in their areas of administration to benefit the citizens. Additionally, it carries out extensive research to assess the level of prevalence. Such reports are jointly discussed with the government and other partners to see the way forward.


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