SKOUT is an increasingly popular social app that helps users meet new friends. PRNewswire reports that in honor of National Potato Chip Day, the SKOUT company is partnering with SF-Marin Food Bank to help feed 20,000 hungry individuals. SKOUT is encouraging its users to get in on the act by making donations to help financially. These users can do this by sending gifts of virtual bags of chips to other friends on the app. SKOUT has promised that for every virtual gift given, they will make a cash donation to the food bank. SKOUT co-founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, says they will continue the goal until they have given enough cash the feed the 20,000 persons.

Charities are alarmed that the number of people going hungry is rising with the declining margin between income and expenses. SKOUT has also recognized this need and has committed to helping fill it in the future. This is not their first time doing. They previously also partnered with SF-Martin Food Bank to do the same thing in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day. During that drive they helped feed 10,000 hungry individuals. You can follow SKOUT’s progress in its charitable endeavors on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

SKOUT was an early pioneer in the mobile dating app market. The company has broadened greatly and now includes two other popular apps: Nixter and Fuse. The SKOUT app enables networking of users in your area by locating other users in your vicinity. However, for greater privacy the app does not give your precise location. It will just say that you are in the area. Still, users can opt out of this feature for themselves as well. Users can also read the profiles of other users in their area. Parents will also be relieved that adult and teen user communities are separate.

SKOUT was originally formulated as just a networking app. However, after discovering that many of its users used it as a dating platform, SKOUT reinvented itself as both a dating and networking site.

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