NewsWatch TV is a 30-minute morning program on the AMC and ION networks that is focused on providing the public with information and reviews on technological products and the entertainment industry, as well as reporting on breaking and consumer news. The show features a wide range of topics in these categories, including mobile app reviews, breaking government and medical news and public service announcements. The program, which is based in Washington, DC, has been on the air since March of 1990 and has received a number of awards for excellence in its genre.

Clients who have used the promotional services of NewsWatch TV have given the company rave reviews. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director of Marketing for Steel Series, an electronics company that sells headphones and professional gaming gear, said that working with the NewsWatch team was an excellent experience, and that due to their help, the Steel Series brand was seen in over 95 million households all over the country, which helped increase sales for the company.

NewsWatch TV also took on marketing campaigns for Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer that needed promotional help for its new line of phones, and ended up raising over $300,000 for the business. Additionally, companies like Contour Design and Avanca Indiegogo benefited greatly from using NewsWatch. The Product Marketing Manager at Contour, Bret Hudson, said that because of all the work NewsWatch did on their campaign, his company’s sales increased dramatically, and their work on the Avanca Indiegogo crowdfunding project was very successful as well, having raised a total of $456,551. Avanca has continued to work with NewsWatch TV on other crowdfunding campaigns.

NewsWatch TV is broadcast in the early morning news hour of 7:00, and the program can also be viewed on its YouTube channel, which was started in 2012 and has a large following.

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