After serving as CP+B global CEO, Lori Senecal left the advertising agency and the advertising industry at the end of 2017. She joined the company in 2017, and her contract expired in 2017 with sources implying that she decided to retire. The departure from the company was announced by Chuck Porters months before she was to leave. Porter praised Senecal for helping CP+B grow into a global agency which can adapt to the changes in the business world. He further illustrated that before she left, they collaborated with Senecal into developing a leadership team which is top notch and which would be able to move the company forward.


Before joining CP+B, Lori Senecal spent several years with MDC partners firm as its president and chairman and also served as KBS’s CEO. After her service at KBS, she moved to MDC Partner Network IN 2014. It was after her service at MDC Partner Network that Senecal joined CP+B. In her role as Global CEO at CP+B, she managed ten international offices of the agency and oversaw expansion and growth of the company. While working at CP+B, she had a significant impact on the agency particular in changing the company’s culture to a modern and global firm which is continually improving itself and adopting innovative practices. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Where does Lori Senecal get her expertise and vast knowledge? Lori Senecal acquired her education at McGill University but it from her experience in the many companies she has worked at that has given her the expertise and knowledge in business. An interview with Inspirery reveals her passion for a career in advertising stems from her early in coaching where Senecal coached gymnastics in high school and college. She states that coaches lead and once one takes the role of a leader, it is hard to start following. Lori Senecal argues that her passion is creating a plan which other follow. As her position as a leader, she strives for excellence acknowledging that there are people following through with her plans. Senecal accredits her success in business with her ability to focus on meeting the demands and needs of each client. Further, she states that her mentors have played a critical role in her success. Lori Senecal believes that every individual in the advertising industry should realize the importance of focusing on clients, understanding their needs and ensuring that the solutions provided are not only innovative but sustainable.

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