Throughout the years there has been a sort of epidemic in regards to depression and anxiety. Not many people are able or willing to talk about their issues due to the common fear of being seen as someone that is weak. This was also the case at one point in time for the Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps. In 2014 Michael Phelps experienced sever depression and anxiety. It got so bad that he didn’t speak to anyone or come out of his room for 5 days. It came to a point where he knew that he couldn’t handle depression and anxiety on his own. That’s when he realized that he needed to talk to someone about it. The partnership with the Talkspace mobile app is happened after he overcame his depression and anxiety.

The fear of being seen as weak is what keeps many people from talking about their depression and anxiety. The story of Michael Phelps is one that proves that seeking out and finding someone to talk to is an act of courage and not one of weakness. Michael wants to use the partnership with the Talkspace app to share his experience with as many people as possible in hopes of being able to help them resolve their issues and overcome their depression or anxiety. The mobile app offers a convenient method of communication to a professional therapist. It also offers the ability to send unlimited text messages along with pictures, audio, and video. If therapy helped one of the world’s greatest athletes, it has the potential to help anyone.

Depression and anxiety are not the only issues that the Talkspace mobile app can help people through. There are many people that have experienced highly unpleasant work situations that leave them in fear of going to work on a daily basis. Knowing that people spend a third of their time on average at work only further enhances those fears. This is what the Talkspace mobile app is designed to alleviate.

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The Talkspace mobile app has reported that many of the people that are seeking help through the app are those that are experiencing work related situations such as prejudices and sexual harassment. The Mobile app has already helped numerous people reach out and talk to a professional about the challenges in their lives.

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