Jacob Gotlieb recently introduced a new investment vehicle, Altium Capital, and with it came a much-anticipated shakedown of the healthcare industry. While the New York-based alternative investment firm is only a few months old, it is already making bold investment moves. The Gotlieb led firm first invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals before moving on to Amarin Corporation and Oragenics.

What do these have in common?

Apart from being healthcare industry players, the three investments are all engaged in coming up with disruptive medical innovations. For instance, Oramed has devised oral ingestibles as an alternative treatment for diabetes patients that have had to depend on injectable drugs.

The Dublin-based Amarin is currently testing out the effectiveness of lipid science inspired polyunsaturated fatty acids in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Oragenics, on the other hand, has come up with proprietary technologies that help with the development of the antibiotics that deal with drug-resistant bacterial strains, most of which are associated with infectious diseases. These investments echo Jacob Gotlieb’s commitment to investing in revolutionary healthcare related ideas and technologies.

Prior to Altium Capital

Long before establishing Altium Capital, Jacob Gotlieb had already established a solid reputation as a healthcare industry investor. His journey started at Merlin Biomed Group, another healthcare investment firm where he worked as a portfolio manager under Stuart Weisbord. He would soon leave Merlin and start one of the largest healthcare investment firms, Visium Capital that hit its peak in 2016 with over $8 billion in Assets under management before its liquidation.

Altium Capital borrows heavily on Visium capitals investment strategies. The fact the two former colleagues, Jacob Gotlieb and Stuart Weisbrod, are have brought together their individual investment firms under one roof further boosts investor confidence in Altium Capital. Additionally, Gotlieb’s vast experience in finance (CPA) and the healthcare industry (M.D) make him uniquely qualified to vet the marketability and economic viability of the different health investment vehicles.

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