The Goals And Background Of The End Citizens United PAC

You may have heard of the landmark supreme court case called Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. It took place in 2010. It overruled an inferior court’s ruling that banned the showing of a film that attacked Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary election.

This landmark decision unleashed an outpouring of corporate money that can be used to win elections, buy politicians and essentially buy laws in place. The main component of the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling was that the people behind the Citizens United film were anonymous. Financiers and makers of the film were never revealed.

The original Citizens United ruling made this illegal. It prevented people and corporations from hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. People and corporations who funded the Hilary Clinton documentary had to reveal themselves. The original decision also identified the film attacking Clinton as a political ad. It was meant to damage her and prevent her from running as the Democratic Presidential candidate.


The overturning of Citizens United by a narrow margin has let billionaires and corporations pour unlimited amounts of money into ads. It has also led them to get away without identifying themselves. This is where the political action committee known as End Citizens United comes into being. It was started in 2015. The goal of the PAC is to help overturn this decision.

Why would a group want to overturn Citizens United you may ask? End Citizens United believes that the current ruling results in opaqueness or lack of transparency during political campaigns. We should know who is doing what and what their motives are. The present ruling creates a mask for corporations and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United also believes that corporate and billionaire influence should be limited in politics. The supreme court ruling opens the gates for corporate and billionaire influence in American politics. By overturning Citizens United, End Citizens United believes that politicians will no longer be as easily bought or influenced by corporations and wealthy people. They will instead be more focused on their constituents.

Overturning Citizens United is a massive effort. This is why End Citizens United is so focused on garnering grassroots support. They are also trying to raise millions of dollars to help support political candidates that support their view of this crucial court case. The primary way that the group is hoping to end the Supreme Court ruling is by electing enough congressmen and senators that support overturning this decision.

Southridge Capital Continues to Traverse the Finance Sector

Southridge Capital is one of the recognized financial companies that provide wide range financial solutions to hundreds of clients every single day. Based in Connecticut, the company’s clientele is largely based in the United States with key clients being public and private companies. Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion since 1996 in order to achieve its objectives and plans.


Provision of innovative financial solutions


Currently, Southridge offers several services including financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, merger and acquisition, and legal settlement services. These services have enabled its clients to be able to engage in business deals as well as negotiations that have low risks. The company recently introduced securitization, financing, and credit-enhancing solutions with the aim of encouraging its clients to take advantage of financial opportunities that present themselves. As such, Southridge Capital offers clients its assets through monetization and collaborates directly with creditors to minimize any stock debts while increasing their creditworthiness. Other services that the company offers include Equity Purchase Agreement, debt elimination towards common stocks, convertible debentures, and convertible preferred stocks.


According to Newswire, the innovative financial solutions have been steered by Southridge Capital’s management team which is composed of 5 executive members. These include the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the company, Stephen Hicks, CFO and Controller, NarinePersuad, the CFA and CPA, Laurence Ditkoff, the COO and General Counsel, Henry Sargent, and the portfolio management team member, Linda Carlsen. This competitive team has ensured that the company provides quality services that improve its relationship with the clientele while also improving its annual revenue. Check out to know more.




Supporting social welfare


Southridge Capital has been involved in several charity donations through its collaboration with Daystar Foundation. Together, the two organizations have managed to support different institutions through financial aid. Some of the beneficiaries of the social welfare partnership include Walnut Community Hill Church, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lounsbury House, and The Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association. Through these services, Southridge Capital has continued to fulfill its CSR role thereby impacting the global population.



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A Look At Lee May: One Of The Most Underrated Players In Reds History

Lee May, one of the greatest players in the history of the Cincinnati Reds organization, recently passed away. While many Reds fans might remember May as one of the players that the Reds traded to get Joe Morgan, May’s contributions to the team are often overlooked.


May spent several years in the minor leagues before being called up to the major leagues. May showcased his tremendous power during his rookie season, during which he was honored as The Sporting News Rookie Of The Year. Over the next few seasons, May established himself as one of the best power hitters in Major League Baseball. May also began to develop a reputation as a clubhouse leader. While May was friendly and charming, he was also known for having a no-nonsense demeanor. At 6’3 and weighing in at over 200 pounds, May was an intimidating physical presence.


The 1970 season was one of the best of May’s career, as the Reds advanced to The World Series to face the Baltimore Orioles. May batted .389 during the Series while also driving in 8 runs. May followed up his great World Series performance by making the National League All Star Team in 1971.


However, the 1971 season did not produce the team success that Reds management hoped to see. Reds General Manager Bob Howsam made the decision to trade May and a few other players to Houston in order to acquire star second baseman Joe Morgan. May later revealed that he was hurt by the trade.


May continued to be a productive player during the later stages of his career. After being traded, May played for the Astros, Orioles, and Royals before retiring. After retiring, May rejoined the Reds organization. May was eventually inducted into the Reds Hall Of Fame.




Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert offering treatment that helps an individual to age gracefully. He goes past traditional approaches exercised by most specialists. Dr. Johanan Rand treats the core problems that affect the body and uses a combined approach method which gives quality results. He has broad knowledge in coming up with treatments solutions for a variety of disorders such as menopause, dysfunction, traumatic injury to the brain and weight gain. Dr. Johanan Rand is well known for using integration method which offers a solution to some patients problems. Dr. Rand is famous for developing a system that utilizes physical therapy that plays a crucial role in maintaining a natural level of body hormones. His treatments assist people with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness concerning their conditions.


Dr. Johanan Rand realized that hormones are the things that distinguish an older individual from a younger individual. The fact is young people have a small amount of insulin and cortisol than older individuals. Insulin hormone plays a huge role in the storage of fat in the body, making people who are older to increase in weight. Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach ensures that there is a balance in place concerning the bad and the good hormones. There are some advantages experienced by his patients; they include increased stamina, increased energy, lower levels of cholesterol, less chance of heart disorder and reduced risk of cancer. Although a lot of emphasis concentrates on the level of hormones, Dr. Johanan Rand also insists on balanced nutrition. He creates a diet plan that ensures his patient maintain a stable balance between proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.


He also recommends exercise sessions to his patients since to be healthy does not necessarily means illness treatment and following a healthy diet. Dr. Johanan Rand suggests routine cardio-vascular exercise which helps the cardiac capacity. He is the founder of the medical center for healthy aging which provides extensive assistance to individuals with different body disorders. His facility is in New Jersey, West Orange (location). Dr. Johanan Rand has a professional license and certification which allow him to operate in the state mentioned above. Dr. Rand has an advanced degree in Medicine from Howard University, having broad knowledge and experience of over fifteen years.


IC System: Its Core Business Values and History of Ethical Decisions That Keep Them On Top

It’s not already uncommon to learn about companies in the collections industry that have unethical business practices, decisions and other actions that both damage their clients and themselves. We hear of many agencies that deceive their clients’ assets and don’t honor their promises and deliverables. However, we also hear about companies that deliver quality service and a level of dedication to their clients that cannot be equaled. One of these leading companies today is IC System.


The History of Excellence


We can’t judge a company’s success by picking out just one successful business transaction. This is why we have to trace the history and client relationships of IC system for the past few years to know if the quality service it renders is not just a one-time thing or just a fluke. Fortunately, we can confirm from reliable sources like Release Fact that IC System has helped a lot of big-ticket clients since Ruth and Jack Erickson founded the company in 1938, with its headquarters just outside St. Paul, Minnesota.


There’s a lot of known and sometimes unknowable reasons that can make or break a company, but it’s fair to say that it could be the guiding principle of ethical service and honest delivery of products that make IC system stand out in its business transactions. The constant focus of the company to such guiding principle has also paid off concerning longevity. Right now, IC System has already gone through three generations of new family members of the Erickson clan, and the company has still not lost its touch in prioritizing such company values.


Business By The Books


The experts in business would say that if you risk operating yourself outside the government’s authority, you’re making your company more vulnerable to hidden risks that have the low probability of happening but its damage could cost the survival of the business. What makes IC System impressive in this regard is that it honors such value. The company survives because it is always focusing itself in updating its government licenses and bonds to operate in various states and territories in the United States. This way, every business transaction it’s part of is by the books.


Dr. Jorge Moll: The Researcher Understanding Altruistic Emotions In Humans

Dr. Jorge Moll has had an impressive career working as a neuroscientist and a researcher. He has pioneered several types of research that have paved the way for other work in the field. One of the first notable research projects that he undertook was in 2006 when he decided to research to study the functionality of the brain when a person is undergoing kind thoughts and when they are put into circumstances where they have to help others. During this research, Dr. Moll brought together a group of people and asked them a series of questions. During this time, he also took images of their brain as they answered questions to determine which part of the brain was being used when the person was asked a particular question or was made to think about a specific topic.


After this research, several others soon followed with regards to the same topic with regards to this particular field. One of the most recent studies that Dr. Moll conducted was something that was similar to this original study that he had come out with. In this study, Dr. Moll wanted to understand the reactions that go on in the brain when a person supports a particular sporting team. For this, he gathered a group of people and asked them a few questions with regards to the organizations that they support. These questions mainly revolved around what the person would do for their sporting team, and how they would improve them. The questions were asked in coordination with brain mapping, that was taking place simultaneously. Through this, Dr. Moll was able to gather vital information on the workings of the brain when a person is put in a position where they have to support a team that they associate with.


Dr. Moll has been instrumental in putting together several such types of research that have paved the way for future developments in the field of neuroscience. His contribution to the field has been incredibly prominent and is something that has earned him the brilliant reputation in the research field that he possesses today.


One of the leading property companies across the globe Telereal Trillium recently restructured its management. The current Chief Executive Officer, Graham Edwards, will become Trillium’s new chairman while joint managing director Russell Gurnhill will take over as the new CEO. Adam Dakin will be in-charge of new business and services as the managing director. He previously served as a joint managing director at Telereal Trillium. Both Graeme Hunter and Michael Hackenbroch will maintain their roles in property matters and financial matters respectively. Graham Edwards believes that the change in management will help the firm to cope with the changing demands of the market. Based in London, Telereal Trillium is one of the largest property portfolios in the United Kingdom. The firm is currently in property partnership with companies such as Royal Mail, Aviva, BT and the DVLA.


About Graham Edwards


Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, a property management and commercial investment company. He is a financial expert who is admired and envied by all. Graham attained is education at the University of Cambridge and King’s College London where he studied Economics. Before joining Telereal, Edwards served as the Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management. The success of the firm is credited to the influence that Graham had while working as the CIO. Currently, Talisman has assets amounting to more than £1 billion under its management. Previously, Edward worked as the Head of Finance at BT Group and as a hedge fund manager at Merrill Lynch.


Graham’s leadership and influence at Telereal Trillium are to be praised. As the CEO of the privately held company, he spearheaded the merger between Telereal and Trillium. He was at the forefront of the negotiations for the acquisition by initiating talks with Ian Ellis, former Trillium’s CEO. The partnership between the two companies meant that Telereal Trillium would take over as the leading outsourcing and property investment firms in the UK. Besides Trillium, Edward is an active member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England. He also serves as a board member at British Friends of the Hebrew University, One Voice Europe and at Portland Trust.

Christopher Linkas Valuable Insights to Young Investors

Personal finance is a crucial thing that every individual should keep watch. The young people become victims when it comes to managing their finances. Theirs could be because they have always relied on the parents or guardians in managing all their financial matters. For young individuals, it dawns on them once they graduate from the college that they need to be accountable for their money. Some of the challenges to overcome to manage the finances responsibly is discussed in this article.


One of the challenges is financial illiteracy. Managing finances is something that can be learned just like writing and reading. It is not something that you must be born with. The unfortunate thing is that no schools teach financial literacy. Some topics need to be carefully addressed. Such topics include proper budgeting within the means, early payment of bills, credit & debt management, regular savings contributions, handling student loans, and proper planning for retirement. The second challenge is the repayment of student loans. This is one of the greatest challenges for many graduates and young people. The pressure becomes overwhelming. On one side one is competing for better opportunities and the on the other one needs to get to a good school. The third point is the need to learn how to invest and to take risks in life. The last concern is the learning how to overcome the societal pressures. An instance is following some breakdown in a given path.


However, an investment expert, Christopher Linkas insists that young investors have all the time to make the right decisions in investing. He says that the issue with many young investors is the fact that dividends less attract them. History reveals that money creates wealth when it takes time. Christopher Linkas says that young individuals have the chance to learn from the seniors’ mistakes in investing. In other instances, it may require you to have your own experience and investing in early stages is a great deal for such people. The additional advantage for young investors is their interaction with the computers, financial apps, and software programs. There are more investment tools available for young people that were not available in previous times. This is a great opportunity for the young people.


Stansberry Research offers Customized Advice

The company has been around for the longest time in history. It has evolved and adapted to the modern business dynamics. Stansberry Research is an online subscription-based publishing organization specializing in offering financial advice to a broad spectrum of clients across the globe. Stansberry Research publishes information on a wide range of market resources and products including software. It has over 500,000 subscribers. 70,000 of its clients are lifetime members. The organization says it believes in long-term relationships, that’s why it offers new and potential clients a chance to opt out, if, after a month, a customer does not see the point. Stansberry Research provides information regarding news that influences the markets from various corners of the world. In a recent take on the nature of the commodity markets, the experts explore some of the oldest laws in the book.


The Cyclic Nature of the Commodity Markets


According to Stansberry Research, the commodity market keeps reacting to market forces. When supply rises, the prices fall. Similarly, when the supply goes down with a demand remaining at the same level or even increasing, the prices go up. Such is the oldest rule markets in the world of business that everyone should know about. Therefore, the phenomenon of market booms and bust is as old as trade itself.


Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is an online publishing research-based financial advisory entity. The organization emphasizes that it does not take sides with a particular analyst opinion. They offer what they refer to as a mosaic of market analysis and ideas that help their subscribers to develop a broad perspective. The organization also provides information in the information technology sector. It has a robust staff that gives advice regarding some of the trending software that influences the markets today. Stansberry Research reports that it has over half a million subscribers so far. In addition, it has also managed to convince 70 000 subscribers for a lifetime membership. One of the unique characteristics of the financial research company is the way they choose the commodities to trade. They have an eye for some of the most ignored assets. They pick out the hated and the unknown assets and place them strategically on the market stalls when the time is ripe.

Perry Mandera: Life And Legacy

Perry Mandera lives his life as a conduit of goodness. Through the years, he has learned to make progress in business and to use his strengths as a vehicle to uplift others. He has made great strides in public service and continually looks forward to helping those in dire straits.


After graduating high school in 1975, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves and successfully fulfilled the role of truck driver, receiving an honorable discharge after several years of service. From 1984 to 1988, he served in politics in the 26th Ward of The Windy City. At the time, he held the distinction as the youngest person ever to be elected for the position. After his military service, he worked for various transportation companies, learning new skills at every pass. He started several innovative companies of his own through the years and today still serves as CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc., which he founded in 1986. The establishment is a comprehensive transport provider covering such services as domestic and international air freight, logistics products and services, and less than truckload (LTL) domestic delivery. His excellence shows throughout his life, and that’s no different regarding his entrepreneurial enterprise. In 2000, ITA, Illinois Transportation Association, named Perry Mandera among the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Housed out of Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Companies, Inc. is listed as a Fortune 100 Company with annual sales exceeding $200 Million.


Yet, while all of this is wunderbar, his military service and his business acumen, what has really made Perry Mandera stand out from the negotiator crowd is his penchant toward alleviating life’s unexpected stressors for his fellow neighbor. Let’s be clear, neighbor here is defined as anyone within reach of his ideations of how to help using any and all of his resources to do so. He’s helped in the fight against cancer. He’s provided over 6,500 winter coats to Illinois’ destitute. He’s provided monetary relief and relocation transport to victims of Hurricane Katrina. He’s helped those displaced by the 2013 tornado that tore through and decimated Washington, Illinois. He gives of his services and funds to those adversely affected by California wildfires. He founded Custom Cares Charities which he also uses to help others. Through this his charitable foundation, Perry Mandera coaches and financially supports over 100 Illinois youth sports teams! Through his foundation, he also provides holiday food and supplies for local families, generously gives aid to his brotherhood of veterans, and so much more.


The lifestyle of Perry Mandera is what our forefathers had in mind when they drafted our Constitution. He’s a loving soul, a family man who honors his country, and treats others as he would like to be treated.