The Success of Bernardo Chua

Of the many individuals who are involved in the health industry and wish to make healthy options available to individuals all over the world without having to break the bank in the process, one individual stands out due to his eagerness to help others and due to his ability to make sure that individuals not only feel healthy, but also feels so on a budget.

This individual is Bernardo Chua, a businessman who grew up in the Philippines and who knows from first hand how detrimental it can be for not only individuals, but also for families that lack the access to health amenities.

PR Newswire stated that with this in mend, Bernardo Chua founded an empire that is known as Organo Gold and has included a special ingredient into all of the Organo Gold products that promises individuals that have immediate effects that are also delicious and worth the purchase.

Bernardo Chua is the proud founder of Organo Gold as well as an accomplished businessman who found a special ingredient to base his empire off of. This ingredient is known as Ganoderma, a special ingredient that has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years that has cured ailments without having to break the bank in the process.

Organo Gold is a company that sells products such as coffee, hot chocolate, as well as tea that has been regarded as the number one hot beverage choice by customers all over the world. Thanks to Mr. Chua, not only his company is growing, but also the education of individuals on ways to live a healthy life. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits. Through many tests, scientists have come to the conclusion that the use of Ganoderma does help to reduce stress, induce weight loss, and help individuals sleep at night.

In present day, many individuals cannot wait to start their day off in the best way by drinking Organo Gold products. Products such as the coffee have been named the number one choice by consumers. The richness and the fullness of the product increases air flow to the body and improves the health.

Todd Lubar, A Devoted and Successful Real Estate Expert

Todd Lubar is a devoted and successful mortgage expert. He serves as the President of TDL Global Ventures, a well-known real estate company. He also serves as the Senior VP of Legendary Investment.

Todd Lubar’s Perspective on Life

Todd Lubar’s primary goal is to enhance himself by becoming a better individual on a daily basis. According to Todd, this life goal has assisted him to add value in the lives of people that he crosses paths with. In addition, Todd influences real estate investors to position themselves with people who challenge their personal as well as business growth.

Mr. Lubar is of the opinion that technology is very important when it comes to the development and investment of businesses and homes. As a result, Todd is up to date with the latest news and developments in real estate industry to assist him in making well informed decisions.

About Todd Lubar

Todd first gathered more than 20 years of experience in the real estate sector before moving in the construction industry. He has developed stable relationships with real estate agents and financial planners in the real estate and mortgage industry. Apart from the real estate sector, Todd has worked in the recycling, commercial demolition and entertainment industries. The mortgage and real estate industry experience major changes from 2007 to 2008 which led Todd to engage in other lines of businesses.

He started his real career as a loan originator at at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. During this time, Todd was exposed to Mortgage Banking’s conservative model. In 1999, Lubar acquired a position at the Legacy Financial Group that enabled him to widen his expertise skills to broker loans. In 2002, Todd founded Legendary Properties, LLC, and a residential development company. Since then,Todd has engaged himself in over 7,000 real estate transactions.

Todd held the top 25 loan originator title for a number of years. Todd also holds a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Syracuse University. The vast network and experience that Todd has gained over the years in the various fields has assisted him to successfully manage, expand and excel in the real estate business sector. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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The Kabbalah and the Bible

One of the most popular and yet controversial books on the planet is The Holy Bible. One of the many reasons that it is so controversial is that it brings out strong reactions in different people. There are some people that claim to be believers, but they do not know how to rightly divide the truth. Then there are people that don’t believe and take offense to the mere mention of the word bible. Then there are those who believe in other religions that are opposed to the bible. Either way, there is a strong reaction to the bible from many people.

There is one discipline that looks at the Bible in an accepting way. At the same time, it takes note of the other religions that are in the world. This discipline is called the Kabbalah. There is also a source of the teachings of the Kabbalah that people can visit. This is called The Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah does accept the Bible and consider it to have some truth to it. One thing that the Kabbalah says about the Bible is that certain passages reveal hidden laws that are found in the Bible. For one thing, there is some kind of interaction between man and the universe.

The Kabbalah has released a few books of the Bible with commentary based on the teachings of Kabbalah. They are an interesting read for anyone that is interested in the teachings of the Bible according to the Kabbalah. One thing that the Kabbalah Centre has done in relationship to the Bible is release a series of books on the TOrah of the Bible.

One thing that could be said for people that read the Bible is that they are going to find a lot of interesting passages as well as lessons that could improve life when applied and more information click here.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Highlighted for its Growing Success

One of the things I’ve been truly excited about this past year is that mail is actually becoming fun again! Looking for gourmet food that is actually healthy for you? It can come in the mail! Looking for trendy accessories? It can come in the mail? Looking for AMAZING workout gear that is actually trendy? Thanks to Fabletics, it can also come in the mail!


I fell in love with a feature article on that highlighted how great Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, has been doing. The company has brought in around $250 million dollars in the past 3 or so years and while numbers don’t mean much to me, I feel like it has filled this huge gap in the athletic wear industry that so many of us have been so grateful for.


Among her advice for accelerating your company to the next level, Kate Hudson outlined the fact that business owners should focus on being hands on, even when their company sees the type of success that Fabletics has seen. Even though the company has excelled like few do, she is still involved with the daily work and also works within several areas of the company, from product development to marketing. She also cited the importance of taking risks and really believing in yourself, which is always an underlying element the encourages success.


The company uses a reverse showroom technique, where it invites potential buyers to a digital showroom where they can get to know the brand and the product line at their leisure. Many companies are still focused on actual stores, that have extremely high overhead and also have to staff their stores with employees that often simply man the store while people browse and then those prospective buyers go home and make purchases on the internet, often for just mildly lower prices.


By utilizing a reverse showroom, Fabletics has been able to offer their high-end products at a price available to the majority of people – meaning their sales are up and that are they going head-to-head with online retailers such as Amazon. Not only is Fabletics taking on Amazon, but the brand’s price point and quality of its product line has launched it into a top position in its market of athletic wear. With a 43% growth rate is 2016, we look forward to what Fabletics has to offer in 2017 and how large the company can grow.

Madison Street Capital Works the Security Aspect

As an investment banking firm, the Madison Street Capital reputation is very important to the company. They need to make sure that they are doing things in the most secure way possible and that they are providing their clients with all of the security options that they need to make sure that they are as protected as possible from breaches. This is something that the company wants to be able to do for their clients so that they can help them feel better about their money and about the opportunities that they have. As far as Madison Street Capital is concerned, they are going to do everything that they can for their business and for the clients who they serve.


The idea behind Ares is simple in that they do everything that they can to protect their clients. As a security company, this is their number one priority and something that has given them the chance to be able to show off what they are capable of doing. It is a company that has worked hard to find new opportunities to keep information secure and to provide these same options to all of the clients that they have. It has been a major help in different companies and with the options that they have available to them.


The recent announcement that Madison Street Capital just made aims to let people know that they are working with Ares to provide secure investment banking opportunities to all of their clients. This is a change from the opportunities that they had in the past in that they are using a separate company to do it. While they are, technically, two different companies, they are working together to get these options available for their clients. They are collaborating to make things better for clients and to change the options that their clients have.


When they companies first started considering the collaboration, the knew what they had to do to make sure that things would work well for the company. They also knew that it would be something that they could take advantage of each time that they did something new. For Madison Street Capital and their new partner, Ares, they are going to do more with the options that they have. It is something that is going to make a huge difference for each of the people who are a part of their business and with the opportunities that they have.


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Timothy Armour Knows the Real Deal

Timothy Armour agrees with Warren Buffett when it comes to the best ways to invest funds to see gainful returns. What makes him agree with Warren is a wager that Buffett has with hedge fund managers that says he can make better returns for investors the good old fashioned way.According to Armour and Buffett, the old ways are still the best ways when it to comes to the most effective methods for investing. It all about buying low and holding on to what you have for the long term. However, this method only works when deep and serious analyzing is a part of the action plan. There is no get rich recipe that makes stable returns. It is all about building a diverse portfolio over time and staying vested.

Buffett warns and Armour also agrees that following brand names is not the way to reach successful or gainful profits. There needs to be true intra-industry understanding in the investors mind. No one can do your thinking for you. Moreover, he puts just a shadow of doubt on the value of mutual funds and their usefulness in the market. It all about being active instead of just taking the “wait and see” attitude that often just results in wasted time and money.To really come out ahead when investing in the stock market, investors need to learn how to dance with the bull and the bear. For the most part, knowing when to put money into the S&P 500 index and where to place it carefully over time is still the best way to get things done. About Tim Armour’s Career he is the most successful man in this business.

Those who make a habit of this see themselves with exponential wealth.But it takes time and nerves of steel. As long as investors design and reevaluate their filters, they should make money hand over fist.As an equity portfolio manager, Timothy Armour knows all too well that these methods for exchange and survival in the stock market actually work. His knowledge of economics comes from years of experience working for the Capital Group. He knows all about making a good and simple opportunity work for the better. His rise to being Chairman and CEO of Capital rest on his entry in The Associates Program years ago.

Bruce Bent II and Innovation

For sure, there is a lot to say when it comes to the mind, life and the value of his time, if there is to be talk of Bruce Bent II. But, the best way to get to understand the businessman and entrepreneur is through simple get to know information regarding a day in the life that he leads.


As far as the idea and vision for the business he is involved with goes, its origins start with Bent II’s father, his business partner Harry Brown and a money market mutual fund started 1970. The rest is history as they say, because their business plan and strategies grow into a multi-trillion industry venture. The benefit to the general public amounts into the billions.


Now that Bruce Bent II has his hand on the wheel, he loves the advantages that technological communication gives the businessmen today. There are so many cheap, if not free, methods of exchanging information that work can be done from just about anywhere, now a days in real time. This is perfect for the way he like to operate within a work day. Bent likes to keep things moving.


When it comes to getting results and seeing goals realized, he believes in team work and likes to bring people and ideas into the fold. This way, there is a collective pool of potential, talent and real-world practicality to pull from. Now, he does admit to having a bit of a stubborn side and is not in the habit of accepting “no” for an answer. There is nothing better for his work day and business dollar than a productive conversation.


Speaking hypothetically, if Bruce II knew then what he knows now, there would be a lot more diversification in his business portfolio. He believes in open communication and feels there is no specific reason needed to break the ice when proper and productive business conversation is involved. He is also not so hung up on pedigree and believes that solid merit is just as valuable as any earned degree. As a habit, he keeps the mantra “if at first you do not succeed, try again” in mind when working on projects.

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Leisure activities Begin To Play A Bigger Role In The Life Of Alexandre Gama

The career of Alexandre Gama can be seen as nothing short of spectacular in terms of the position he has reached as a respected advertising creative and executive remains almost unmatched on a global scale. Alexandre Gama remains an active member of the Brazilian advertising community after his career began in 1982 as a writer who went on to become one of the most awarded creatives in the history of the nation. After achieving his advertising success, Alexandre Gama has looked to become more involved in business activities around the globe and has indulged his own loved of motorsports with an investment in the Liverpool, U.K. based BAC brand. The love of Brazil is clear to see in the life of Alexandre Gama, who fears the loss of Brazilian cultural traditions and has established his own foundation in a bid to make sure the Brazilian guitar playing tradition survives through the coming decades.

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Litigation And Karl Heideck Career Skills

Karl Heideck's Career Skills
Karl Heideck’s Career Skills

Litigation is a profession in law that includes the portrayal of respondents and offended parties in common cases. The sessions of litigation incorporate pleadings, pre-trial, trial, settlement, discovery, investigation and appeal.

The workday of litigators highly relies on whether the case is dealing with sole practitioners, small companies or big companies. Litigators in big organizations normally have distinctive obligations relying upon their status. At the point when a litigator is beginning, he/she will involve much in doing research and writing memos. The new lawyer’s initially court experience will probably be observing or arguing while sitting within the gallery. That lawyer may likewise have an opportunity to contend in Small Claims Court. Besides that, litigators will communicate and deal more with the two parties (client and opposing counsel). Additionally, litigators would for the most part be in the library, or behind the work area. Litigators who work freely or at small firms would have a blend of office/research and in addition to the real trial encounter.

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Karl Heideck is a notable litigator in the Greater Philadelphia zone, and he has been a legitimate lawyer with more of involvement in litigation, compliance and management of risks for that zone for various years. Presently, he works with the Grant & Eisenhofer as the Hire Counsel contracting attorney in compliance and risk administration. Before involving the company, Karl Heideck engaged with Pepper Hamilton LLP and also Conrad O’Brien. About his career, Karl Heideck got his JD within law degree within 2009 at Temple University (James E. Beasley School of Law). Karl Heideck’s skill set entail: legal research, legal writing, Westlaw, intellectual property, trials, appeals, arbitration, medication, employment law, teaching, courts, civil litigation, product liability, commercial litigation, and corporate litigation among others. To date, the star of Karl Heideck is shining all over the wide and has continued to help many more clients.

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Jason Halpern, Transforming The Real Estate Landscape

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property
Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH is a pioneer real estate development agency. It is a developer and owner of significant commercial and residential holdings across America. The company’s success is due to developing luxury properties with a modern edge. Its projects are located in areas with a high demand for luxury properties such as Miami Beach and New York.

The company has a vast and diverse team of individuals who are involved in the initial siting of the grounds to the branding and marketing of the development. They are dedicated to satisfied customers through creating enduring and quality projects. Jason Halpern is the principal of the real estate giant. He has his roots in a family of real estate developers. The family has constructed hundreds of luxury apartments in New York City and Westchester County. They have also built commercial space of over a million square feet in Westchester County.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft
Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Jason Halpern’s intuitive foresight, experience, and passion for building in areas of historical significance have steered the company to a reputation of integrity. The real estate developer is dedicated to devoting himself to charitable pursuits all across the world. There is a trauma center at Westchester Medical Center where he is much involved. It has a team of specialists who can perform heart surgery, reattachment of limbs among other emergency cases. His philanthropic efforts had also crossed borders into Nepal and Ethiopia where a worldwide nonprofit organization strives to bring clean water to people. He joined forces with the NGO in 2015 in pursuit of this noble cause.

Jason’s Family
Jason’s Family

The company is listed on the National Historic Register due to its efforts to develop in historic districts. Among its works, include the highly acclaimed renovation of 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn resulting to the 349 luxury residential apartments. In 2015 the company was involved in the launching of the Aloft South Beach which was a reuse of the historic Motel Ankara.The company is also involved in reusing the Cobbie Hill neighborhood which is a landmark in Brooklyn. They intend to construct luxury residential buildings dubbed The Townhouses of Cobbie Hill. It is a manifestation of their dedication and passion for historic areas. Their intention is to have much more such projects across the country.