Kim Dao wanted to spend her last week in Japan getting together with some friends, and she didn’t want to film. Kim Dao showed us some random clips from her stay in Japan. In the first clip, Kim Dao did not have time for breakfast and purchased some iced coffee in a can from a vending machine. Many of the random videos included animals, food, nature, and shopping. Learn more:


Some of my favorite random videos was when Kim Dao went to see a hedge hog and would stroke his back with her index finger. She also likes nature, and Kim Dao filmed a swan ride taking place on the lake. Learn more:


Kim Dao loves going shopping, especially for cosmetics. She says that usually she will browse in Japan so that she knows what to look for in Korea. Cosmetics in Japan are more expensive than cosmetics in Korea. She could not resist getting a Pokemon brand eyeliner and cushion. Kim Dao bought some vacuum sealed bags. She says that in regular bags, there is trapped air that is not there with vacuum sealed bags. She can put her clothes into these special bags and, therefore, fit more clothes into her suitcase. Learn more:


Kim Dao showed a lot of random videos about eating out, including the many salads she ate. One video showed her eating pancakes for dinner .Kim likes dessert as well. She had a sunddae in an ice cream dish with two scoops of ice cream, fudge sauce, and slices of banana.



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