Lori Senecal as an advertiser has noticed a trend developing in the advertising industry. This trend is to get people involved in the advertisements. This is known as virtually. When people are urged to participate in the advertising, this can get them a little more involved in the promotion that is being done. This can also make them more likely to purchase the products that are being advertised as it depends on the company. After all, audiences need to be engaged when it comes to advertising. Getting them involved could help with the engagement as it can give rise to curiosity.

Another trend that Lori Senecal notices is a more unfiltered style of advertising. This is where advertisers use a documentary style in order to bring forth a reaction. Often times, these types of ads feature real topics and people which will bring about real emotion in people. According to Adweek, this is an effective way to get people on board with what is being promoted. This is especially a good way to bring attention to people. This can help change the perspective of advertising for people as well. Lori Senecal herself is willing to get on board with the trends and capitalize on it. Check out Adweek to know more.

Times are changing with advertising. The intrusive and even jarring spots of earlier eras are giving away to the more involved and engaging ads of today. Lori Senecal is taking advantage of this change with the campaigns that she creates for her clients. They are turning out to be effective for her clients which are one of the reasons that more of them are seeking out her company. They see that she can do a lot for her clients. Therefore, the company that she has taken over is getting a global overhaul. As a result, Lori is enjoying tons of rewards for her work.

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